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28 Weeks Pregnant (7 months pregnant!)

This week is the start of the 3rd trimester. It’s also 7 months pregnant. I’m totally in awe with my body and the miracle that is creating life. I’m also a little obsessed with my belly. Our bodies are really incredible.

Baby is about the size of a an eggplant. One of my other apps compared her to a Chihuahua, hahah. She’s probably put on some more fat since last week, that’s the goal at this point. She’s pretty much fully formed and the next 12 weeks is really about gaining weight and developing her lungs and brain.

28 weeks pregnant
28 weeks pregnant


  • Feeling sore and tired (I think from the past few overly busy weeks)
  • Reflux
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Snoring
  • Nasal Congestion/Dryness
  • Thirsty
  • Feeling abnormally calm/relaxed (thank you hormones)
  • Pulling around my belly button
  • Possible belly button (umbilical) hernia – boo
  • Sacrum/hip pain – comes and goes
  • Breasts are getting bigger and some darker purplish veins have shown up
  • Hot all the time

Food aversions/cravings

I’ve been wanting a few coffees this week, maybe that aversion is finally gone. I still can only tolerate a few sips before it turns me off but wanting any at all is new. I feel better with herbal tea anyway so I’ll stick mostly to that. I had been drinking lots of peppermint but it’s not good for heartburn/reflux that’s just cropped up so cutting that out as of now.

Still no real cravings. Fruit it top of the list as it has been and I feel like having Pho right now. Ha. Otherwise salads and green juices are still things I want often…oh and coconut milk ice cream. Still good 😉


I notice my appetite is low the last few days. I’m not that hungry and I also can’t eat all that much without getting full.

I’m still working with a blend of intuitive eating and following my macros (120P/254C/(96F). I’m also focused on fibre because constipation can be an issue in pregnancy and studies are showing it leads to higher risk C-section. I aim for 25g a day from whole foods and I supplement with psyllium husk as well. I’m a stickler for fibre with my clients too – preggers or not, it has a huge impact on your digestion and your body’s ability for overall fat loss.

I had been eating 3-4 good-sized meals most of my 2nd trimester (and before if you remember this article I wrote about the benefits of that). This week I noticed reflux and heart burn starting up so I’ve adjusted my eating strategy a little. Less food at once, less liquid with meals and also not eating late or before bed. Annoying and apparently all really normal with baby growing and putting pressure on my stomach.

28 weeks pregnant
28 weeks pregnant


Training is still going well. I feel like I have a good groove going on that feels good. I wrote a post about pregnancy and training here if you are interested.

Essentially a lot of my movements are now in preparation for labor. Deep bodyweight squats that I hold, side lying clam and glute specific exercises plus breathing techniques working with my pelvic floor. My pelvic floor physio showed me few movements that work well.

I’ve also added a few daily movements to get the baby in the right position as I move closer to her birthday. Spinning babies is an awesome site with loads of info. This is a link to the daily movements I’m doing. I particularly focus on the Psoas release and the forward leaning inversion which my doula also recommends. My Osteopath gave me a series of moments to do daily as well to help with hip pain, lower back pain, side pain as well as lymphatic drainage (to counter acts any swelling that happens). I tell you, this baby making thing is no joke. It’s work! It’s a beautiful miracle and all that but it’s work! 😉

My focus is really not on the aesthetic side of training. it’s almost more like a rehab program and one that I can continue postnatally. I think it’s important that remember why we exercise and in this case it’s for health around pregnancy, supporting the changing bodies needs and that tough postnatal time.I’m really not planning on diving right back into hard core training either, there’s an important rehab component post baby too. I personally think there is way too much pressure out there for women to “get my body back” after pregnancy and it’s not always safe or realistic to think that way. Aim for a new body that you love!

pregnancy workouts
pregnancy workouts


For fun here’s a photo I posted on Insta stories from before the Serious About Fitness Camp last weekend.

From the saf camp last weekend
From the saf camp last weekend


So as I mentioned. I’m definitely feeling some new things this week. Acid reflux is one of them and is mostly likely related to the increase in progesterone now that I’m in the 3rd trimester along with the uterus pushing up against my stomach (which is now under my ribs). Digestion slows down and heart burn and reflux can be an issue. No more peppermint tea for me. Boo – it’s my fave.

I’m also starting to feel bit more uncomfortable lying on my back for extended time. It’s actually fine to lie on your back if it feels ok, it’s a myth that you can’t but don’t do it for extended time if it doesn’t feel good. Some people get light-headed and I’m starting to feel that.

