25 Weeks Pregnant

She’s the size of a cauliflower and my uterus is the size of a soccer ball! Holy moly. My app also says she’s somewhere between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds and is gaining daily. She’s also likely grabbing her toes and sucking them too.

25 weeks pregnant
25 weeks pregnant

Part of me wants to whiz through the rest of this pregnancy and part fo me wants the time to slow down. I’m really trying to focus on being in the moment and not wishing the days by or counting down the time till baby arrives because I think I may miss it when it’s over. I think I will miss the belly and having her with me safe and sound., I really don’t know if I will have another and that makes it even more important for me to stay in the moment and cherish the actual pregnancy.

25 weeks pregnant
25 weeks pregnant

We had a fun week with her movement. She kicked it up a notch (heheh got that pun? ūüėČ ) and I felt her like crazy this week. We can now see her moving from the outside and Juan had a total play session with her. He spent 20 minutes in bed one night putting his hand on my belly and then taking it off, when he took it off she would kick and when he put it on she would stop. This when on for ages and then he started talking to her and she was moving and wriggling like crazy. So cool! Also so cool that he loved it.


  • Starting feel achy and heavy more often
  • Tight sacrum, sore hips
  • Some reflux. gas
  • Good appetite
  • Growing daily
  • Sore around belly button area
  • Breasts has started feeling tender again
  • Sense of smell is through the rough – super sensitive to fragrances
  • Having trouble getting comfortable and sleeping
  • Feeling hot most of the time ( this is so not normal for me!)
  • Feeling excited and curious to meet her!

Food Aversions/Cravings 

The protein food aversion seems to have gotten worse. I really just don’t want to eat meat these days. I also still can’t do much in the way of protein powder. The smell is what gets me (on most things).

Coffee is still not a go. I can sometimes manage coconut milk latte or an espresso but meh, most of the time I’d rather have an herbal tea.

This week I’ve been craving vegetables like crazy. Salads and fresh or cooked veggies. Green juices too.

green juice
green juice

I’m also happy to have some ice cream pretty often. I usually go for something less sweet (and I can’t do anything chemical tasting – yuck) like the Screamin Brothers ice cream that I love. The banana chocolate is my current fave. The ingredients in that ice cream are so pure it’s awesome. I’m not against sugar, like everything, moderation and knowing your needs is key.


My energy is so much better and my appetite is solid. I’ve noticed it increasing this week. I’m pretty much eating without restriction but within my fitbeauties guidelines. I follow a blend of macro counting and intuitive eating while respecting my appetite, food intolerances as well as cravings and desires.

Not much in the way of serous cravings but mainly I’m wanting lots of veggies these days. I’m still not having much in the way of eggs, and no cow’s milk dairy, soy or gluten. I also have to watch to rotate foods and not have too much of one thing.

Apparently the protein aversion is really common but it’s kind of annoying. I mean it’s a really strong feeling of not wanting to eat things I’ve always like, like chicken and fish. I’m working hard to respect it and to feed us in a way that works. Protein in an important nutrient for baby right now! It’s also important for me so I maintain as much muscle mass as possible.

My go to non animal (and non-soy) protein options include legumes. I’m loving the legume based pastas right now. Also hemp seeds, collagen peptides and combinations of things that add up to 20g- 30g¬†or so of protein per meal. Peanut butter is an example of a fat heavy protein source. It does work well when your fat macros are low but when you have room like I do it’s a good addition to a meal.

My macros went up a bit today based on progress with my reverse diet this week so I’m now at 120gP/254gC/90gF. Woohoo! The high fats are important for baby and breast feeds so it’s awesome that I’ve worked up to this. ¬†Some of my meals are pretty big and include a lot more carbs and fat then I had been used to when dieting. It’s an adjustment when reveres dieting but so awesome.

Supplement wise not much has changed but I do think the heme iron is helping!

chickepea pasta and salad
chickepea pasta and salad


I’m still feeling good so trying has been solid so that’s great. I have noticed this week that barbell back squats seem to set off my lower back pain so I’m sticking with movements like goblet squats. I’m also still working core but with modified exercises. Essentially all movements are done in a way that avoid inter abdominal pressure and making sure to respect the ligaments and changes in posture that come with pregnancy.

Pre Natal yoga has also been great, This week’s class really helped my back and hips open up. I’ve been going to Eileen’s class at Core Connections and would totally recommend it. She’s amazing and the class size is really tiny so we get a lot of attention.

I didn’t get as much cardio in this week as I would have liked but I still did a lot of movement and the intensity of my workouts have gone up so I’m happy with that.


I’ve noticed lots of aches and pains starting up. My hips are bother me, lower back. I’ve been having trouble sleeping. Restless and I keep waking myself up snoring. (and my poor hubby too).

I’ve also notice reflux and digestion changes.

The almost Humpty Dumpty feeling continues hahah. It’s not actually that bad, I feel ok but I do feel heavier and when my back is achy if affects my gait so I kind of waddle lol. It’s also a bit awkward to get our of bed with all my pillows and belly in the way.

I notice some swelling that comes and goes in my hands, feet and face. Not a lot but it does happen especially when I’m hot. Apparently normal too.

I’m hot! Like most of the time hot. I can go outside with no extra layer and feel better and I’m often sweating which I usually never do. Our metabolic rate goes up when pregnant so I’m not really complaining about it because it’s a good thing but whoa turn down the heat! Hahah



Feeling pretty good this week! I do feel a little bit of time pressure, like it’s going by so fast and I’m not ready.

I also have this mental discussion about her name going on in my head. I thought we had her name picked but I’m not sure now. I keep toying with two names and can’t quite decide. The name has to sound good in English and Spanish and also has to sound good when said with a Spanish or English accent in the opposite language. My hubby still loves the name we originally decided on but he also really likes the other name and ultimately says I get to choose.

The other thing is I have officially had my first crying fit with this pregnancy. Actually I had two this week. One when Trump won ( OMG) and the other at my midwifery appointment. The Trump one I may have cried anyway pregnant or not but the cry at my appointment¬†was crazy. We were chatting about birthing options and when we talked about an at home birth option and my concerns one of them was that I was worried about my dogs and how they would react. I was worried that they would be worried about me and I burst into tears. Oh boy…hormones for sure on that one.



I had an appointment with my midwife this week and all went well. My BP is still on the low side although normal. She said to look out for and expect some dizziness in the next few weeks. I actually had a sight dizzy moment earlier that day so that’s interesting. Other than that baby is growing as she should, moving like crazy and her heart beat is good. My uterus is up past my belly button and measuring on target too.

Next visit in 4 weeks will be the glucose test and she will recheck my iron and then after that I’ll start seeing them very 2 weeks instead of once a month. That feels like shit is getting real. Ha!


I picked up a new book at my appointment yesterday. It’s a classic and recommended by so many people. It’s Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. I’m looking forward to digging in.


We set up the baby room this week. Basically put the furniture in its place and hung up a few things including the mobile. I love the space, it feels so peaceful and inviting in there. I still have some details to look after in there so it’s quite complete yet but I’ll post photos when it’s done.


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