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11 weeks pregnant

My baby is the size of a lime! Whaaaat?! Ha! That seems big to me in my little belly, especially when it was just poppy seed size not that many weeks ago. My app also tells me my uterus is the size of a grapefruit so big things happening in there I tell ya! 😉


My clothes are feeling snug and uncomfortable and actually I had to make a trip to buy a pair of maternity pants! My mom dragged me there and generously bought me some leggings that don’t make me feel like a sausage being stuffed into it’s casing. I bought them a bit big with room to grow. Heheh.

The reality is I’ll be getting a whole lot bigger and I know it but right now it still seems strange. My clothes are tight and I’m feeling pretty fluffy. My workouts have been non-existent. Maybe 1 or 2 time a week if I’m lucky but nothing like they were. I literally lifted a couple 4 and 10lb dumbbells yesterday. Hahah. Anyway that’s going to change because I’m beginning to feel better can see the light at the end of the nausea tunnel. My appetite is back too so eating more which helps me feel better. Hooray!

This week most of my worry is around the FTS (First Trimester Screen, previously called IPS) which we have booked August 12th. That’s the test for Down’s Syndrome. It’s a combination of blood test and ultrasound. We are also considering doing an additional test called Panorama NIPT  (there’s also Harmony and a couple others in the USA) which isn’t covered by OHIP (unless certain criteria). It’s another screening test for several chromosomal abnormalities and its results are slightly more accurate than the FTS using a different method. It’s a maternal blood test that can test the placental DNA (not exactly fetal DNA) that is circulating within the mother’s blood. My Midwife really insisted we didn’t need it but I feel that with being 37 (on Tuesday!) I’m at a higher risk and I just really want the peace of mind. It’s still just another screening test though so that means not diagnostic. That means it’s not 100% but we feel that having all the tests available to us will give help us the peace of mind. If something comes up positive the next step would be genetic counselling and a possible amniocentesis. I’ll talk more with the midwife next week. I like to know all the information and options. As much as I want to know and will do the testing I’m not focusing on that! Positive vibes only!

The kind of exciting thing about having that additional test is that we get to find out the gender. The test is able to tell you with accuracy what the gender very early – as early as 9 weeks (only if you want!)!

Ok so update on the rest of the randomness:

Symptoms – Nausea is lessening (Yay!) but very fatigued. Lots of napping going on! I’ve never slept so much in my life! Ha…yeah yeah I know, get it now while I can 😉

I do notice that if I’m overtired I feel like total crap. If I over do it with a workout that’s too much or a day that’s too full or I stay up to late the nausea comes back full force and I’m couch ridden. I’ve had to dial it back a bit and not schedule too much especially on weekends even if it’s all fun stuff!

Cravings/Aversions – I’m still having a hard time with chicken, coffee and chocolate. I can eat chicken if it’s hidden in the food but I have a hard time with just a piece of it on my plate. I’ve also recently stopped being able to tolerate smoothies. I can’t stand the protein powder – way too vanilla and it’s makes me gag. This is strange and I hope it goes away! I’ve been experimenting with other additions like collagen and hemp hearts but none of it really does it for me (or hits my 20-30g protein target very well).

I’ve been really thirsty and am finding coconut water or natural electrolyte drinks are helping. My Naturopath said it will be something we keep an eye on because thirst can be a sign of gestational diabetes but realistically I think I just need the fluid – it’s hot and I’m pregnant. We almost double our blood volume when preggers plus the fluid around the baby so we need water for all that.

Weight Gain – I had been consistently losing weight since pregnancy because of the nausea and lack of appetite (and not training) but this past week I gained almost 2lbs. My appetite is back and I’m coming to then end of the first trimester so that makes sense.  Even though I haven’t gained on the scale I have definitely put on body fat. I’ve also lost muscle from not training so things aren’t exactly tight and lovely haha. I’m not overly worried about it though, it will all (mostly) come back!

Um also I totally have a little belly. I know lots of people don’t show at 11 weeks but I’m not one of them!

Mental – In general I’ve been pretty steady with my moods. My hubby commented that I’ve been fine, just tired. In general I’m not super moody anyway even around my period so hopefully this stays. I’m maybe a little more sensitive to things  animals in need but realistically I usually cry about that stuff anyway, breaks my heart!

