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15 Weeks Pregnant

Well my last post was all about how great I was feeling. I had an awesome workout last weekend and was feeling full of energy then boom Monday. I got the worst headache I’ve probably every had. Brutal! It could be described as a cluster migraine headache and lasted from Monday until Wednesday night. The residual headache hung around until Friday. The worst of it was Monday night and Tuesday morning though and by Wednesday I called my midwife who suggested I take 2 extra strength Tylenol every 4-6 hours until subsided, rest and see her for some testing. We had our regular monthly appointment scheduled for Thursday so we kept that as is rather than going on Wednesday and I just rested.

When I saw here Thursday I was feeling much better. She sent my urine for testing in case an infection was a cause of the headache, took my blood pressure and listened to the baby’s heartbeat which was amazing. 🙂

All test results so far show baby is healthy and heart beat is beating away at 152bpm. My blood pressure is great which is a relief because too high or low can cause headaches and be a sign of something worse. The other thing she mentioned is my iron levels are borderline low and she’d like to see them higher so this week’s nutrition will be focused on that!

All seems ok and she thinks it’s a tension related headache plus a hormonal storm that’s typical with shifting into the 2nd trimester. She suggested I may be prone to migraines now because of the extra blood flow that comes with being pregnant. Essentially the headache that might be normal before would be worse now. Oh joy. I really hope not but I have been getting many more headaches than usual since pregnant. I got them often in the first trimester.

I tried to reduce whatever the causes as best I can. I clench my teeth at night and just picked up a new custom mouth guard as my old one is worn out. I also had a prenatal massage and booked the next follow-up one. I also tweaked my food a bit this week to make sure I’m eating mostly what I know works well for me. Sometime food intolerance reactions can cause headaches. I hope all those thing help and will continue with them going forward.

A few natural remedies I used before the Tylenol included peppermint sessional oil diffused and on my temples, ice pack on my head and warm compress on my neck plus lots of water and lots of sleeping.

Other than that lovely hiccup I was/am feeling good. I’m still tired or at least easily fatigued but overall feeling better than the first trimester.

Baby is currently about the size of a navel orange. 11cm, 85grams. My app also tells me I have 25 weeks left to go! If you compete that might be described as 25 weeks out from showday! haha

15 weeks pregnant. Baby the size of an orange!
15 weeks pregnant. Baby the size of an orange!

Here are some other updates:


  • Sinuses are congested/sneezing/dry
  • Interrupted sleep – I haven’t been sleeping through the night. Crazy dreams plus waking up to pee but then my brain takes over and can’t get back to sleep easily
  • Still a bit nauseous on some days but mostly if I don’t sleep enough or get too hungry.
  • Increased appetite – beginning to notice more hunger ( except the few days with the headache – ouch)
  • Skin breakouts – breaking out often around my cheeks! Not normal for me.
  • Belly is growing!

Food Aversions/Cravings:
So last week I had my first official craving hahha. I wanted pickles. It lasted the weekend, I ate the whole jar plus a jar of pickled beans and then the desire went away. Strange. Apparently pregnant ladies crave the salty because of the extra blood volume. This week I can’t say I really wanted anything specific. Pretty crazy if you think about it.

Coffee seems to be slowly creeping back in to my life. I’ve had a tiny half a cup the last few mornings, mostly to help with my headache but my body seems to be ok with it instead of gagging. I’m not dying to add coffee back in but I do miss it a bit. I love black coffee – well I did anyway.

I’m still having some trouble eating chicken during the day. Like chicken breast at lunchtime on my salad just does not appeal to me. I can eat it at dinner time but I’ve got to stick with something else for lunch.

Nothing else really obvious to me except I wanted fruit again this week but I think that’s mainly because I didn’t feel great. Fruit is one of my go-to feel good foods.

Macros are 120P/245C/67F, not much change this week because I was really off with the migraine. I had a hard time eating and I found my digestion was off this week. I’m going to ease off on the grains and legumes a bit and go back to the more PALEO/AIP approach the was working well for me. It doesn’t necessarily need to be all or nothing but I was having legumes several times a day this week for the first times in ages so I’ll change that up again.

Supplements and Team:
Two things I realized I haven’t been updating you on in these posts is my supplements and also my “team”.

My team is made up of those people who are my caregivers during pregnancy. I’ve got a team of midwives from Ottawa Valley Midwives who I currently see monthly right now and call as needed. The way it works is they set you up with a team and you have a primary midwife who will be at your birth with you. You will have another midwife assist at your birth also mainly for the baby. My Midwifery team has 4 midwives on it in case they need assistance or coverage. You meet them all ahead of time during your pregnancy so that way you will always know the midwife delivering your baby.

The other person on my team is my Doula. A Doula is your birth coach. Someone assisting you with the birth (and pregnancy) who is there for you, your comfort and your needs. I’m lucky in that my doula also happens to be my friend. She’s currently pregnant too and due in 4 weeks! Her name is Tania and her website is if you want to check her out!

