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27 Weeks Pregnant

This is the end of my 2nd trimester! What the heck!? How did that happen. I’m now 13 weeks out and that rocks my world. Ha!

Baby is apparently the size of a head of lettuce and growing rapidly over the next few weeks. She’s about 14.5 inches long and 2.5 lbs now and she will basically put on about half a pound to one pound every week going forward. I think my belly is about to get a hell of a lot bigger.

27 weeks pregnant - Size of a head of lettuce!
27 weeks pregnant – Size of a head of lettuce!

She’s now at a stage where there is brain activity. She’s aware of what’s going outside belly which is pretty cool. I actually felt her jump with a loud noise that I think startled her.

She’s been pretty active in there. I’m feeling her more and more. You can see the movements too which I’ve posted on Insta stories. I have to say this is probably the craziest feeling I’ve ever felt in my body.

27 weeks pregnant
27 + 2 days weeks pregnant – this morning
27 weeks pregnant
27 weeks pregnant


I had a good week this week, not much to report here

  • lots of cervical fluid
  • steadily growing (gaining about 1lbs a week)
  • thirsty
  • feet/legs get tired easily
  • pretty solid energy level but not the same stamina as normal
  • sleeping pretty well
  • vivid dreams
  • feet are wider

Food Aversions/Cravings 

Not much change here this week except that i worked hard on getting protein sources that worked well for me. Salmon, organic sausage and a nice chicken meal at a restaurant were my fave.

Still can’t do protein powder or much in the way of coffee.

I want lots of really cold water, fruit and few sweet things here and there. Screamin bros Coconut milk ice cream is still great 🙂


I’m feeling really good about this area. I’m feeling so balanced these days. I eat a ton of nourishing whole food and enjoy treats without guilt. I really think understanding food through IIFYM/flexible dieting as well as spending time reverse dieting is key to this. I literally have no guilt around food, no desire to binge and I’m not restricting in any way.

Macros are 120P/254C/90F and I’m loosely tracking to hit those.

This week I focused more on digestion and it really made a difference. Feeling much better than last week.


Training is going great. It feels really good to move and sweat and now that I’ve ditched trying to lift heavy everything just feels better. I really went into pregnancy thinking I would train pretty similar to how I had been but as I mentioned before it just didn’t feel good. Once I tuned into what did feel good made a big difference. I posted a little about training on Insta here if you missed it.

27 weeks pregnant - workout
27 weeks pregnant – workout

Currently I’m taking an alignment course that involves core and pelvic floor work, a prenatal yoga class and I’m training about 5 days a week. I didn’t do any extra cardio this week but my training was pretty high intensity (compared to previous weeks) so that made up for it. I’m not dong anything high impact like running or plyos in order to avoid stress on my pelvic floor. Since I’ve had a diastasis already I’m prone to it happening again and pelvic floor health is so important for birth and postnatal health. I’m really careful to avoid anything that causes pulling across my belly.

So far some of my favorite exercises right now include:

  • Piston Breathing
  • TVA activations
  • Cat/cow – modified
  • Sumo DB squats
  • Lunges
  • Step ups
  • Hip thrusts
  • Glute bridge
  • Frog pumps
  • Standing leg lifts and clams
  • Seated 1 arm Shoulder Press
  • Seated Overhead Tricep Extension
27 weeks pregnant - workout
27 weeks pregnant – workout
27 weeks pregnant - workout
27 weeks pregnant – workout


I had to travel this week and noticed my stamina wasn’t at my usual level but not too bad either. Other than my legs/feet getting tired from standing or walking too long I’m feeling good!  My physio therapist showed me some great exercises to keep my hips and pelvis in alignment and that combined with the yoga seems to be really helping my back. I had a massage this week too. So good. I see Julia of Nurturing Nomad.

I feel that really taking care of my body now is so important. I’m not sure how it will work if we have another babe but if we do I suspect I won;t have time for a lot of this so at least taking the time to learn what I can now is important to me. I might as well take all the classes I can this time around.

My energy is solid this week even with a crazy day of work travel and I’m sleeping relatively well. Since 3rd trimester is upon me I suspect I may get a bit more achy but I’m hoping how I feel now lasts as long as possible! I really didn’t feel great for the first 19 weeks or so so this is a really nice change.

dressing the baby belly
dressing the baby belly


I’m pretty excited. 13 weeks out is like nothing. If you’ve ever prepped for  show you know how fast that goes. 😉 I’m hoping she doesn’t come early for her sake and mine but you never know.

My hubby is really getting excited too. He loves feeling her move and now that my belly is really growing I think it’s more and more real for him. He’s also really sweet about how I look. He says I look great and I really know my stuff. He was talking about nutrition and training and that’s totally sweet to me. Haha.

I’m also loving my baby belly. It’s so fascinating!

I do feel a little stress/anxiety around getting stuff done and time management, the days just seem to fly by and there is always so much going on on the weekends.

This weekend we have our first prenatal class plus I have a Serious About Fitness Camp I’m co hosting so it’s a bit busy. Yikes.


I’m still reading my Ina May Gaskin book ( linked to a few weeks ago) and I also bought my nursing course (black Friday sale!) so I have that content to read and watch. I really want to be a prepared and knowledgeable about all aspects of breastfeeding as possible.

When I go through something or am interested in something I like to learn the absolute most about it so that I can understand everything I can about it and then share it with my clients/friends/readers etc. It’s just the way I do. I always try to seek out the professionals in the field and learn from them. I’m looking forward to this course, it has great reviews!


I bought my first cloth diaper haha. I think because it was so damn cute I couldn’t resist. I’m actually really not sure if we will do cloth or disposable. I feel like there are such strong pros and cons for both and feel like I just have to try them and see what works for us. It may even be a combination of both.

first diaper
first diaper

Now that snow and winter are here I can wear my Kokoala which is kind of fun. I bought that so long ago so it’s fun because now I have a belly to use it for haha.

I also bought a wrap this week. I originally thought I would wait and see if I got it as a gift but I’ve been wanting a Solly Wrap carrier since before I was even ready to have babies. They had a black Friday sale so I just did it. Hopefully my babe likes it!

So that’s it for 2nd trimester….the next post I’ll be in my 3rd. Holy cow! 🙂