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12 Weeks Pregnant

This makes me happy! 12 weeks is such a good milestone. Heading in the 2nd trimester. Woohoo!

We had our 12 week ultrasound and blood work yesterday. The ultrasound was fun, baby was dancing around in there and looked to be maybe even sucking its thumb. We saw two legs, two arms, two separate sides of the brain, the bladder, heart and heart beat (168bpm) and a sweet baby face profile. Baby is a good length (57mm) and growing so fast. Amazing and so cool!  From what we saw everything looked great but obviously we don’t know and we won’t know until we get the results. Waiting on these things is always tough.

12 week Ultrasound
12 week Ultrasound
I celebrated my 37th birthday this week and I really just feel so grateful to be carrying this little babe. Once you start this journey you realize how much of a miracle life really is. We spend so much time trying not to get pregnant we don’t always realize that it might not be easy to actually get pregnant. It’s not something that happens on your schedule which I think shocked me somewhat. I mean I’ve always known it can take time and that it’s common for there to be obstacles but I never really actually stopped to think about that when I was younger. Juan and I waited quite a while to start trying because we just weren’t ready. Partly because all of ur moving and life changes but also we were both really afraid of giving up our freedoms for parenthood and the changes that come with but something shifted and we knew the time was right. Anyway not sure of my point except that I remember thinking last birthday would be my last year single (like non mommy) and writing it down as a goal for the year and here I am. So thankful.

Ok so in terms of updates here are the quick notes

Symptoms: Finally the nausea is pretty much gone! I had a little bought yesterday and I think it’s because I got hungry too waiting for my birthday lunch ;). I’m still getting some pretty bad headaches, mostly in the afternoon but not daily. fatigue seems to be easing too. I notice I can’t take those 3-4 hours naps without affecting my night’s sleep. Ha, so tragic. I’ve dialled back on the naps and am feeling pretty good. My symptoms felt awful going through it, I mean who wants to feel like they are going to barf all ay long every day for weeks, but compared to so many other women I know who’ve suffered much worse, mine have been mild and manageble.

Cravings/Aversions: Oh food, how I love you. Heheh. I’m so happy to have my appetite back! I’ve been enjoying lots of variety and really pushing the limits with adding foods back in that I had eliminated. Goat cheese seems to be ok and some grains too. I still am trying to not over eat those meaning not more than once a day for now. Variety is important now for baby for several reasons. They need the nutrients you get from all different foods and also there’s research that shows they develop their taste preferences according to how we eat. They can taste through the placenta so having a variety of foods and adding species and herbs and all things is a good thing (unless it doesn’t agree with you).

I’m not as obsessed with fruit as I was the first few weeks but I do still want it every day. I don’t have any cravings at this point but I’m still not into a few things I used to love which include coffee, chocolate and peanut butter. I think I can add smoothies back in, I had one this morning and it was good so seems like that weird aversion might be gone. It’s all crazy! Oh one thing I notice if I want flavourful things rather than bland. I have been interested in pasta and tomato meat sauce lately so that’s new.

Nutrition: I’m still working on my macros 120P,225C, 63F and I suspect Layne will bump them up today. I’m doing pretty well hitting those targets. This week was solid even with all the birthday celebrations. That’s the beauty of reverse dieting (or off season) and getting them up higher.

Training: I’m back to training, thank goodness! I’ve been consistently doing cardio, about 30min- 40 min 4x a week and I’ve been training more also. My training isn’t super intense and I’m easing back into it but I’m still squatting, deadlifting and hip thrusting my way around. I trained 2x this week so far and plan to train this weekend so pretty happy about that! I’ve lost so much muscle already from just those few weeks and things are looking kinda soggy. :O

Weight: I actually lost a pound this week but I was up last week so it kind of evened out and makes sense with the added training. My belly grew half an inch though! Baby is the size of a plum this week and sitting pretty much right under my belly button. The ultrasound tech showed me the exact spot which was fun.

