24 Weeks Pregnant – 6 month mark!!

Woohoo! This is a milestone week! 24 weeks means 6 months pregnant!! It also means viability which is a big deal. It means baby has a good chance of survival with medical support if she were to be born now. We don’t want that to happen though, it’s not a good scenario but amazing that it’s possible. She still has some building to do especially with her brain and lung function. She’s in there practicing her breathing underwater.

Basically we have 16 weeks left (assuming 40 weeks – you are actually pregnant for 10 cycles!). She could come sooner or later – up to 42 weeks. 16 weeks seems like such a short amount of time. It’s like a competition prep or something. hahah.

My app says she is the size of a cantaloup or a foot long sub hahah. She’s about 1 pound and a half!

24 weeks!
24 weeks pregnant!

This week has been all in all pretty good. It’s probably my first week since being pregnant that I felt well enough to train every day! Mostly cardio at lunchtime and weight circuits in the evening plus some yoga. So awesome! I wrote an Insta post about it here.


  • Thirsty as hell
  • Belly is getting really round
  • Vivid dreams and restless sleep
  • Serious gag reflex
  • Some digestive discomfort – reflux, bloating (maybe from a mild food reaction – not sure yet)
  • Nails are great! White, shiny, strong and growing like crazy
  • Sensitive to smells

Food aversions/cravings:

My gag reflex has been super strong again lately so things are easily turn me off. Anything not smelling right or looking right is bad. Also sounds gross me out. Animal protein is still rough most of the time and I still can’t do much in the way of protein powder – unless I drink my smoothie with a straw.  The smell is what gets me most! I seem to tolerate chicken and meat later in the day like after 7pm. This seems to have been the case the entire 24 weeks really.

Basically I still have to be really strategic with what I’m eating, choosing protein sources that I can work  with. Ground turkey seems to be good option for lunch and I’m also working with a lot of plant-based protein sources (not soy though – I’m not a fan).

I also still can’t do coffee! It came back and I just can’t tolerate it. Weird!

Cravings – not really much although I typically want something sweet every day like coconut ice cream and always some fruit. Nothing out of the ordinary or weird though. (That’s why I love flexible nutrition and balanced intake (IIFYM) 😉 )


Still holding pretty steady with my macros at 119P/242C/86F. I tracked pretty carefully this week as I wanted to make sure I was getting my protein in. I tend to under eat protein and carbs right now if I don’t track.

My nutrition choices are pretty similar to non pregnancy because I love to eat great food. I’m not really stressing about much in this area except making sure things are well balanced and mostly nourishing. I’m also working with food aversions and intolerance so trying to make it all fit together. I’m pretty good at this with years of navigating my allergies plus my nutrition education and coaching experience.

I think this and knowing the right nutrients for you and your changing body along with how to track them is not always easy. It’s something I work with my nutrition coaching clients on and it’s a skill you will have for life once learned. I have a few open spots before baby comes if any one is interested. You can read more here and here. xoxo

Here are a few examples of meals that worked well for me this week:

Breakfast - almost milk yogurt + collagen + grain free granola + papaya
Breakfast – almost milk yogurt + collagen + grain free granola + papaya
Ham (heated) on a GF bagel with kale and mustard
Ham (heated) on a GF bagel with kale and mustard
Cherry dairy free coconut yogurt + collagen + pistachios
Cherry dairy free coconut yogurt + collagen + pistachios


Super sold week this week and I love it. I trained every day and did 30min of steady state cardio 3 days this week so far. I did my prenatal yoga class which has been great and I’ve added some yoga postures into my daily warm ups too. It feels so good to be training more regularly. For me exercise is such a stress reliever and keeps my body and mind feeling good. I hope I can maintain this the rest of this pregnancy! We shall see.

late night training sesh with the baby belly
late night training sesh with the baby belly


My back is feeling better this week, still achy lower back but not unbearable. I’m noticing my belly feels heavier so the belly band is really helping when exercising or standing a long time. I feel heavy too, like moving around, I’m just not as agile.

