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14 Weeks Pregnant

It seems like I just wrote the 13 week update which is actually a bit of a good feeling because I think those first 12 weeks felt like they were standing still. They went by so slow!

Each week that goes by I feel a little more secure in thinking this babe is safe, happy and healthy and sticking around. I think part of me feels that way because I know so many women who have suffered loss or/and difficulty getting pregnant. I’m not blind to how common it is and I realize what a blessing it is to be pregnant. Anyway all that said I’m also really focused on not dwelling on those possibilities and instead so focused on the happiness of this pregnancy and little one to come. Good vibes mammas!

This past week was so much better than the previous. I felt pretty good most days. A little nausea here and there and some fatigue but really not so bad! No headaches either.

My app seems to be confused this week because it says baby is the size of a lemon. Last week it was a peach…is a lemon bigger than a peach? I guess they aren’t talking organic fruit lol. I bought a non organic lemon and it’s actually pretty big. Ha! Anyway basically babe is 7.5cm or 3 inches long.

Baby Garcia is the size of a lemon this past week
Baby Garcia is the size of a lemon this past week

Here are a few updates

-Mild nausea, especially if I’m tired or hungry.
-Easily breathless
-Wild and vivid dreams all night long!
-Boobs had a growth spurt lol. (a bit sore and hot)
-Increase in discharge – that’s new – ugh sorry TMI? Expected on this blog ;P

Food aversions/cravings:
I’m really not much into sweet things these days although I think the chocolate aversion is easing. Actually I think has officially left! Chocolate seems to be back in the good books. Phew! I still can’t really do coffee, for the most part it turns me off, even just the smell. but I do think that’s lessening too.

I still can’t seem to do chicken during the day. I can’t seem to tolerate chicken breast at lunch like I used to but I’m having good luck hiding my meat (chicken, ground turkey etc) in my food for lunches. Things like my gingered curry shepherd’s pie (link in last week’s meal prep post), or tomato sauce with ground turkey or adding chicken to my pest pizzas has been great. Dinner (or after 7pm) I seem to be able to eat meat no problem. So weird!

I had my first official preggie craving yesterday! Pickles! Ha! Apparently the deal with pregnancy and pickles is that because of our increased blood volume we need more sodium and begin to crave salty things. Check! Bring on the pickles lol.

I’m also eating a fair amount of kimchi and beet sauerkraut, so good. I’m really liking the tangy things lately and those two are especially good for your gut health and digestion.

Weight: Nothing major to report here although my books tell me I can expect to gain about 4 pounds a month here on in. Oh joy. Hahah. I gained another half a pound this week so overall I’m up about 2lbs as of the end of the first trimester.

Side comment: A point to note here is how weight is really only a piece of your progress when tracking for fat loss (or muscle gain). I clearly have changed in the last 14weeks when it comes to body composition. Less muscle more body fat plus the added weight of extra blood, uterus and breast growth and the actual baby, but the scale only shows 2lbs difference. This is why we track with pictures and measurements too. Weight can’t be your only goal!

Nutrition: Macros are at 120P/240C/67F and that’s plenty at the moment. Layne gave me a “doing excellent” comment today in my check in and then gave me more carbs too. The amount of food you need to add when pregnant is really all relevent to the amount you are currently eating. If you are under eating you need to add but if you are already over eating you really don’t. Eating for two is a myth and this is why tracking macros helps to understand where you are.

I’m pretty focused on making sure I get a variety of nourishing foods but I’m not obsessed about it. My eating habits haven’t changed that much since getting pregnant (except those few weeks I didn’t want anything) because I typically eat whole nourishing foods filled with micro-nutrients  anyway. I still love lean proteins, fresh veggies, fruit and lots of good fats. What has changed is my body’s ability to tolerate more of the foods I was having trouble digesting. So far my digestion has actually been great. Hip Hip hooray! Hopefully that sticks around post birth.

