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22 Weeks Pregnant

My baby is the size of a spaghetti squash! Wow. That explains the belly 😛

The carrot comparison last week was kind of strange but I think the app was focusing on length. This week the variety of apps say coconut, spaghetti squash or papaya. Also about 1 pound. She can see light and looks like a tiny newborn just a little too skinny just yet.

22 weeks pregnant
22 weeks pregnant

This is 22 weeks which seems pretty amazing to me. I’m still awed about the whole process and so thankful for it all. So far I really can’t complain. I have some annoying symptoms, including some that are new this week which I will list, but all in all things have been really smooth so far.

Off to the Serious About Fitness Show!
Off to the Serious About Fitness Show!


  • Anxiety on and off
  • Low back Pain/stiffness
  • Balance is off/feel unsteady
  • Kind of waddling – lol!
  • Belly button is almost gone!
  • So tired most of the time – if I could have a nap everyday at 1pm I would! Unfortunately not possible with my current schedule 😉
  • Gag reflex is strong
  • Really thirsty
  • Some food aversions came back this week


My protein aversions seemed to come back again this week. Having such a hard time with so many protein options. I can usually manage it with some kitchen wizardry but it takes a bit of work and nutritional knowledge. Restaurant food and eating after 7pm seems to be fine though. Weirdo hormones.

Coffee isn’t sitting well with me, it’s still making me feel anxious and overall not great so I’m mostly skipping caffeine all together.

My normal love of chocolate has come back and I typically like a piece of dark chocolate everyday. I wouldn’t say a super strong craving but a desire for sure. The fruit game is still strong too.


I’m coasting along with a blend of intuitive eating and IIFYM, essentially I know my intake and aiming to hit macro targets but also really listening to what my body wants and needs. So far so good.

I’m still surprised I’m not hungry all the time, I thought I would be with pregnancy but I honestly think it’s just because I’m eating enough. Enough calories and enough of each nutrient (protein, fat and carbs). I got there through reverse dieting before getting pregnant so my body (and hunger hormones) had time to adjust and that helps with not gaining weight quickly or feeling really hungry.

Working with lots of vegetarian options:

veggie protein
veggie protein


My schedule was a bit off this week because we had a friend visiting from Argentina. I didn’t do much in the way of weight training but I did get a few days of cardio in plus prenatal yoga and am planning on a solid workout tomorrow.


I’m noticing a few aches and pains creeping up. My lower back has been sore and stiff especially if I sit for a long time. It’s the sacrum locking up like I mentioned last week. The weight and position of the baby puts pressure there so it’s to be expected. I have a few exercises and stretches that help.

I also notice my legs feeling heavy and tired easily. I find myself needing to sit more often than before.

This is also a great position for lower back pain and I’ve been doing it daily.

Great modified inversion for lower back pain
Great modified inversion for lower back pain


Earlier this week I had some anxiety. I had some for a few weeks in the first trimester but it went away. It came back a bit this week after I had a busy weekend that included damaging my laptop (boooo) and over researching baby mattress while my hubby was away. My brain was in overdrive. I’m feeling better now and I hope to just manage these emotions well as they show up  through pregnancy and postpartum like I do in life in general. I’m also using chamomile and rescue remedy on my doula and naturopaths suggestions.

I find knowing more about why we experience anxiety and feelings/symptoms in general helpful in dealing with it all. Hormones do will things to our emotions and it’s common for anxiety in pregnancy. These are two great article on the subject:

current belly! Almost no belly button left
current belly! Almost no belly button left
current belly! Almost no belly button left
current belly! Almost no belly button left
From all angles ;)
From all angles 😉


I’m been reading lots. A lot on reviews for certain products but also just on pregnancy, birth and parenting in general.

The biggest thing on my mind that I want to prepare for as best I can are birthing, breast feeding and sleeping (or not) when baby comes. We’ve got our Prenatal class coming up in November and I’ve signed up for a breast feeding course also. Breast feeding is something I really, really want to be able to do and I feel that knowing as much as I can about it ahead of time will help me. Obviously if I can’t for some reason I can’t but at least I can do my best!

Some info on birth decisions here:

I also liked this article about Doulas and I thought I’d share.


Our crib arrived this week and we received some sweet gifts for friends and Abu Adri (grandma, my hubby’s mom). We’ve almost got all the big stuff! Still lots needed though. I’m trying not to be too consumeristic and only get what we will need because it can get crazy but there are some things that I think will be helpful even if not necessity. At least I can try to be as organized as possible in preparation for the crazy life changing arrival of baby. I think those first few weeks are totally nuts….am I right mammas?

I was scared as hell for a while (I still am) but I’m also really looking forward to it, especially all the snuggles.


So sweet
So sweet

Update…daddy to be put the crib together! 🙂