I don’t typically talk about weight that much on this blog because everyone’s body is so different it’s really hard to compare. I want to document it though so I will mention it or the sake of pregnancy and then fat loss, mostly for me. For reference I’m just about 5 feet tall 🙂

My weight is a bit interesting because I was reverse dieting and gaining muscle for the last year or so I’ve been also increasing my weight. I’m starting out this pregnancy about 10lbs up from my usual/comfortable sort of resting set point. Not stage weight but just comfortable and feeling good spot which is about 112-115lbs. I weighed in at 125.8lbs today and these next 2 trimesters are when the weight goes on so we shall see how this next 7 months of gains look. Ha! I’m not concerned about it really but it does change things on my frame! I’m absolutely not trying to loose weight. Goals now are to maintain what muscle I have as best I can and to be in the kind of shape I need to to do my job looking after this pregnancy. No PRs in the gym at the moment.

Plum sized baby and Penelope watching over us ;)
Plum sized baby and Penelope watching over us 😉
Mental: I’m feeling pretty good. Dreams were less intense this week. Just one or two wild ones I remember, mostly about Juan and the dogs. I read that they come up based on your worries and they get worse as the pregnancy progresses. Later they apparently usually involve baby.

Physical: Feeling so much better since back in the gym! A lot of the aches and pains have lessened. My body os not used to sitting on the couch so much! Ugh!

I had a really annoying situation with a bladder infection this week. I used to get them often and Monday night symptoms started. I have a whole routine with pure cranberry pills/juice, vitamin C, Garlic pills, probiotics and lots of water that I do when I feel one coming on so I did all that plus sitz bath with  a little apple cider vinegar added (all considered safe for pregnancy) . I called my midwife and she really didn’t want to prescribe antibiotics unless we had a positive test result for bacteria so she emailed me a requisition. I did the sample and am waiting for the results. In the meantime she recommended I keep doing what I’m doing and hopefully I won’t need the drugs. They are considered safe for pregnancy and a bladder infection that is bad is not safe so better to treat if you have one but the things is my symptoms aren’t severe – no blood, no fever, no real pain and the reality is overuse of antibiotics isn’t good either, especially in pregnancy. My symptoms were just frequency and urgency, not emptying and those annoying twinges. Apparently as your uterus grows it pushed on your bladder and it becomes compromised. She said that if I was overly stressed or a few other things then the symptoms cold come up but there might not be the bacteria present. She and I agreed that unnecessary antibiotics is not at all what I want so I’m staying diligent with my natural treatments and so far things feel better. I’ll have the results Monday and hopefully I flushed it all out! I’ll actually continue with a little pure cranberry juice everyday because it works better as a preventive.

Pure cranberry juice for UTI
Pure cranberry juice for UTI
Reading: I forgot to post this last time but I’ve read some great books so far. My favourite so far is probably Expecting Better by Emily Oster. I actually read this just before getting pregnant and then again pregnant. It’s a great resource and cuts through a lot of BS, my kind of info – highly recommend it

My hubby was given this book – So You’re Going to be a Dad– when we saw the midwife and he loves it. He says it’s funny and full of good info. She told me not to better reading it but that it was good for him 😛

I’m also reading lot’s of great info online and I’ve got a few more books  in my stack to tackle but would love any great reading recommendations! Feel free to post in the comments so we all benefit!

Gear: I haven’t bought any baby gear yet but I’ve been booking marking a few things! So many amazing options on the market. I don’t really want loads of stuff but I do want a few good things. I’m currently researching items but it still feels kinda soon. I’m open to advice and  I’ll share my top choices. I’m also open to second had items so if you want to unload something  for a good deal let me know and we can discuss!

Oh actually that brings me to budget….we are working on this now….things are going to be bit tight so making some adjustments. *Sigh*

I have been trying to make due with my current closet as best I can for as long as I can. Thank goodness for summer maxi dresses. I’ve also been putting lots of thick body butter all over this growing belly (and bod) to keep things moist and stretchy 😉

That’s about it I think. A question I’ve been getting often is – Will you find out the gender.  Yes we will and we will share. I’m not great with surprises haha. We have some names picked too but I think those we will keep a secret.

Thanks so much for all your love! I’m happy to share. Anything else I should cover in the next post?


12 weeks pregnant
12 weeks pregnant