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16 Weeks Pregnant

Sooooooo, if you missed the announcement, we are having a girl! Yep, it’s a girl baking away in there. It was a pretty exciting week finding that out. Here’s the post about it if you missed it. There’s also a giveaway entry there to win $75 to Pinkblush Maternity. Check it out! 🙂

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This week was pretty good! I felt much better than past weeks. No headaches or nausea and really only some fatigue. Thank goodness!

Baby is the size of an avocado this week and unfortunately there were no good-looking avocados in the grocery store today. They all were wrinkled up and old. Gross. Not ideal for baby belly photoshoot (or eating actually). How annoying. Here’s todays belly anyway hahah.

16 weeks pregnant
16 weeks pregnant

My app also tells me baby can hear and has her eyebrows eyelashes and hair is growing. Apparently she’s also developing her taste buds this week.

Babies can actually taste through the amniotic fluid and it’s said that they develop taste for certain foods and flavours according to what you eat. So interesting. Juan says give her a burger! (his favourite)

Juan has also started speaking Spanish to her. Oh so sweet.

Here’s my update for this week:


  • Fatigue (but way better!)
  • stuffy nose/congestion (apparently common and due to swelling of mucus membranes)
  • crazy dreams
  • out of breath easily
  • feeling some pulling going on in the ab area
  • a bit of stretching in the uterus. Almost like cramps but not really
  • sore breasts (comes and goes)
  • Forgetful (lists galore these days)
  • I think I may have felt the baby move but totally not sure at all!

Cravings/ Food aversions: so far nothing really in the craving department. I’ve been eating a good variety of fruit and I’ve been wanting apples but that’s about it. I still have a hard time with animal protein at lunchtime. Mostly chicken. I can do ground meat if it’s mixed into something no problem. I’m also strangely not that into peanut butter these days. I’m also finding I go for salty over sweet in general since being pregnant.

Coffee is kind of back in but not really because even though the last no longer revolts be I actually just don’t feel that good drinking it. It’s so stimulating and even a little cup makes me feel like I drank a huge amount. My body kind of goes, um no thank you.

I don’t need it really it’s just that sometimes I miss it of feel like I might like it but I don;t even really care for the taste right now or I’d have decaf. No biggie and better without it anyway at this point.

Nutrition is going well. I’m hitting my macros on most days or at least close to. I’ve notice my hunger has kicked up a notch in this 2nd trimester so I’m happy to be enjoying all the fruits (haha pun) of my reverse dieting. I can easily eat my prescribed macros of 120P/245C/67F without any guilt of thoughts of overeating. It’s fabulous! Talk to me about this if you need help getting there. Totally worth it.

I’ve increased the amount of red meat I’m eating and am also conscious of including salmon and the low mercury fish often. Lots of fruit and veggies too.

Supplements: I meant to talk about this last time. I’m currently taking the following:

  • probiotics
  • DHA omega
  • magnesium (topical if ingesting it gives me gas – it was for a while)
  • Just starting calcium
  • Prenatal vitamin (3 a day version)
  • B-12
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin C
  • digestive enzymes as needed
  • Cranberry pills or juice mostly as needed

I may also add iron if I can’t boost mine enough through nutrition. It was a bit on the low side in my last bloodwork results so I’ll try to get it up there.

I saw the pelvic floor specialist at Core Connections this week. I love her. Basically the work I did previously to repair my diastatis worked well and my pelvic floor is in good shape. She gave me some excesses to do to keep the muscles strong and support the pressure of the growing uterus and baby (think kegels). She also gave be some suggestions for closer to the end of the third trimester and labour and I’ll go back there then for some work to prepare for that.

I highly recommend a pelvic floor specialist any time post birth but even during pregnancy. So much wisdom to share about our bodies, pregnancy and birthing!

Training: Much better this week thank goodness. I had enough energy for daytime cardio sessions plus a few evening workouts. That’s great! I’m hoping it will get better and better but I also know that I need to rest and if I overdo it I’m downing out for days with exhaustion. Wild.

I’ve had to retire the barbell hip thrusts and moved to dumbbells or bodyweight. The bar is now uncomfortable on my belly across my hips. I’m also lifting lighter than I was but higher reps because of the looser joints. I’m really listing to my body and essentially is something doesn’t feel good I’m not doing it.

Weight: Ok the weight thing is legit. Those 3 pounds from last week are still there. Plus .8 of a pound this week so we had a little growth spurt. I would say that’s accurate looking at my belly haha. Actually it grew another inch this week. My belly has grown 7 inches around. That’s wild and just the beginning.

I find my belly is bigger on some days than others and bigger at night than the morning. Yesterday my hubby said I looked really good, that pregnancy looked good on me and that I was looking well this week. That’s a change, I’ll take it. Better than last week’s comments. Maybe he’s learning 😉


Mental: this week was interesting. First I was full of anticipation waiting for the test results. I was totally excited about finding out the gender. Over the moon. Plus we found out that baby is healthy and all test came back showing she’s doing well in there. That is a huge relief. So much worry! So all of that was amazing and somehow knowing her sex made me feel more connected to her. I would have felt the same for a boy, I’m sure of it, but it was more because I know what it is and I can begin to think about her as a “her” rather than “baby”. I don’t know really but I found there to be a distinct shift.

With that shift came this overwhelming feeling of responsibility. Not like I didn’t have it, or know it, or feel before but now all of a sudden there’s a little girl in there and I have a name for her (not sharing yet 😉 ) and I started to think about all the things I need to teach her, and show her and help her with and protect her from and holy moly I got panicked! lol. No really worried but like the weight of it hit me with realness. I have some serious work ahead of me! (Juan also got panicked about boyfriends – it was pretty cute and hilarious)

Physical: I just feel heavy. I feel slow and heavy. I can’t imagine when I’m actually really preggers, oh man. I noticed my legs really ached after last weekend’s busy days and I was really tired the beginning of this week.

I also notice my joints feel sore, looser and some clickity clicks going on.

My boobs are growing by the week, I can feel them sitting on my tummy. That is weird for me! I think they go through growth spurts because some moments they just get hot and hurt and then other they are fine. Hormones are wacky.

My belly is starting to move from a soft pregnant belly to a harder one. I kind of prefer that, the beginning is weird and awkward. I still feel like it’s wider than it is sticking out but whatever! I’m trying hard to appreciate my body at all stages even though it’s not at all what I’m used to walking around in.

I’ve also noticed my belly button changing. I can see it getting shallower.

16 weeks pregnant
16 weeks pregnant

Sleeping is also a bit strange, my body just feels different when lying on my back and I can’t get very comfortable. My arms fall asleep when I lie on my sides!

Reading: A friend gave me a few Fitpregnancy magazines so I’ll look through those and I’ve still got the book from last week on the go. Open to suggestions though. I’m thinking taking a breastfeeding course that runs online so that may be next.

Bought the first baby outfit a I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Just a little onesie to announce it was girl. Baby Garcia also got her first outfit gifted from her auntie Irene. Cutest pjs! I love onesies.

Nothing else added to the pile just yet. I have a date with my mom tomorrow to go buy a big ass body pillow to try to help with the sleeping thing.

On to my 17th week 🙂


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