I’ve also got a prenatal Massage Therapist, Julia, who is also a doula and she’s amazing. Her business name, Nurturing Nomad, exactly describes her. Julia can be found here.

I have an appointment coming up with the pelvic floor specialist at Core Connections I was seeing before I got pregnant about my diastatsis. She’s awesome and specializes in pregnancy. Monate is actually going on mat leave herself and will be back in a few months but her colleagues are there too. Seeing a pelvic floor specialist is recommend especially as you get into your their trimester. It’s really fascinating stuff actually!

If you missed my post about diastasis you can click here for it. It’s probably one of my most read articles daily on my site and I love how the knowledge of this issue is finally spreading. For so long no one knew or understood it well but it’s really becoming more and more recognized.

I still see my naturopath and chiropractor too, those appointments are coming up later this month.

In addition to those wonderful professionals I have my mom who has been so great checkin on me and my hubby who is also definitely on my team. He has been a little funny lately with certain comments that he could probably have not bother with but luckily I know him well enough to just laugh.

He recently said a series of things to me all within 5 minutes including “holy crap that belly is growing exponentially” and “oh wow your back is really wider” and then “ew you have a huge zit on your cheek. It’s huge, like really huge!!” LMAO. Yes sweetie thanks for all that :{

I think I’ll leave supplements for next week. This is getting long!

This week was a disaster. I trained once and cardio was out the window. This week the migraine took over and there was no way I wanted to get any more blood pumping (and pounding) through my veins.

It’s so bizarre for me to be so inconsistent with training. I’m usually soooo consistent with my gym sessions, I love training, but the reality is I’m creating a human and sometimes I don’t feel great. Training takes a back seat if need be and I’m actually ok with it.

Realistically though I do want to exercise everyday. It’s best for me and baby.  I feel better when I workout even if it’s way reduced from what I’m used to. My goal is to still I’m for it and the days I don;t make it well that’s ok too.

I’m up 3lbs this week but I’m not sure it’s  very accurate since I think I’m reacting to some foods although it is possible. I’ll weigh myself again mid next week and see if something changes. I really I could expect a 1lb increase a week at this point.

Mental: I’m feeling pretty good. Not too emotional and the extreme worry I carried around for the first 14 weeks or so is beginning to dissipate a bit. I’m starting to feel sooo excited!

We should be finding out baby’s sex this coming week! Boy or a girl? Any guesses? 🙂
My hubby is convinced it’s a boy and I really don’t know. We will be happy wither way though.

Still having crazy dreams.

Ok honestly I’m growing like crazy. I’m short (just under 5 ft) so I supposed it’s inevitable that baby goes outward but I mean really, boobs, hips and belly are there.

I was pretty sore in my upper neck and shoulders this week, I think that’s the migraine stuff and the massage helped. Thank goodness. I’ll schedule a chiropractic adjustment for next week too, it’s been too long.

I also notice I can’t nap much without it interrupting my sleep now. This is tricky because I’m pretty tired around 5pm!

I picked up a new book from the midwives book club. It’s call Pregnancy The Natural Way by Zita West. It’s pretty good. Easy read and kind of reference book. Tania is sending me her reading list too.

So not much gear yet although I think I’ve got a crib and change table coming. Did you mammas have a glider or recliner of some sort in your baby’s room? Did you love it? Is it a must have? Suggestions? Recommendations? Tell me! 

So since baby is not coming for a while I’m still focused on gear for me (sort of haha). I bought pjs! Haha this is sort of funny to me because you think they would fit for a while but I’m finding some bottoms to tight around the belly and some tops to short. I’m über picky with Pjs. They have to have loose long sleeves with loose pants that aren’t too long for me that I trip. I can also go for a nightie but it has to be just the right length and long sleeves. Even in summer.

Basically I sleep with no pants on just the shirt but without long sleeves my arms get cold. I also want light colours and certain materials so the dog hair doesn’t stick/show up. In addition to all that I now currently want something with a button down front for nursing plus I’m not into spending loads of money on pjs. Let’s get real. I could but why? Anyway I found some cute ones at Winners that look like they are going to work well! They aren’t maternity but I bought a couple sized up (medium instead of xs or small). They are bit big now but they will work and have stretch so should hopefully get me through most if not all of this “building phase” 😉


morning of 15 weeks preggie in my pjs :)
morning of 15 weeks preggie in my pjs 🙂

I got some bra extenders (for my new wider back 😉 haha) which I just ordered from amazon. I used to sell these when working at La Senza a million years ago but forgot all about them. Great idea! (Thanks for the suggestion Tania! xo)

I also got the most amazing dress from Pink Blush Maternity! It’s beautiful, I love it and I can’t wait to share my photos of it and review with you. The lovely ladies there sent it to me to try out and I’ll be doing a giveaway for you pregnant mammas (and all of you actually because they have a regular line). Stay tuned for that.

I think that’s all the news I’ve got for you for this week!

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