26 Weeks Pregnant

Baby G opens her eyes in the womb this week! Not much to look at really but still pretty cool. She’s got hair and eyelashes and I bet she is beautiful ( I may be biased. heheh) : )

My app tells me she’s the size of a head of lettuce or Kale (say what!?). She’s about 14 inches long and about 2.5 lbs. This explains all the pitter patter I’ve been feeling in there, she’s getting big!

26 weeks pregnant
26 weeks pregnant


  • Emotional – tearing up way more easily than usual
  • Snoring like a trucker – this is really bad!
  • Not sleeping well
  • So hot – sweaty too! Very unlike me
  • Digestion is off
  • Appetite is off too
  • Nausea has come back – it’s random but fairly frequent
  • She’s moving a lot and I can see it from the outside.
  • Growing growing growing

Food aversions/cravings

Ok the animal protein aversion has been pretty strong this week. I’ve been having a lot more vegetarian protein sources but I don’t think they are agreeing with me well digestion wise. Not a happy tummy this week, bloated and feeling overly full/slow to digest (common feeling for intolerances/digestion issues). It’s also common when your belly/baby starts getting bigger to because the stomach and intestines get compressed. I’ll make some change to my nutrition this week and see what happens.

Coffee is still out – blah makes me gag. Hahah

Veggies and carb type things like sandwiches and pastas are calling me. Pesto and lentil pasta is really working for me at the moment. Probably the best thing I’ve eaten all week!  I’m also really into green juices again and fruit continues to be at the top. I seem to be able to have chicken in restaurants…maybe I need more nice meals eaten out. lol

Still no wacky or super strong cravings.


I’m doing my best to hit my macros and to follow my hunger signals. This week I’ve notice my hunger decreased since last week and I’m feeling full more easily and for longer. Kind of uncomfortable actually. This might me my food choices aren’t working for me but could also be symptoms of all my organs squished to make room for growing uterus and baby.

Macros are staying at 120P/254C/90F for this week.


I’m happy to report another good week with training. I’ve eliminated back squats and my back is feeling good. I’ve got a really good training routine going on that’s pretty specific for pregnancy and it feels really good. Lots of bodyweight/light weight, higher reps and circuits. Nothing lying on my stomach and not much on my back either. I’m training daily and I’m also loving my pre natal yoga.

It really help to have worked as a personal trainer and taken prenatal/postnatal training but it’s also key to listen to your body!

I wrote an article for this awesome publication about prenatal fitness if you want to check it out! Page 30 🙂


I really see my body change quickly now, day-to-day week to week it’s pretty wild. I actually look in the miser and don;t recognize my self. I’ve gained 17lbs so far and still have more to go which seems a little crazy. I try not to worry too much about the changes, it’s strange to see the lines fade and new fat show up along with a huge belly and way bigger boobs but at the same time it so fascinating! Hormones really have such an impact on our bodies, don’t under-estimate yours even when not pregnant.

In general I feel heavy and slower moving but nothing is really hurting this week. I am so hot all the time though and that’s a bit uncomfortable. I’ve always been one to be cold so it’s strange!

My eyes and nose are so dry and I’m feeling congested – probably why I’m snoring. I may try those nasal strips and I’ll go back to using the nasal cleanse ( netti pot). The interrupted sleep is not good especially already plus it’s making me tired.

My skin isn’t it’s best, it’s not breaking out any more but just the pigmentation is wacky. Oh and I still have that stubborn whisker on my chin, tweezing that thing every 2 weeks or so. It’s thick!

I am noticing my digestion has really changed which apparently is normal but it looks like I may have to switch from eating 3 or 4 large meals a day to smaller snacks like I did in the first trimester. That’s not ideal from a protein synthesis/physique composition perspective but that’s obviously not my priority at the moment anyway. Better to get those nutrients in then not at all.

Baby was really active this week, my friend said maybe the moon? I can really feel her taking up space in there, she’s up past by belly button and I can feel her in my sides some days. I can also feel specific movements. The strangest one was last night while I was lying on my side, it literally felt like someone was walking on my stomach from the inside. My belly distended and touched the mattress without me moving.  Crazy!


This week I’ve noticed that I’m more emotional than I have been. I’ve also noticed I’m starting to really think about this baby coming and about birthing options and plan.

I’m not overly anxious I don’t think but more so emotional about it.

I also have a crap load of work to do both at home and with work and that’s a bit stressful.

I forgot to tell you last week that went out with a bunch of women whom I had just met for dinner and they all have toddlers around 2 years of age. They were all so sweet asking me about my pregnancy and sharing experiences. One thing that came up was that they are did sleep training with their babies (not before about 3-6 months of age) and it was thing one thing they all recommended as being the best ever decision. I’ve been reading a lot about this ( I shred with you a link a few posts back). Sleep (or lack of) is one of the areas that worries me most about new baby. Wish me luck! lol.


I started Ina May Gaskin’s book that I mentioned last week and so far it’s great. I also love reading other people’s pregnancy and birth experiences. This one from one of my fave food bloggers, Oh She Glows,  is a great one.

In addition to birth I’m also still reading lots on nursing and sleep training. I think those 3 things are on my mind 😉

Gear/To-do list

Little bits and pieces are coming together for baby’s room and organizing the house. We are trying not to buy much more of anything for now and actually we’ve been selling things. We sold my esthetic equipment that I’m not using and hubby sold his fancy car. All about streamlining and making room for another little person.

I have to start cooking some meals to freeze for when baby arrives. My plan was to do at least one meal a week starting halfway and I haven’t started that yet so gotta get to it.

I haven’t mentioned the pets much but we’ve also been doing some work getting the dogs ready. Just things like setting up the baby areas and keeping the dogs off the nursing chair to create boundaries etc.

On to another week and less than 100 days away from meeting this babe!!

(sorry I didn’ t take any photos this week! It was really busy and with not feeling great I just hardly snapped any). Here’s a naked belly shot from today 😉

26 weeks pregnant
26 weeks pregnant