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20 Weeks Pregnant. Halfway Mark!

Holy cow this week hit me like WHOA! Halfway done baking this babe.

This week was a trigger for me to get Sh!t done. The last few weeks have been about baby being healthy and pregnancy going well. I was dealing with morning (all day) sickness and then a cold. I was resting a lot because I was so tired and now all of a sudden I feel like time is moving on by. I’ve got a lot of things on my to do list!

I figure the next 7-8 weeks are crucial for getting stuff done because from what I hear and read the third trimester brings a whole new level of fatigue.


As of 20 weeks baby is measured from crown to heels instead of crown to rump so the calculations include her legs now. My app says she’s about the length of a banana, 6.5 inches (17cm) and 10.2oz (289g).

Her taste buds are working and she swallowing several ounces of amniotic fluid daily.

Watch this video to see what happens to our bodies during all this!

baby at 20 weeks!
baby at 20 weeks!



  • Feeling much better these days. I finally got past that cold just earlier this week so that’s great.
  • I can really feel the change in my body shape and weight. Just the way I’m walking and moving. Things are so different. Belly gets in the way!
  • Round ligament pain
  • Belly really seemed to pop this week.
  • Increase in vaginal fluid
  • Boobs galore they started feeling sore again this week. Sharp pains kind of in my nipples rather than achy all over….colostrum coming in maybe?
  • Tired and easily fatigued, different from the exhaustion of first trimester but still tried.
  • Noticing more hair all over. Lots of blond fur cropping up in new places lol
  • New skin tags and skin dis-colourations
  • Body temp is running higher than usual – I’m usually cold but not lately!
  • Low blood pressure
  • Light calf cramps
  • Heavy achy legs if I stand too long
  • Heartburn for the first time one night after something too spicy

Apparently all those symptoms are considered totally normal and expected. Pretty crazy what our bodies do.

Food Aversions/Cravings:

Not that much to report here. Coffee is back on my list in terms of wanting it (before even the smell repulsed me) but it doesn’t agree with me. Even just little makes me feel jittery. At this point I’m doing without it most days. Maybe just a few sips in the morning but that’s it.

The rest of the food aversions I had seem to have diminished for the most part although there are still things I don’t really want to eat although they aren’t repulsing me like before. The only thing I actually really crave is fruit. I want some kind of fresh cold fruit daily but that’s about it.


Funny enough I haven’t found myself all that hungry. Not much more than usual anyway. I eat according to my needs without restriction and that seems to work well.

I actually expected my hunger to be more intense but I wonder if I’m not because my macros are high enough that I’m naturally just eating according to my appetite. That plus I’ve been eating that way for over a year now in preparation. I find this interesting from a nutritionist perspective! haha.


Training is still not at all where I thought it would be. I had big visions of training like normal during pregnancy but it just hasn’t felt right for me. I’ve been really tuning in and listening to what feels good and when and doing that.

I try to move daily so at least a solid walk or two but actual weight lifting has been about 1-2 times a week the last few weeks (not my usually 4-6x times that’s for sure!). I got on the stair mill once this week, trained twice so far and made it to my first prenatal yoga class. That felt awesome.

Now that I’m feeling better I do hope to add to that regime but I’m not pressuring myself either. The movement is good and wanting to be strong for labour is important but so is resting so it’s about balance and what feels good at this point.


This week I really noticed a shift mentally. I felt much more compelled to get organized. I’m a total planner so this was already in high gear but I think it’s on turbo now hahha.

I also started thinking much more about birth and baby instead of focusing on pregnancy.

Last Sunday I had my first official hormonal cry. Nothing major but I was so tired last weekend and I overbooked myself and just wanted a nap. I ended up trying to lie down beside my hubby, lost my balance and totally rolled off the bed. I sat up in tears. Hahah. Disaster.


My uterus is measuring at my belly button and at 20cm (so right on the mark for what’s considered normal).

I’ve been noticing more pulling in my ab area and round ligament pain. Nothing bad but aware of it.

I’m feeling baby often. At first it creeped me out but now I look forward to it. It’s kind of reassuring and totally amazing and I miss it if I don;t feel it for a while. It feels like she’s flicking me.

Weight gain is also within normal. Everything just trucking along.


We saw our midwife this week, that’s always fun. She checked my blood pressure which is on the low side ay 90/60 and could be a contributing factor to my fatigue. Apparently that’s common during pregnancy and it will likely get worse around 28-31 weeks or so. We just have to keep an eye on it. She also checked baby’s heart rate and my fundal height. All is within normal ranges.

Basically she says the next 8 weeks is just coasting. No testing to be done just live life, eat well, rest as needed and let that baby grow. She said to avoid skydiving, wrestling and horseback riding at this point but other than that have a great few weeks. 😛

I’ve been really lucky so far that everything is going well!

I’m going to talk a bit about midwifery care at some point because I think it’s something that needs more exposure. The choice between having a OBGyn or Midwife is personal and everyone is different. The best is always to do your research so your choice is an educated one that works best for you (not just because someone said so). I had a great article to share with you but I can’t find it now so I’ll try to get it up in next week’s post. Sorry!

heading to our appointment!
heading to our appointment!


This week I read pretty much every review out there on cribs, mattresses and a bunch of other things. I’ve been researching baby gear like crazy and my head is full haha.

I’ve also started re reading Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child.  This book was part of my curriculum for my nutrition school and it’s got some great information about minerals, vitamins as well as birth and babies but it needs to be taken with a grain of {Himalayan sea} salt. 😉  It’s a bit over the top in some areas and you’ve got to sort through the blah blah. It’s extreme on the “holistic” side of things without a lot of research to back up the claims which is annoying so (like anything you read) don’t take it as the only way. For example I’m not a big believer in raw milk (especially during pregnancy and babies) and I’m also not against vaccinations and this book talks a lot about both topics.

Anyway I have to mention all that because even though I really like a lot of what this book offers I’d hate for someone to read it on my recommendation and feel the need to go crazy with it. I love the holistic and natural approach to everything and anything whenever possible but we also aim for balance over here and try to avoid extreme thinking and/or behaviours.


The gear purchasing has officially started! This week we got the car seat that goes with our stroller. We also got the high chair, the crib, mattress and change pad.  I’ve got a list started of all the other items we will need too.

I know I won’t need everything right away, some not for quite a few months like high chair and crib but I’d rather have it ahead of time so we don’t have to worry about it. Plus we might as well pay for it all while I’m working full-time to try to keep expenses down when baby comes.

I also traded in my car for something with a bigger trunk. My hubby works for Volkswagen so he was able to set me up in a Jetta and it worked out great. I pick it up my mommy mobile next week! 😉

Other than that we’ve been working around the house getting organized and I have a solid list of things to do over the next few weeks. We have a friend coming to stay next week so I think baby’s room set up will start in November. That’s pretty fun! I sort of figure the next 8 weeks will be my best energy wise before 3rd trimester so I’m going to try and get a lot done!

I think that’s it for this week. Thanks for following along and Happy Thanksgiving!