19 Weeks Pregnant

Baby is the size of a large mango! Aww how cute. Hahah. She’s about 15 cm (6 inches) and 240 grams (8 oz). I feel like whoa mamma she’s growing ūüôā

19 weeks pregnant
19 weeks pregnant

She’s also working on her sight, smell, taste and hearing and she’s also now covered in vernix (that white greasy stuff all over baby when born). It protects them from getting all wrinkly while floating around in water for 9 months and also acts as a barrier from bacteria when they are born. Pretty cool.

At this point baby’s body is catching up with her head and evening out. For a long time their head is most of their weight but now her legs and body are going through a little growth spurt.

We had our 18-20 week morphology ultrasound this week. This is the one where they check all the baby’s organs and parts to make sure everything is growing well. This is also where you might find out the baby’s sex if you choose to (and they could see). We knew already because we chose to do the genetic testing. Because we did that testing we knew that baby was really low risk (less than 1 in 10 000) for 4 of the most common genetic issues that might have come up in the ultrasound. That helped ease the stress going in.

These tests that always make me nervous. The night before I start worrying and get nervous before the ultrasound. This one I was better although still nervous. Anyway she was all good in there. happy little thing kicking away. At one point the technician said that I should get up and empty my bladder because that we needed to have her move position so we could see her spine. At that moment she rolled over and showed her spine to the tech. Ha! We joked that she was going to be cooperative baby! Wouldn’t that be a treat ;P

19 weeks!
19 weeks!

So that was the most eventful of this week and other than this cold which is finally kicking the curb, I’m feeling good! Here’s the rest of my blabbering update:


  • Feeling like my joints are loosening especially in the hips
  • Still getting some headaches – not so bad
  • Needing to wear my glasses more – eye are fatigued
  • Tired – I think that’s related to being sick but not sure

Food aversions/Cravings:
Actually I would say these have kind of disappeared. Nothing in particular makes me want to barf and I’m also not craving anything. I’m back to having a little coffee every morning. Just about 60mg of caffeine so nothing wild (you can have up to 300mg safely in most cases) and chicken seems to be fine no matter the time.

My appetite was pretty low this week. I’m still dealing with congestion and coughing so I can’t really taste anything and nothing seems all that appealing (today is better through!). Salads have been good, fruit has been good and brown rice toast with peanut butter and jam has been good.¬†Nothing out of the ordinary for me there really.¬†Hahah.

My macros are great at 113P/243C/86F and still doing my best to meet those. I’m not as strict in terms of weighing and measuring as I would be during a fat loss phase or even a build phase because I don’t really need to be. I’m estimating often and eating intuitively. It’s great actually. Learning how to count macros and truly understanding what that means is awesome for really understand the value of each food choice. I know what I’m taking in every day and there is literally no guilt with anything I choose to eat.

Training took a back seat again this week while I recovered from this cold. So much coughing and congestion! Anyway by Thursday I felt well enough to lift and it felt great. Cardio was easier to keep up because it’s at a good time in the day for me energy wise and also I’m really just doing steady state, nothing too strenuous but more to keep my body moving. It feels good to do at least 30 minutes or something a day. Brisk walking mostly. I think I did some kind of cardio 3 out of 7 days this week and I’ll probably get a dog walk in tomorrow, so I’m happy with that.

Fingers crossed that with this cold almost gone and first trimester behind me I can be more consistent with my gym sessions. I’d like to consults lift 3-4x a week plus yoga and LISS/MISS cardio. Like I said though, no personal judgment going on, just trying to do my best to feel my best.

Other than the stressing about the ultrasound I also got a little worried about baby moving. I felt her so much last week and this week I felt her less. Still some but not near as much. I told the ultrasound technician this and she showed me baby moving like crazy in there. She said it was normal at this stage for it to be inconsistent but that baby sure was dancing up a storm in there. Funny enough I’ve felt her more today than all week. I’ve probably been bugging her with all my coughing and sneezing so she was tired. Hahah.

Weight is up another .4lbs this week so that brings me to 7lbs so far. Pretty much on track. If I have 21 weeks left that would bring me to about the ideal 30lb mark. Everyone is different and to be honest I’m really not that concerned about it. I’m not gorging or overeating but I’m also not restricting in any way. I just want to make sure I gain enough for a healthy baby! I weigh¬†my self weekly because I want to monitor it and I’m curious but not because it matters that much to me.

I feel like that belly I had that was growing like crazy is kind of slowing down a bit. It’s changing shape and getting harder but not necessarily growing so fast. Kind of settling in or something haha.

So a few weeks ago I told you about that whisker I’m now hosting on my neck. Remember, the big thick black one? Yeah so it comes back often. I had to tweeze it again. Also, I have started to sprout blond side burns that are not just peach fuzz. They stick out like fur. You know the fur inside cats ears? Like that but on my face. Like a lynx or a werwolf. Juan, loving, has started calling my beardy (it’s pretty funny so I don’t get mad) but I’m going to wax that off. Like right now. Honestly, hormones are whacked!

This week was the ultrasound and next week is my midwife visit.

Ultrasound day!
Ultrasound day!

I’ve been dabbling in a bit of¬†everything from labour to nursing, baby led weaning and¬†sleep¬†training. Mostly online resources¬†but my friend (and doula) gave me a huge list of books so part of my to do list next week is to decide on a few of those.

I finally bought a few new bras. The extenders I got a few weeks ago were fine but I need comfort and the underwire bras are just not working for me right now. Since I’m planning on nursing I just went ahead and got nursing bras, I figure ¬†no point buying anything else at this stage. I went with super comfy bras that I can wear for training, lounging and work and am so happy with them. I prefer to be braless so comfy is key for me.¬†These¬†are the ones I got from Motherhood Maternity if you are interested.

I went to a baby consignment sale at 7am(!!) this morning with some of my friends who are seasoned mommies so that was fun. I ended up getting a few cute outfits and a really good deal on a Boba Wrap Carrier that’s pretty much brand new.¬†I figure if I have a few options to choose from hopefully baby and I can find one we both like (and maybe even daddy too!). It’s funny that I used to think I would want all new stuff but really now I find that so crazy, baby uses it so much of it for such a short time! Why not share. Lots of items we will get new but certain things like these wraps are perfect 2nd hand.

Ok so that’s it! As of next week baby is officially halfway cooked! That’s wild! ūüôā

Last night, out on the town in Kingston for my sister's engagement party.
Last night, out on the town in Kingston for my sister’s engagement party.

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