I’m still celiac so I can’t have gluten and I still haven’t tried adding dairy back in but most other food intolerances seems to have diminished (common during pregnancy). I am currently avoiding alcohol, caffeine (mostly because I can’t tolerate coffee), deli turkey and unpasteurized dairy and artificial sweeteners but those are about the only things off my list and mainly because they are not particularly safe during pregnancy.

Training: I’ve been consistently getting at least 40 min of cardio in 4x a week and am I’m planning on ramping up training again this weekend which excites the heck out of me. Also I’ve got a yoga class slotted for Sunday!

Mental: Feeling pretty good! I’m really starting to feel excited about things to come. I did a little reading on my babe astrology sign and am feeling very blessed to be having a Pisces baby (assuming baby come on of after due date) ;). All my reading describes Pisces as great babies, oh wouldn’t that be a dream!? Obviously who knows but a girl can hope. Haha

I finally got my FTS test results back on Friday. We got good news and the screen is negative. That 2 week wait was brutal! We decided to go also ahead with the genetic NIPT and that should be back in a week or so. It will be an even more detailed and accurate result. We will also find out the gender with 100% accuracy which was optional but we want to know! Feeling excited about that part 🙂

In retrospect, if there is a next time, I will just do the NIPT testing right away (can be done as early as 9 weeks) rather than wait. We chose to wait for the FTS results before deciding but I found it somewhat traumatic waiting on the FTS testing. This way we will have a good idea of what to expect going into the next test the government offers (optional) at the 19 weeks. I feel that having these screening results will reduce the stress leading up to that. Also next time I’ll be even older if we have another and the risk is there even with being healthy and I would rather know as early as possible. Obviously that’s a personal choice and just sharing my thoughts. So many things to worry about and make decisions on!

I also want to make a little note here about how totally sweet my husband has been this entire journey so far. He’s really such a genuine and honest guy and he’s so totally into this. We were pretty hesitant to get pregnant for a long time. Both of us are really independent and love our alone time and freedom but there was moment that we decided it was the right time to start our family. The day I told him I was pregnant he was so genuinely happy and he’s been that way since then. He’s so excited ad he’s working really hard to prepare ahead and provide or us. I feel really lucky to have him with me in this journey.

I just wanted to document all that sappiness and I hope we make it through our first 5 years of crazy baby life together feeling the same way! Hahah

Physical: A few aches and pains, I honestly think mainly from not lifting and doing all my dynamic warm ups that my body is so accustom to. I’ll be glad to get back into that.

I have some tightness in my abs and a few pains in my breasts but nothing major.

Apparently being out of breath easily is due to the extra amount of oxygen you need to support the extra blood volume during pregnancy. I’m huffing and puffing after a flight of stairs which is not normal for me! Ha!

My hair is feeling good and my nails are fabulous! At least I’ve got that going because the rest of me is feeling a little blah. 😉

Reading: Same as last week!

Gear: Not much on this front other than a really cool belly extender for my winter coat that I got second hand. Check these out. Genius! Canadian too. Do you know how hard (and expensive) it is to find a decent maternity coat? You only use it for a short time plus I like my current coat!

Oh I also bough two pairs of maternity pants. They are really annoying because they fall down but anything else feels like it’s squeezing my belly to death. Bring on the stretchy belly pants!

I also started looking around a bit at some registry items and researching cribs and such but haven’t bought anything else yet.

Planning ahead: Something else to add here is some things I’m working on in preparation of baby. One is selling stuff. I decided to sell all my fitness competition bikinis and costumes. I’m also going to sell my silk wedding dress plus some aesthetic equipment I’m not using.

The other is starting a list of foods I can cook and freeze ahead of time and the third thing is organizing my fitbeauties clients in a way that I can work with a babe at home. I have a limited number of spaces for nutrition coaching and training and am excited to continue with that.

Onward bound!


14 weeks pregnant
14 weeks pregnant