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29 Weeks Pregnant

This week was better than last week in terms of how I was feeling overall. I seem to have gotten the reflux/heartburn under control and the back pain is lessened a bit too.

Baby Garcia is moving often and her movements are much stronger. She’s about the size of a cabbage (think folded in fetal position) and that’s inside my uterus which is now the size of a basket ball. It goes up past my belly button and you can feel it there! Pretty wild.

29 weeks pregnant - cabbage patch doll!
29 weeks pregnant – cabbage patch doll!

Baby seems to be growing at a good rate according to my last fundal measurements and my weight gain and that means she’s probably about 3 pounds of so and somewhere around 16 inches long. There’s no need for any more ultrasounds unless something comes up so basically these numbers are just a guess based on averages and our progress. (ultrasounds are less and less accurate for measurements as pregnancy progresses anyway). At from this point on baby is basically getting fatter, smarter and better at breathing.

Symptoms are pretty similar to last week but more controlled plus a few new ones.


  • Vivid dreams
  • More emotional than usual – please stop sharing terrible animal videos and stories! EEEk – I cannot handle these
  • Belly button is sore – confirmed hernia 🙁
  • Braxton Hicks happening more and more often and stronger.
  • Baby kicks are stronger – more pronounced and more visible
  • I’m feeling slow and heavy! Stiff too.
  • Sacrum pain, especially if I lie on my back
  • Difficulty getting comfortable
  • Breasts are more sore – nipples seem to be darkening even more
  • Lower appetite
  • Reflux/heart burn
  • Calf cramps -mostly at night.

Food aversions/cravings 

Same as the last few weeks! Nothing much new here although animal protein is slightly better.


Still getting loads of good fats, focusing on smaller meals and working hard to get my protein in which is really important right now and not that easy.


This wasn’t a great week for training mainly because I was really busy most evenings. I still got 2 workout sessions in plus a 90 min yoga class and an alignment class so not bad but not as much as I’d like. I hope to train tomorrow too. I had planned to train last night but my little fur baby Penelope had other plans for me. Her leg pain acted up and she needed some babying. What will I do with her when the real baby comes! I feel like I already have 2 children plus a husband so make that 3 😛

29 weeks pregnant - training
29 weeks pregnant – training


I’m now at a 21lb weight gain and feeling it. Haha. I feel heavier for sure. This belly is getting bigger and I can feel it’s weight in my hips and upper back.

I’ve also really noticed I’m losing the roundness in my glutes I worked so hard to build. I just can’t get those heavy hip thrusts and other movements in comfortably that will build them up at this point so it’s more about maintaining as much as possible.

The hernia I suspected last week has been confirmed – boooooo. I just started using KT tape to support the abdominals a bit in hopes that I can avoid it getting much worse and also keep it from being uncomfortable. I’ll post about that next week after I test the tape out. It’s likely to get worse anyway because I have more growing to do but at least I’ll do my best.

Braxton Hicks contractions have been getting stronger this week! I had some come on today after unloading the groceries and I had to sit down and rest. They are pretty interesting, your body’s way of toning the uterus and practicing for real contractions.

29 weeks pregnant
29 weeks pregnant


I’m freaking out a tiny bit about time…I feel like every week just flies by and weekends have been so busy. I’m trying to carve out time to get my to do list done but it’s getting harder and harder plus my stamina just sign;t the same. Holidays are coming too. I’m hoping to have a few days to get some stuff done between Christmas and New Year’s but that may be wishful thinking. I also plan to reduce my workload about two weeks before my due date but part of me is worried she will decide to come early! I have several friends who’ve had their babies 4 weeks early. After writing all that I think I’ll have to re plan some things lol

I’m worrying about the dogs a little in that they are barking maniacs when the doorbell rings….I think that’s going to be brutal with a sleeping babe. I’ve got to work on that.

The other thing I’m thinking about is diapers. I’ve been leaning towards disposable the last week or so. I haven’t decided but I think I won’t invest in a bunch of cloth ones until I try a few out and compare both options.


I had a great appointment with my midwife this week. I did my glucose test – gross but not as horrible as I thought it would be. I felt a bit like vomiting after it was done, mostly because it was kind of gross. It tasted like the orange drink from MacDonald’s I used to get as a kid. I didn’t feel bad from he sugar though and I suspect that’s because of all the work I did with reverse dieting. I’m used to eating that much in the way of carbs/glucose and luckily it wasn’t done fasted. Hopefully my body felt with it well. I’, waiting on the results. I basically ate fat and protein right before drinking it so basically that little orange bottle of sugar was just my 50g of carbs for that meal – no big deal.

glucose test
glucose test

She went through a few more of my questions about home birth vs. hospital birth which was great. We also talked about what to look for in pre term labour (any labour that starts before 37 weeks). All of that means I’m getting really close! Still 11 weeks from the 40 weeks mark but amazing how time passes.



I’ve been reading bits and pieces this week, not a lot but I did watch a few birthing videos. I find watching peaceful and natural videos really helpful for both hubby and me. It helps me to visualize things. My yoga teacher gave us one and here is another I love. I may have shared it already because we watched it really early on in our pregnancy. I’m obviously not going to give birth that way but still beautiful to watch! My hubby calls me an under cover hippie haha!


My mom bought me a few more maternity tops- so sweet of her. I also bout a few pairs of thong panties in a bigger size to accommodate the wider hips – geez.

My aunt and uncle dropped of a classic style rocking chair that I think will be great for nursing.

Other than that, no baby purchases this week! 😛 I will post that belly butter I made. It’s great!

Oh, one random thing…my hubby and I were both home on a day it snowed this week and he was inspired to take some photos which was fun. He grabbed his camera and told me to go out side in the backyard the deep snow (away from the dog pee hahah). I put on some boots and a hat and blush (because I hadn’t showered yet) and we ended up with these fun shots! I look at them and think I look so round and not at all like me. My face and body all look so different. It’s strange to see myself like this but even though I’m not in my usual shape and I could easily criticize myself I have to say I love these photos. I’m so happy to have this moment captured.

29 weeks pregnant
29 weeks pregnant
29 weeks pregnant
29 weeks pregnant
29 weeks pregnant
29 weeks pregnant
29 weeks pregnant
29 weeks pregnant