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13 weeks pregnant

2nd trimester baby! Oh yeah!

My app says I’ve got little peach in there this week. Growing everyday!

Baby is the size of a peach this week
Baby is the size of a peach this week

Actually I was all excited last week feeling good and thinking the worst was over and then this week came and it was rough! I had all day nausea most of this week plus daily headaches. So annoying! The nausea is like feeling car sick all the time. It just lingers around. The headaches some in the afternoon and last until around 7 or 8pm. I’m beginning to wonder if they are exercise induced as they seem to come on after lunchtime cardio. I’ll have to test this theory and report back. My other theory is teeth clenching…I’ve been doing more of that lately.

The good news is I was able to deal with my UTI naturally without antibiotics. I think mainly because I caught it early and the bacteria was flushed out. That cranberry juice I posted last week is not part of my everyday life. Just a little to keep those pesky bacteria away 😉

Here are the rest of my random preggie updates.

Symptoms: Nausea, headaches like I mentioned plus crazy dreams. The dreams are wild, so vivid and go on and on like a movie. I’ve been walking up around 2am to go to the bathroom and having a hard time going back to sleep. That happened a few nights and could be part of the reason for the nausea. I find if I don’t sleep enough it’s worse.

The other symptom I keep forgetting to mention is my sinuses! Sneezing and stuffed up. Apparently this is common in pregnancy….um annoying too.

Cravings/Aversions: I still can’t do coffee, it just won’t go down. lol. The other aversions sneak on me like I think I’ll want something and then go to eat it and boom no way, my stomach revolts. It happened today with shrimp. I was really excited to have shrimp with zucchini linguine and pesto for lunch. I cooked it all up and then nope. Didn’t work

Peanut butter was on my aversion list for a while but it seems ok now, smoothies are back to being ok now and chocolate is better but still not a desire. I haven’t had much in the way of really wanting something. No actual cravings yet. Still more like foods that sound good. I’ve been eating a lot more GF bread lately. Sandwiches, toast, bagels etc. I had cut them out for a while before being pregnant because I’m not sure they digest that well for me but so far they seem to be ok.

Nutrition: I’m still tracking macros as I’m using this time to continue my reverse diet and metabolism maximization. Layne just upped them again so I’m now at 120gP/240C/67F that’s just over 2000 calories and is a good amount of food. I’m not hungry eating that amount. I’m still making sure to really focus on what I want to eat and how much during a meal rather than just the numbers, they are a guide at this point but working well.

Training: I wish I could report this was better but unfortunately with the nausea and my headaches my workouts have been measly. I trained 2x this week but both pretty low intensity and pretty pathetic. I can say that though I’ve been consistent in my cardio since adding it during the daytime so that’s cool and I’ve been stretching often. I’m thinking I may have to go back to my early morning workouts at GoodLife and see if that time is better. I usually don’t have a headache then so I’ll see about that. I’ve also got yoga coming up and am looking forward to that. There’s a new GoodLife Fitness location coming to my area actually so that’s fun!

Weight: Up just under half a pound this week (.4lb). Funny enough, my body has changed but my weight really hasn’t. I’ve fluctuated up and down a few pounds this past 13 weeks but that’s normal every day life and today I’m sitting where I was weeks ago so no change really. I do expect to gain the standard 25-35lbs with this baby and now that 2nd trimester is here we will see what happens.

Mental: I’m feeling good! Trying not to be too worried about all the things that can go wrong and really focus on the good. My hubby is so excited which makes it really nice because we talk about what’s happening and what’s to come often. He’s a really organized person and we both like to plan ahead so we do that together. He also still calls me his little preggie wife. I kinda like it. ha!

The other thing I’ve been focused on is financial planning. I really want to spend as much time with my babe as I’m able to and if that means saving more now and cutting back on expenses I’m all for it.

Physical: Other than the symptoms I mentioned above, I’ve got a belly lol. Really, there is no hiding it. I can’t fit in my pants and my boobs have also outgrown my bras and some tops so a little maternity clothes shopping has/had to take place. I’m trying to avoid buying (and spending much) on things that I won’t wear long but I do need a few things.

13 weeks!
13 weeks!

My hair seems thicker and my nails are great and other than that I’m still working on my skin. It’s so dry but breaking out. I have a few new products I’m testing out to share with you soon. Actually a few fun things to share with you soon!

Reading: I’ve got two books on the go now which I’ll link to. One is a book on diastatis recti which I ordered a while ago because as you know I have it already (probably part of why I am showing so early). I’m re-reading this one for refrence. The other book is about thyroid in pregnancy. I don’t have a diagnosed thyroid issue but we did find an under active thyroid just before getting pregnant so I want to make sure I’m on top of any issues that could come up now or post pregnancy. Thyroid issues are extremely common with chronic dieters, people with low metabolic rates and also during and after pregnancy.

Gear: Ok so this is a bit funny to me but we have quite a bit of baby gear collecting in our house! We have been given a few great second-hand things which I’m so grateful for.

My hubby and I both like to have things in place ahead of time so we actually have a stroller too. I know, a bit nuts but the thing is we had been doing loads of research on the one we wanted and we  just happened to find an almost new one at half the price of a brand new one. Because it’s a high end one the savings were very much worth it. It’s in amazing condition, only used for one year and perfect for us. I do feel a bit strange having it so soon but it also makes me really excited for all the walks we are going to take together when the baby comes. I have visions of me walking with the dogs and the pram around my neighbourhood. Hahah.

As always, that you so much for the love and support!