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23 Weeks Pregnant

Baby is the size of a papaya and is just over a pound now. I can feel her getting heavier and bigger. Apparently she’s to double her weight in the next couple weeks too! Wow. My app says she’s sleeping in cycles of 12-14 hours and that she is aware of outside noise like dogs barking, fire trucks, loud music along with softer sounds like our voices etc.

23 weeks pregnant
23 weeks pregnant

I’m feeling her move a lot this week. I can feel bigger movements like actual movement and rolling which is different from the flicks and flutters I was feeling before. My hubby felt a few solid kicks too! I’ve also noticed her in new places in my belly. Instead of being low in my abdomen she now shows up all over like on the sides and above my belly button. I can feel little hard spots and when I push on them she pushes back. It’s pretty wild!

23 weeks
23 weeks

Not much going on this week like predicted. No tests or if appointments. Just coasting as my midwife says.


  • lower back pain ( this was more this week)
  • fatigue
  • tired and heavy legs
  • vivid dreams
  • higher body temperature

Food aversion/Cravings

Pretty much the same as last week. I’ve been able to add sweets back in (for a while they were out) so I made some cookies for a work potluck and I’ve been having a little chocolate most days. Not a lot of cravings otherwise though. Just more like eating what I feel like and that is usually more savoury things. My lunches this week were great (taco bowls) so that was helpful and dinners at night seem to go down fine. I’m still having the protein aversion during the day and I plan on getting some turkey bacon this weekend for next week’s breakfasts and see if I can get that protein back up in the morning. I also got some more collagen that I’ll incorporate and hopefully it goes down well.


I’m sticking with my current macros for now, mostly because it’s working well and I haven’t been pushing to increase. To diet or reverse diet you want to be really precise and I’ve been estimating more lately so it works to just stay put at 113P/248C/86F.

I’m careful to eat mostly nourishing whole food knowing that baby is getting what I’m eating. She’s also tasting it so I want to make sure she gets a variety of flavours. I try to make sure to have red meat at least 3x a week and lots of veggies and fruit daily. I’m having grains and legumes too. Basically mostly everything except cow’s dairy and gluten because intolerant/celiac and I avoid raw cheeses and most deli meat unless reheated.



Feeling pretty good with training. Still only low intensity a few days a week but it’s enough to feel good and keep me moving. I’m feeling really relaxed about it to be honest. I thought I’d be training hard all the way through but it’s just not what feels good. I can still rep out squats, DB hip thrusts and a couple assisted pull-ups etc but I’m not feeling the need or pressure to do it daily. I can train at GoodLife Fitness or at home so it works well. I’ve got an article coming up on modifications for you!


My lower back has been really achy. It’s apparently really normal at this stage but it’s not very comfortable. I started wearing a belly band when walking, exercising and prolonged standing and it’s helping quite a bit. I also see the chiro every other week and weekly yoga. I also switched to using my kneeling chair more often.

I have no idea what my weight gain is this past two weeks because our scale died!  I have to replace the battery. I’m not that concerned about it although I do need to know it for my next midwifery visit. We weigh ourselves and I like to use my own scale instead of theirs for consistency.

Side note: I’m loving the midwifery care so far. Relaxed and informative without any stress or pressure. I don’t have first hand experience to compare to other than that I worked with ObGyns for several years running their practices. I feel like I made the right choice for me going with midwifery care and am looking forward to their support with delivery!


I’m feeling better this week. I added in some rescue remedy to my routine based on my doula and naturopath’s suggestions. It’s helped a lot with the anxiety I was having. I also just stepped back from some of the research I was doing and took a break from over thinking things.

I’m feeling like time is going pretty quick now so that’s a bit overwhelming but at the same time so exciting!


I’m reading lots as usual. It’s what I do when I’ve got a new project or interest. Basically I want to know everything I can about it and then make my decisions based on that info. I try to read solid, researched back stuff and really dig deep.  There is so much info out there and it can be tough to navigate.

I love this article about birth

Breathing Baby Out Instead Of Pushing – 5 Easy Steps


I got my breast pump this week. I originally read that breast pumps were best bought new because they can be contaminated but I actually ended up buying a brand new one from friend who didn’t end up using it and I got it at a reduced price. She used it a couple of times at the most and sterilized it and I feel totally ok about it. The hospital rents them so who knows how “contaminated’ they really get. I was tempted not to buy a pump at all right away and wait until seeing if I needed it but I really don’t want to have to be running out to buy things when baby comes so I just went for it.

We also bought a new Squatty Potty so we have one for each washroom. This is the best thing ever if you don’t have one you should get one. I’m obsessed with digestion and good poops and I  recommend this to clients and everyone, pregnant or not. 😉

We mostly have the big things now but one of the other bigger items on my list for gear is deciding about cloth diapers. We are considering cloth diapers (or a combo of cloth and disposable) so I’ve been reading about that. Any mammas who’ve tried cloth? Thoughts?

I think that’s it for this week!