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17 Weeks Pregnant

I’ve got a pomegranate in there! My app says Baby is about 13cm and 167 grams. She’s getting stronger bones and putting on a little fat in there too. Our umbilical cord is apparently really growing thicker and stronger now too. Pretty amazing. It’s all such a miracle!

17 weeks pregnant
17 weeks pregnant

I’m beginning to love my baby bump. One of my mindset goals during this time is to really enjoy the whole process. For all the many uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy there are as many equally beautiful things about it. I honestly don’t care much about the weight gain and shape changes. I mean I do care, it’s not lovely to see cellulite or expanding hips or of have extra fat showing up in strange spots but I know when I’m ready I can get rid of it and will. I also know my body is doing exactly what it needs to in order to build and sustain a healthy baby girl. It is what it is.

17 weeks pregnant
17 weeks pregnant

The weight gain isn’t from eating more because I haven’t been, it’s literally my body building a human. Crazy!

This past week has been pretty fun. I think just some of that comes from the excitement of knowing the baby’s sex and sharing with our friends and fam. Also exciting is we’ve settled on her name! To top of all that, I’m feeling much better. All fun stuff.


  • I’m happy to report barely any nausea – it randomly shows up on some days but few and far between
  • Mucus production increased – throat and nasal congestion is there. It’s not terrible but it is annoying (and apparently totally normal during pregnancy)
  • My arms and legs fall asleep often and easily (sit too long, lie on my side etc – also apparently totally normal and because of the extra blood flow – the body pillow is helping though!)
  • A few cramp like feelings – suspect it my uterus growing and stretching
  • Round ligament pain and feeling my abdominals stretching
  • Belly is harder and rounder and skin is getting tighter.
  • Increased discharge – pretty safe to my never wear panties policy is coming to an end

Cravings/Food aversions:
Ok so I’m pretty much not interested in sweet things and instead want salty. I haven’t been craving much of anything except I did want thick cut authentic french fries and I also found my love for dark chocolate again. I’m cool with both of those big time 😉

One thing about cravings in general (when not pregnant) is that they come on more often when dieting or not eating enough to support your needs. For example if you aren’t eating enough carbohydrates you will often crave sugar. I think that because I’m eating so much and I have been for so long with my reverse diet that I’m really feeling pretty satisfied these days. If I eat all my macros for the day I get enough food and feel nourished and satisfied.

Nutrition: Layne and I changed my nutrition up a bit this week. It’s along the same lines as last week and basically I’m still eating over 2000 calories a day but we adjusted the macros a bit. I’m now eating 113p/234c/83f. I love the extra fats and they are so good for baby and mamma.

I am for mostly eating whole foods and I really look to make sure I’m getting a good variety of everything as best I can. If you follow my insta stories you know I love my salads. I love veggies, fruit, lean meats, nuts, seeds, legumes and some grains etc. I’m also main sure to get a lot of iron rich foods.

In addition to all of that nutrition and nutrient dense deliciousness I also have things like gluten free bread, crackers, chips, chocolate, ice cream etc. None of it is over indulging and really no more than I ate before getting pregnant. The great thing about tracking macros is you can eat how you like, what you like as long as it’s within your day and meets your needs. Get that protein and fibre in and then fill your boots with carbs and fats. Good sources ideally. Potatoes can be just perfect if they work for you 😉


In general, the only foods I don’t recommend are ones that 1) make you feel bad (digestions, energy etc) 2) trans fats or hydrogenated oils  3)trigger overeating for you if that’s an issue. Really other than that foods are just food. Healthy is a state and the goal is to focus on getting as much nutrient dense whole foods into your diet as you can (according to your needs) and then balance with some less nutrient dense if you want.

Typically even my less nutrient dense “treat” foods like chips and chocolate are still full of nutritious ingredients. I try to avoid the items that have zero nutritional value in most cases. For example these chips are so good and I love that they are cooked in avocado oil instead of canola. I’m careful to have mostly good Omega3 fats as much as possible.


