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18 weeks pregnant 

Unfortunately this week I caught a cold. I’m not entirely sure how it happened but it started with a sore throat Monday and Tuesday and by Wednesday I was congested and feeling rough. Thursday and Friday were mostly spent in bed and I’m still feeling pretty rough today.

Lots of puppy love and sleep!
Lots of puppy love and sleep!

It’s been ages since I’ve had a full-blown cold. Like maybe years (?). Pregnancy causes our immune system to weaken a bit and we become more susceptible to these things. Kind of strange, you’d like our bodies would do the opposite but unfortunately nope. Immunity is suppressed so we don;t treat the babe like a foreign object. Fun enough some conditions are improved for some people though like rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.

We can’t take much when pregnant so I’ve got to say the last few days have been pretty brutal. I’m not a big drug/medicine taker anyway but I do have to say I like Advil Cold and Sinus for these kind of things and that one is out when pregnant. I do like herbal and homeopathic supplements though so that’s what I’ve been working with. I consulted my Naturopath and we came up with a plan of attack on these bugs. I’m feeling a little better today so pretty sure I’m turning the corner and hopefully on my way to feeling good.

Other than that eventful half of my week the rest has been ok. The first trimester stuff really seems to be behind me now and I’m feeling pretty good.

Some exciting news is that I felt the baby moving a lot this week! The last couple weeks I felt something but wasn’t totally sure it was her but this week I know for certain it’s baby. It feels like a flick, poke or flutter in my lower abdomen and it’s the craziest thing. Totally amazing and kind of creepy at the same time – hahah. She seems to move around most about 9:30am-11am and then again around 4:30pm ish and in the evening before bed but I do feel her almost all day.

Symptoms: Ok so otherwise random symptom wise I’ve been noticing some round ligament pain also swollen hands/feet and the skin on my belly is a bit itchy. I also notice my hips feel really loose and kind of unsteady. That would be the Relaxin hormone working. I had a chiropractic adjustment and pelvis was out a bit so he corrected that and it feels better.

Cravings/Food Aversions: Like I mentioned before food aversions are pretty much all gone. I’m still not loving chicken (or really any obvious animal meat) during the day but it’s better than it was. I’m also not having much in the way of cravings either. I do consistently want fruit daily and usually savoury meals over sweet. Coffee and chocolate are sneaking back in though, they both seem ok in really small quantities. It’s like I want them but on in tiny amounts. That’s probably how it should be anyway hahah.

Nutrition: Macros changed a bit last week and went up again today so I’m at 113P/248C/86F. My appetite was off this week with my cold but I did my best to hit my targets while still respecting how I felt.

Now that my food aversions are mostly gone, I’m able to really get some good nutrition in. I mean not like I wasn’t eating well before but when you have such strong aversions you need to choose what you can eat rather than what you should eat.

In any case lately I’ve been able to really eat according to what baby and I need. That includes things like seasame seeds, avocado, almonds and almond butter, dark leafy greens, kale, red meat and salmon and other fish. Also lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, some goat cheese and some grains.

Essentially I’m aiming for Vitamins E, C, B and calcium, magnesium, iron and Omega 3. I’m keeping my sodium intake up too as it’s needed for the extra blood volume.

If I’m eating something that processed like crackers and bread I look for foods that don’t have colouring and I try and avoid sulphites. Some people tolerate these fine and there isn’t any really research really showing they are harmful in any way unless you are allergic but I just choose to stick with as whole food as possible. The least amount of filler and additives possible is ideal. I feel best when eating that way and It’s also the easiest when trying to navigate skin issues and allergies. These things can be irritants and creep in there. At the same time I’m not obsessed about it because you really can be and I don’t think that’s a healthy route either.

One of my first symptoms early in my first trimester was insatiable thirst. That’s gone although I’m still always thirsty. Lots of very cold water daily.

This was a random meat free meal that worked. I aim to get 20-35g of protein per meal.

Random meal
Random meal

Training: I was having a pretty solid week with training until I was knocked out by this cold. So annoying. I feel like over the last few weeks I just start feeling good and then I get something. First it was a UTI, then that migraine now this cold.

Basically I do my best when I’m feeling good and don’t beat myself up about it when I’m not.

In terms of modifications I have been really focusing on pelvic floor health so making sure I brace the core and activate my pelvic floor before any lifting. I’m also careful with anything that can cause or re-injure diastasis. Essentially all women who get pregnant get a form of diastasis recti. It’s out bodies natural way of expanding to make room for bubba growing. The problem is sometime the separation is severe and that’s when the problem happens. Avoiding things like sitting right up from a lying position (roll to your side instead) or leaning over exercises like deadlifts can be a problem. I usually feel a pulling going on when it’s not a good movement for me. I’ll write more about this in an upcoming article!

I start prenatal yoga in 2 weeks and looking forward to that and cardio has been pretty consistent. I like to walk outside or on an inclined treadmill or stair-mill at a gym GoodLife Fitness. More of that as the weather gets colder.

Training when I can
Training when I can

Physical/Weight: Things are moving right along lol. I gained just under half a pound this week so that brings me to 6.4lbs so far.

I didn’t get a bikini shot today, didn’t feel like getting out of my cozies, runny nose and cold in the house!

My app says baby is the size of a sweet potato. The other app says an artichoke which I could find at the store so sweet potato it is. lol. I actually think this one is a bit big but you get the idea. We will see her and her size next week for real in our ultrasound! 🙂

18 weeks pregnant
18 weeks pregnant

I’ll also have my belly officially measured in my next Midwifery appointment.

Oh and one other physical issue that I could have mentioned in symptoms. I peed my pants. Yup. Well not fully peed but basically if I sneeze or cough and I don’t brace for it I pee a little. Brutal. It’s mostly if I have a full bladder but still. How ridiculous.

The physio (pelvic floor specialist) check it for me and everything is fine, it’s normal (ha normal!?) during pregnancy because of the pressure of the uterus on the bladder. Oh joy.

Mental: I’ve been feeling pretty happy lately (aside from being annoyed about being sick). I read that the surge in estrogen in the second trimester can do this and I would say that’s accurate. My mood is pretty steady and I’m joyful.

Appointments/Supplements: I saw the Naturopath this week and we went through what supplements I can take for the cold and to boost my immune system. Basically I’m taking pretty high doses of the following:

  • Echinacea
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Probiotics

Reading: I didn’t do as much reading this week, chose sleep instead, but still working away at the same list.

Gear: Well it’s pretty clear I’ll be getting a car with a bigger trunk. lol.

I also got some maternity compression panty hose. I figured I needed new tights for fall anyway so might as well make them helpful.

I also got a cute doxie printed once from my sister. Ahhh dachshund obsessed. lol

doxies for dayyyyys!
doxies for dayyyyys!

Otherwise no other gear collected this week although I have been shopping a bit for a crib. Any recommendations?

I got so many great suggestions for great items from the Pink Blush Giveaway entries, love it. Thank you!

On to the 19th week! Almost halfway 🙂