My sinuses are feeling dry and congested which is also apparently normal but really uncomfortable. I’ve been using my saline nasal rinse and also a humidifier with essential oils. Coconut oil in up in there helps too.

I’m having trouble sleeping mainly from the reflux and the congestion/dry sinus issue so that annoying. I’m snoring like a trucker and it’s waking me up! (sorry husbancito)

I’ve also noticed my feet are widening, shoes are feeling tighter. My feet get sore easily from standing too. My back is also acting up a bit this week and I think that from a combination of last week’s travel and then spending Sunday sitting on really uncomfortable chairs at a course. Yoga really helped work a lot of that discomfort out.

The other thing I’ve noticed this week is my belly button. I’m pretty sure I have a minor umbilical hernia happening. My osteopath took a look and thought so too so I’ll have it assessed by my midwife next week. I’ll likely start taping it to give it some extra support. I was somewhat expecting this because a) it’s really common b) I have a 1 finger wide (down from 2.5) before getting pregnant so the tissue there was already weakened. I had been feeling some discomfort there and then noticed the soft tissue gets swollen and puffs out a bit sometimes. Kind of a bummer but such is life. I’ll see what it’s like after birth and recovery and go from there.

So those are most of the physical things I can think of.  I know that sounds like a lot but I think it all comes on gradually so it doesn’t feel that terrible, not exactly great though. All in all I’m actually feeling pretty good most days!

Oh weight wise, I’m not sure. I forgot to weigh myself today but I suspect another pound at least. It’s grow time! 😛 I’ll check before my appointment this week.

belly button - possible hernia
belly button – possible hernia


Mentally I’m feeling good too. We took a really great prenatal birth class on Sunday last week and I thin it helped solidify a lot of what I’ve been reading. The course was put on my the OCEA and it was the condensed prenatal class with Misty Prattt. Even my hubby felt it was valuable (he was dragging his heels on the way there though 😉 ) so I’m happy to recommend it. At this point I’m also really happy with my choice of midwifery care too! I’m being followed by Ottawa Valley Midwives who looks after Ottawa West (Kanata). There are different catchment areas so you have to find who covers yours. I highly, highly recommend you look into midwifery when you do your research for care. OBGYN’s are an option too but I think it’s important to know the difference and find the right fit for you.

I’ve also noticed a feeling of calm lately. Maybe hormonal, I read progesterone plus the relaxin can help with that. It’s just sort of inner calmness, can’t describe it really but I’ll take it! Especially with everything going on in life right now. It’s been busy!


I’ve started my online breast-feeding course and so far so good, glad to have that extra info. I want to be as prepared as possible for some of the typically tough stuff. I’m also still reading Ina May Gaskin’s Guide Childbirth. I have a few other books I want to read and hope to pick them up at my midwifery appointment next week.


I thought I’d add this section in….what am I doing? I’ve been trying to clean up as much as possible. Like really clean up, things I might normally neglect like organize my pantry, spice cabinet etc. I’ve also been collecting recipes and making food ahead for when baby comes. Her room is almost all set up, just a few more touches to add.

We are also looking into having some photos done. I love beautiful belly shots. Ideally you want them done around the 32 week mark when belly is big so that’s coming up.


I’ve had a few appointments lately including osteopathic, physo, and chiro, Next week I’ll have midwifrey and I’ll see my naturopath in January.

I think all of them are helpful and I’m lucky to have extended benefits through my hubby’s work to help with the costs. (Midwifery is covered by OHIP though).

Next week is my glucose tolerance test. Not really looking forward to drinking a sugary syrup, not my thing at all.  I’ll be eating protein and fats before I go for that one!


I made my own belly butter this week. I’ll test it for a bit and if I’m happy with it I’ll share the recipe. So far so good and much cheaper than buying it.

So I said I wasn’t planning on buying anything but Cyber Monday made me do it! I’ve been planning on either a Doc-A-Tot or a Snuggle me Organic since before I was pregnant. I’ve heard so many great things and even some of you readers have recommended the Doc-A Tot. I’ve been keeping an eye on the prices   – these things never go on sale and it just so happened I was able to get a great deal on the Snuggle Me Organic on Monday. After some comparison and research,  I decided to go with that one over the Doc-A Tot. I like the concept of the tension hold, I like that it’s organic and I like that the one I got is washable. Plus with the cyber Monday deal  the price was lower even with shipping and USD conversion. Score!

I think we have most of the big items now. Just  the monitor and I need a diaper bag plus all the little items like blankets, sheets, towels etc. If there is anything you suggest let me know. Also, if there is there anything you want me to ramble on about over the next few weeks let me know about that too! Week 29 here I come 🙂

28 weeks pregnant
28 weeks pregnant