Training: I’m still getting my cardio in most days ( I aim for 4 days a week).  I’ve also been successful with easing back into my training and I had 3 workouts this week so I’m feeling pretty good about that. Those first 15 or so weeks were rough and I really didn’t workout much at all but I did respect my body and gave it the rest and care it needed. There are sometimes when pushing through is worth while (like competition prep) and there are some times when tuning in and resting is better (like pregnancy, illness or injury).

A few modifications I’ve made so far with training are less heavy weight (no 1 rep maxes happening), higher reps and overall less volume. I’m doing more bodyweight movements rather than barbell stuff and I’m careful not to aggravate or injure my distaste recti (ab separation) so I avoid things like crunches and twists and anything that pulls the lower abs. It’s mild and doing really well but your pelvic floor is under pressure when pregnant so it’s an area to focus on.

I also notice I’ve lost a lot of strength, particularly in my upper body. I’ve also lost muscle in my booty and am loosing the shape I like. Now that I’m feeling better I’m have to those hip thrusts to round it out again!

Physical/Weight: I’m feeling pretty good! I notice my legs get really tired easily (like when shopping) and I notice I get tired easily in general. If I push it I end up exhausted and it takes me three days to recover.

I’ve gained a pound this week and apparently I should be gaining a pound a week at this point so that’s good thing – go figure haha. It’s strange to see the scale go up every week but like I mentioned, all for good reason! My belly grew another half of an inch around this week too!

I notice some itching in my belly skin and I also notice my belly is getting harder and rounder. My belly button is halfway exposed now. Growing! Gotta load on on the cream and keep it moist.

I’ve also noticed my eyes are easy strained and I’m having to wear my glasses more often. I read that this can happen during pregnancy and then they go back to normal afterward. It has to do with the nerves and increased blood flow.

I see my naturopath next week and those visits are always a great resource. I’ll also have a chiro adjustment. Morphology ultrasound the following week!

Supplements are the same as last week – I may be adding iron though!

Mental: Feeling excited! I’m in super planning mode and getting everything ready. I’m really excited for this little babe. I’m feeling really happy these days, kind of an inner joy.

I’ve been reading all about babies sleep habits and requirements  and how best to mange the naps and feedings. I don’t have a specific book on this yet but here are a few great website resources and several online trainings available plus a couple local experts.

I’ve also been reading about nursing. I’m planning on taking a course but haven’t sign up yet.

We are also just deciding on our PreNatal and Bringing Baby Home (and CPR) class dates and will sign up for those next week.

Lots of reading to do!

Gear: I have some seriously generous friends. We have been so blessed to have been given so many amazing items for this little babe. This week we were given a baby chair and an excersaucer and a swing.  I’ve got a mamamroo and a jolly jumper too. She’s going to have fun! I’m so thankful!

One of my preggy girlfriends and I went to the Kanata Outgrow Outplay sale this morning (at 7:30am!) to see what it was all about. I scored a Baby Bjorn original cotton carrier for $15! Say what?! This thing is brand new and they usually sell for close to $120. I’m happy about that. Otherwise they had a good amount of stuff but nothing much else we wanted or needed.

Side note: I hope my baby loves baby wearing and carries because I really want to wear her!

The next big item for us to purchase its the car seat because we will need to bring it with us to our course. We know which one we are getting because it clicks into our  stroller so it’s just a matter of ordering it.

Oh and also this week I had my car appraised….I may be needed a bigger vehicle. Oh boy.

Last week I mentioned I got my body pillow and a couple of items of maternity clothing last weekend and they have all been great – thanks mom!. Next on list will be bras and panties I think.


New maternity sweater
New maternity sweater

Oh I also couldn’t resist these little doxie leggings for baby. Ermaghad so cute! hahah!

Weenie love!
Weenie love!

So there we go. 17th week is done and on to the 18th! Almost halfway there.

P.s I’m going to go log into the software for the Pinkblush Giveaway and find out the winner. I’ll announce that today too!

***UPDATE Joy G won the Pinkblush Giveaway! She’s been notified and had claimed her $75 gift card. Thanks for entering guys! 🙂