My energy is also markedly better this week. I don’t think I even napped once! Well a little 10 minute one today.

Weight gain so far is at the 16lbs mark, pretty well average although it feels like a lot and it seems like alot to gain another 15 or so that is projected. It’s mostly belly, boobs and hips and some strange back fat at this point. I’m feeling kind of round lol. My belly is measuring at 34.5 inches around, that’s 10+ inches more than my normal! Ha! My hubby says I look the same but with belly, and that I look great. He’s a good husband haha. I feel a little like Humpty Dumpty,

I must say I kind of love the belly though. I mean I feel round and big and heavy and all that but I also love that my body is doing this amazing thing naturally for my baby. It’s freaking incredible!

For a while the baby kicks were strange but now I look for them. I want to feel her in there. It’s all so crazy amazing.

6 months pregnant!
6 months pregnant!


My anxiety has settled a little but I’m feeling nervous. Scared a little, mostly about the responsibility and changes coming. I’m thinking of labour too although that doesn’t scare me as much as the life change in general does. It’s all pretty intense!

I’m also really excited to meet this little girl. Who is she and what does she look like? I love her already!

I have a lot of things around the house I want to do and I feel with each passing week the time flies by. Weekends are so short and it’s hard to cram it all in. That part is weighing on me a bit but that’s also normal for me and my planning ways.

Lastly I’m really grateful to be pregnant. As much as there are aches and pains and random weird bodily fluids, it’s actually the most amazing thing. It took us 8 months to get pregnant and that’s really not a lot of time in retrospect but when you are wanting something and it’s so unknown it does seem like a long time. I have many friends who have struggled longer and I know it’s not an easy experience to go though.

Yoga for mental and physical health
Yoga for mental and physical health


I plan to pick up a new book from my midwives library next week but at the moment I’m just finishing up the same book I mentioned last week.

The midwife had to reschedule our appointment for next week because they had a bunch of births that day!


This week I got a few things for the baby’s room. Her mobile for above the crib. I’ve been rearranging furniture like crazy! Nesting! lol

I’ve also put together my registry. I feel sort of strange creating a gift list but it really is helpful. Also thank you for all the hand me down clothes – thank you sweet friends for everything. xoxo

I also wanted to mention about maternity clothes. I think one of the best things I did so far was not wait to get into maternity clothes. They are so much more comfortable. I really don’t like any pressure around my belly and the maternity panels have been great. My mom was the one who pushed me to get a few things early on and I’m so glad I did. I’d rather feel comfortable and look cute than suffer through squeezing into my current wardrobe!

I haven’t spent a lot of money on maternity clothes in general. I like nice things but I try to be strategic with shopping especially when I’m only wearing these items for a short time and maybe not again (who knows). I usually sign up for exclusive emails and wait for deals. I often get 30-40% off doing that. I’m also more of an online shopper for most things.

A few places I’ve had some luck so far are:

  • Gap Maternity
  • PinkBlush Maternity
  • Motherhood Maternity (Not great quality but good deals f you get Bump Bucks and sign up for emails. I liked some things – leggings and comfy bras are good)
  • Thyme Maternity (again for some things – leggings and sweaters have been great, work pants ok too)
  • Old navy – I would say so so at Old Navy, I find over priced for quality. Gap was better quality and if I looked out for sales I did well.
  • I also found lots of non maternity stretchy dresses worked well – H&M have some. I don’t know if these will last much longer though – belly is getting big!

If you want to spent more there are some nice things at Nordstrom and J Crew.

I didn’t find buying bigger regular clothes worked for me, I just looked like I was wearing clothes that were too big. Frumpy. I personally have preferred full panel pants – they stay up better. I also personally prefer tight-fitting tops to loose ones so far. I did lots of maxi dresses in the hotter months at the beginning of my pregnancy. I was so bloated from the hormones and they were great.

I think that’s it for this week!