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41 Weeks Pregnant

Anytime now! This week was interesting. Lots of moments where I thought “this might be it” and then nothing. I’m not overly stressed about being past my due date, I actually expected it but the thing is because of the breech scenario I’m under a more careful watch not to go “overdue”. Kind of annoying… Continue reading 41 Weeks Pregnant

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40 Weeks Pregnant

Officially my DUE DATE! Today is this baby’s EDD! EDD is estimated due date, they say due dates are estimated because that’s just it….it’s an estimate. February 25th was determined by ultrasound based on size of baby at the time. The earlier you have your first dating ultrasound the more accurate that date is but… Continue reading 40 Weeks Pregnant

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Safe Skin Care (Even During Pregnancy) + Emme Diane Product Review

As a trained Aesthetician skin care is important to me. I’ve been carefully looking after my skin since I was probably about 12 years old. My mom was a Mary Kay consultant at the time and I was already obsessed with the idea of being an Aesthetician and helping women with skin care and health.… Continue reading Safe Skin Care (Even During Pregnancy) + Emme Diane Product Review

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39 Weeks Pregnant

This week was overall pretty good. Aside from rough, sleepless nights I’m feeling pretty good. I’m having an annoying issue with my blood pressure in that every visit to the hospital it’s high and they get  concerned but everywhere else it’s on the lower normal level. That is fairly common (white coat syndrome) but annoying because… Continue reading 39 Weeks Pregnant

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38 Weeks Pregnant

Home stretch over here! I can’t believe it really, this baby’s arrival is so soon! (could be a couple weeks but still so soon!) This week was a pretty good week overall. It really made a difference to be off work. Even though I had a really busy week with appointments and things to do… Continue reading 38 Weeks Pregnant

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37 Weeks Pregnant 

This week marks a full term baby! Basically she’s fully cooked and can come any time now. It’s actually considered early full term because full term is 39 weeks (or 40 weeks depending on some). Most babies come between 37-42 weeks. Really hard for planning! Hahah She’s apparently the size of a winter melon, who… Continue reading 37 Weeks Pregnant 

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Meal Prep Jan 29th 2017

My prepped meals these last few weeks of pregnancy are choices that are quicker and easier. I just can’t stand up in the kitchen for any length of time. It’s crazy what extra weight feels like on your joints and ligaments. I’ve only got an extra 32lbs on this bod, what the heck would I… Continue reading Meal Prep Jan 29th 2017

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36 Weeks (9 months!!) Pregnant + ECV Procedure

Wow that was a bit of a wild week! We found out last week that this little bub is breech and since then I’ve been doing everything I can to get her to turn head down. Ultimately being head down is safer for baby (and me) and just all around a better position for her… Continue reading 36 Weeks (9 months!!) Pregnant + ECV Procedure

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Meal Prep January 22nd 2017

I’ve been meal prepping on Sundays for years. Like probably 20 years. At least 10 years in this more structured way anyway. Today was a day that I just couldn’t do it. It happens. Sometimes we are too busy or too tired or just not able and that’s ok! In my case today I was… Continue reading Meal Prep January 22nd 2017


35 Weeks Pregnant – Breech baby!

This week’s events were rather unexpected. We found out this baby is breech and not head down like initially thought. I wasn’t feeling well at the beginning of the week. Nausea, sore and swollen. Not sleeping, feeling suffocated and I also noticed some new groin pain. Overall just not feeling great. Then at my midwifery… Continue reading 35 Weeks Pregnant – Breech baby!


Meal Prep Jan 15th 2017

I actually did meal prep yesterday morning before heading to present at the Serious About Fitness Camp because I knew today was a crazy day. We have another prenatal course all day, car seat inspection, and then a work event scheduled in the evening. It’s been a busy few weeks actually! I went with the… Continue reading Meal Prep Jan 15th 2017

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34 Weeks Pregnant

So this is considered 8.5 months pregnant. Wowza. This week was a bit rough in terms of being tired, especially at the beginning of the week. I just had so much on the go, overbooked with things to do and I’m not sleeping well at all. I find it really takes about 3-4 days for… Continue reading 34 Weeks Pregnant

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Meal Prep Sunday Jan 8th 2016

Today was spent at another prenatal course so I improvised a bit for mealprep. This Sunday and next Sunday we are taking a course called Bringing Baby Home through the OCEA. ? Today the class ran 9-4 and then we stopped to run a few errands and had shawarma for dinner (so we didn’t have… Continue reading Meal Prep Sunday Jan 8th 2016

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33 Weeks Pregnant

I got sick again!! I got another cold, can’t believe it. I went years without getting sick and since being pregnant this is my second cold. It’s the worst, especially without decongestant drugs. Most of my family got it just after Christmas, my hubby too. His man cold was intense and just as he was… Continue reading 33 Weeks Pregnant

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Meal Prep Jan 2 2017 + Lentil Soup Recipe

First meal prep of 2017! Typically I’d have some kind of fun meal prep plan to ring in the new year but this year I’m sneezing and sniffling and full of mucus and my belly is so heavy I can hardly stand long enough to to cook an egg. Not ideal. Hahaha. I still need… Continue reading Meal Prep Jan 2 2017 + Lentil Soup Recipe

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32 Weeks Pregnant ( 8 months!!)

Holy crap this is what 8 months pregnant looks like (for me). This week has been one that I’ve noticed a lot of changes happening. Swelling, cramps, Braxton hicks, pelvic pain (PGP), peeing like crazy and this belly dropped more and grew a lot this past week. Baby seems to be fine in there. She’s about the… Continue reading 32 Weeks Pregnant ( 8 months!!)

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NYE 2016! Reflection and Intentions

I just re-read last year’s post about New Year’s and I feel so grateful. 2016 was good to me. Ultimately I wanted to start a family and as I’m writing this I’m 8 months pregnant and can feel baby girl moving around inside me. This is 2016’s biggest gift to me. I also had a… Continue reading NYE 2016! Reflection and Intentions

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31 Weeks Pregnant

31 weeks and feeling good! This week was another pretty good one, as my midwife says ‘just coasting’ along. Baby is the size of a Pineapple (or large movie popcorn or Hunter rain boot according to a few other apps hahah). Her five senses are now in working order and her brain is developing rapidly.… Continue reading 31 Weeks Pregnant

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Meal Prep Dec 18th 2016

Last week’s meals were great for me. Filling, satisfying and met my nutritional needs. I’m still working with 120g protein, 254g carbs and 93g protein but I try to change it up what I eat week to week but sometimes staying the same is ok too! I almost made the same thing this week but… Continue reading Meal Prep Dec 18th 2016

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30 Weeks Pregnant

30 weeks pregnant sounds really pregnant to me! Yeah, I also feel really pregnant these days! Haha. 30 weeks is also 7.5 months. Full term is considered 37-40 weeks meaning baby can be safely born at that stage although but most first time moms go into labor closer to 41 weeks. Not always though, that’s… Continue reading 30 Weeks Pregnant