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21 Weeks Pregnant

I’m feeling time fly by now! I’m 21 weeks, which is 53% through, meaning 18 weeks left!

Baby is about 26cm and 360g. My app says she’s the length of a carrot. That feels really long to be in there! I’m so short, this belly has no where to go but out. Haha.

21 weeks pregnant. Baby is the length of a carrot! Also, these weenies loose carrots!
21 weeks pregnant. Baby is the length of a carrot! Also, these weenies loose carrots!

Her digestive system is maturing and she’s making her first poo (meconium) that she will basically build up and hold on to until she’s earthside. Her reproductive parts are in place and she’s got all her eggs in her womb (women have them all when born) – so basically I’m carrying my potential grandchildren too. Crazy!

This week was really busy with work and life and getting organized. It just seemed all to be in full force every day. I also noticed a few new symptoms crop up.


  • Swelling – I’m notice my hands, feet and face or often feeling puffy and swollen
  • Achy – my sacrum started feeling a little sore. Lower back and hips seem to lock up from time to time. Chiro, exercise, stretching and yoga are helping.
  • Tired – I’m really tired! I’ve been waiting for the magical 2nd trimester energy but can’t say I really have much. If I do it’s short-lived for a few hors and then I crash. I’m still better than the first trimester exhaustion but overall I am still really tired these days.
  • low Iron + low blood pressure  – (need to retest since supplementing with iron and B12 to help with the fatigue)
  • Thirsty – drinking lots of water!
  • Achy legs especially if I stand for a long time.
  • Tight pulling feeling in my abs.
  • Tightness in my uterus. I think this could be really mild Braxton Hicks but I’m not 100% sure just yet.
  • Butt hole pain. Hahah. Sorry TMI? This week I noticed some sort of sharp pain in my bum, like right in the anus. Maybe a baby kick? Or she’s sitting on a nerve? (getting on my nerves already – haha)
  • Baby moving. I’m feeling the baby moving pretty often but still just softly. I haven’t had major movements and sometimes I have to really tune into her to feel her. I often worry if I haven’t felt her in a while and I try to make her move for reassurance lol. Juan says stop bugging her. 😛

Food Aversions/ Cravings:

I still can’t say I’m crazy for animal protein, especially around lunchtime. I’m still having a hard time with chicken and all meat during the day in general. I seem ok if at a restaurant and also am ok later in the evening. I’m still off of protein powders for the most part. Just not appealing to me. This all means I’m working hard to get my protein in!

I was turned off of chocolate and sweets for a while but that seems to have gone away. I’m still more interested in savoury though.

Coffee in small amounts is ok, chocolate is good and otherwise not really craving anything except fresh cold fruit. I want fruit daily, it is non negotiable although I would say that’s pretty normal for me.


All around pretty good. I’m still tracking macros but a little more loosely than before. I’m aiming for 113g P/248gC/86gF. Once you know what your macros look like in food sources it gets easier to estimate.

I’m still not feeling overly hungry. I eat when I need to but that’s about it.

I’ve been feeling pretty bloated this week so meal prep this Sunday will be probably back to the basic food sources I know work well for me. Maybe it was all that pumpkin pie 😉

still love my salads, just have to hide the protein
still love my salads, just have to hide the protein


Not bad this week!  3x weight training, 3x cardio, 1 yoga sesh. Nothing super intense but at least they are in the books and felt good.


There is some serious nesting going on. My basic instincts are telling me to nap and clean the house. These are new feelings to me hahah. MY hubby is also in full nesting mode. He’s been busy prepping the house and getting my car ready. It’s so cute!

I’ve been thinking about the birth and my plan around that as well as breast-feeding and sleeping etc. I’ve also been really thinking about raising her, picturing experiences etc.

There’s a lot to consider and a lot to research!


I’m really noticing my body feeling different. I feel heavier, slower. My centre of gravity is different and I’m less agile. I’ve really rounded out in the belly this week. It’s now pretty round and hard and my belly button is half way disappeared. My boobs are growing like crazy and different shape. I can feel the sitting on my belly!

I’m hot most of the time which is totally new for me. I’m also really thirsty.

I haven’t weighed my self this week, I’ll do it tomorrow but I’ve definitely got more body fat all over, especially glutes, hips and thighs. I can see I’ve lost a lot of muscle too, essentially my body is totally different. It’s pretty amazing how it morphs for the babe.

Because I’ve been so tired I’m also not feeling especially lovely these days. Some better than others but can’t say I’m feeling my prettiest. My hubby has been sweet and offers lots of compliments – he says he like all the new curves. 😉

21 weeks pregnant! Belly galore.
21 weeks pregnant! Belly galore.


I’m still re reading the Nourishing Traditions book I mentioned last week. I like a lot of the info in there (but not all) and I’ve been reading lots online about breastfeeding, birthing choices and baby’s sleep needs.

I’m putting together some great resource lists for my clients, here are a few good links.


Not much this week but I did have a chiropractic adjustment. I’m finding that pretty helpful.

I also had a lot of appointments this week around getting organized for baby including meeting with the bank and also picked up my new car! It’s so much bigger than my old car and I’m finding it taking time to get used to! It will be great though.


Last week was full of purchases but this week not as much. I picked up my car so that was a biggie. The crib is arriving next week (thanks mom) and I’ve also got a rocking chair coming too. I bought a few other things for the nursery and I’ll start setting that space up in a couple weeks.

We received the sweetest gift from a friend. Baby’s first Latin infused outfit right from Argentina 🙂

Thanks you Maxi! xoxo
Thank you Maxi! xoxo

On to the next wild week. It’s all such a crazy experience!