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10 weeks pregnant update!

10 weeks preggie! Juan and I are both getting really excited. We had a fun week with appointments including our first ultrasound and we got to see baby Garcia dancing around in there. Pretty damn amazing.

Baby is about the size of a cherry this week and the ultrasound said 2.5cm long. Heart rate was 177bpm which is considered normal. This ultrasound also dates the pregnancy and puts our official due date on February 25th 2017 🙂

We also had our first appointment with the Midwife today. It was mostly informational and she prepared some paper work for my next round of testing – blood work and another ultrasound. This is called FTS and it is a screen to rule out down syndrome. These tests are actually pretty nerve wracking because anything could happen at anytime but I really choose to stay positive and happy about each step so only good vibes over here.

Can't suck this in and my bottoms are tight already! 10 weeks pregnant.
Can’t suck this in and my bottoms are tight already! Tiny waist is gone at 10 weeks pregnant.

Symptom wise this week was rough! Nausea came back on Sunday with a vengeance along with headaches and mega fatigue. Appetite is getting better but I’m still having a hard time eating. I think I’ll write a post about how I still try and hit my macros with these crazy food aversions, it’s not easy and takes a little work but in the end I feel better doing so. I still can’t drink coffee and chocolate is still out also, chicken is also still tough and midday nothing at all is appealing.

I think last week at the cottage really helped with my symptoms actually. We were so relaxed and outside a lot plus I napped like crazy and went to bed early every night. Sleep right now is crucial. If I don’t get enough I’m ruined for a few days. I actually had a really great day last Saturday including an awesome workout, market shop and engagement party for one of my besties, Sherrie, but I over did it and and then Sunday I was stuck on the couch all day. I’ve actually been on the couch most of the evenings this week feeling rough and sleeping a lot. It’s all normal and good stuff for pregnancy but when you are going through it, it’s tough!

The other thing I notice if I have to be really careful with quick movements. I can’t move around to quickly or I don;t feel great plus I’m a bit clumsy. This morning I got up to quick out of bed to take the dogs out and I fell down the stairs. Pretty ridiculous really but crap it hurt. I landed on my ankle on one foot and then to me knee on the other side. I’m ok, just a little bruised and sore. I’ve had to promise to hold the railing from now on 😉

Other than all that eventful stuff I have an appointment with my Naturopath this week and we will get sorted out with any changes to my supplements  and doses for my upcoming second trimester. Mainly DHA rather than my usual omega but I’ll see what else she says.

Oh regarding my training, it’s rather limited at the moment. boohoo. The nausea and mega fatigue make it really tough to train and I’m averaging weight training about 2x a week. I’d like to train at least 3 times a week so I’m aiming for that but I’m really not pushing it right now. Once I feel better (hopefully within the next 2 weeks with 2nd trimester!) my plan is to train 4-5x a week again and increase my cardio, likely by using the treadmill, spin, row or stairmill at GoodLife  (plus doggie walks).  I will do steady state instead of HIIT because I don’t need that impact from HIIT at the moment.

So that’s it for this week!


At the cottage! First family photo :)
At the cottage! First family photo 🙂

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