I’m having totally vivid crazy dreams. I usually never remember my dreams so this is wild for me. They are like long crazy winding stories usually totally random and include my dogs. Not exactly nightmares but not great either.

The other thing on my mind is comparison. I really try not to compare myself to people in general because I really don’t think it’s necessary. I think curiosity around being pregnant with others is fun and I think we want to know how each other are feeling but I really don’t think it’s a good idea to compare your progress with others (when pregnant or not!). We are all so different and each of us have our own journey to go through. If my belly is showing now and yours isn’t or didn’t well who really cares?!  In the last 10+ years I’ve really moved away from passing judgement on people (unless I’m sitting on the judging panel which is different and not at all easy) and I’ve really worked on being completely accepting, curious and open to others but also to myself. I really try not to judge myself and instead focus on the wonderment of whatever the situation. For example, if this is how my body is going to behave, so be it. My job is to ensure it’s as healthy as possible doing so!

Physical – I’ve noticed some new aches and pains. My joints are sore and achy. I’m not sure if this is hormonal (can be as everything loosens) or because I’ve been adding more foods into my diet that may bother. That used to be one of my symptoms of food intolerance but it usually went along with stomach upset and my tummy have been pretty good. The achy joints especially in my legs is also a symptom I get when my vitamin D is low and I had run out so was only getting the small amount in my prenatal rather than the 4000 iu I’m used to.  Seems better since I’ve been back on it.

I’ve also noticed my abs feel really tight and almost crampy. Apparently this is from the uterus getting bigger and stretching against them. Bizarre! It woke me up one night when I rolled over in my sleep. I’ve also had some lower hip pains although pretty mild and I wonder if that’s the beginning of round ligament pain or just things rearranging. Heaviness in my lady parts too. I’m also feeling stiff all over and I’m pretty sure that’s just from not moving as much as I usually do.

My boobs are bigger but not hurting as much this week although I did have a few sharp pains here and there. Noticing lots of veins and bigger nipples though! My sister said – “Holy moly they are getting ready!” when she saw them. LMAO. Yup, yup they are.

My hair feels different – more coarse maybe? Also my nails are nice and growing  like crazy!

My ankle is still a bit sore and bruised from my tumble last week but it’s fine.

I felt really rough Sunday and Monday of this week and really tired Tuesday but and other than all that that I’m feeling pretty good!

Appointments – Nothing this week, I had several last week but next week is the FTS.

Gear – It feels too soon to buy anything for the babe but my sweet friend gave us a ton of amazing stuff that she no longer needs. I now have a basinet in my house….say what?! Ha!

Nutrition – I’m still tracking my macros and aiming for 120Protein  225Carbs and 63F. I’m not 100% on target like I was when dieting because of all the food aversions but I’m really trying my best. I’m really eating intuitively in that I’m very careful to choose foods that I want to eat, sound good, feel good and work for me but I also find having the goal of how much to eat is helpful. Because I reverse dieting for so long before getting pregnant I have pretty good amount of food to work with so at this point it’s less that I’m hungry and more that I need to choose foods that work. Now that my appetite is back though I do find myself being able to eat all that food (1947 calories) without any issue. I’m feeling hungrier these few days so that’s good!

Training – I’m really excited to ramp up my training again now that I feel better! I had a light session Wednesday night and a better one Thursday night. I also did cardio at lunch time on Friday! Woo! I miss my intense workouts (any workouts actually) like crazy but I just couldn’t do it the last few weeks, not with any real consistency anyway. I really try and respect my body in terms of when to push it and when to slow down. The last 5 weeks was a slow down time and that’s ok. I also know realistically I will need to ease back in to training and it will be a little less intense than what I’m used to. Super important to exercise when pregnant though, especially if you did before and I plan on it! Weight training, yoga and cardio are all on my agenda.

I think that it for this week’s update! I will post about all the reading I’ve been doing next week. I forgot that part. Lots of great books!

Thanks for all your sweet messages and feedback about how you enjoy these updates! I really appreciate it! I love sharing because a girl’s gotta know but I also love having this info for me to look back on jut for me. It all changes so fast.



11 weeks pregnant
11 weeks pregnant