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30 Weeks Pregnant

30 weeks pregnant sounds really pregnant to me! Yeah, I also feel really pregnant these days! Haha.

30 weeks pregnant
30 weeks pregnant

30 weeks is also 7.5 months. Full term is considered 37-40 weeks meaning baby can be safely born at that stage although but most first time moms go into labor closer to 41 weeks. Not always though, that’s just an average. I guess what I’m saying is shit is getting real!

Baby girl is about the size of a butternut squash, she’s probably about 16 or 17 inches and almost 4lbs. That explains this belly. I’m just about 5 ft tall and I’m pretty sure this belly has nowhere else to go but out.

I”m feeling her move a lot more and when she does it’s much more significant than the flutters it used to be. My insides move, so strange! She tends to hang out more on my right side and seems to be mostly lying sideways (transverse). She has had a few pretty active dance parties in there, usually around 2am – go figure.

30 weeks pregnant
30 weeks pregnant

This past week was relativity uneventful. I’m noticing more Braxton Hicks contractions and I have to be conscious of slowing down but other than that I had a pretty good week overall.


  • Not sleeping well
  • SNORING like crazy! I’m waking my self up snoring no matter my sleeping position, it’s brutal!
  • very light Linea Nigra
  • Braxton Hicks
  • A few small spider veins on my left breast (or maybe the are stretch marks?)
  • Hot all the time – winter isn’t phasing me for once in my life!
  • Lower appetite
  • Notice more out of breath than usual

Food Aversions/Cravings 

The food aversion thing has pretty much calmed down. I’m still not much into coffee but other than that everything seems to be pretty much ok. I have sort of been able to add smoothies back in too. Here and there but not everyday.

No real cravings either! I had that Pho I wanted last weekend, one small bowl was all I needed to satisfy that craving. Nothing weird or major. So boring 😛


In general I’ve notice a drop in my appetite this week and last. I’m just not that hungry and when I do eat I’m full pretty quickly. It’s been tough to get all my macros in and I’ve been under eating a bit. I was aiming for 120P/254C and 90 fat so that’s a lot anyway so definitely not like I’m not eating!

My focus is still on whole nutrition and nourishing foods and lots of fiber. My meals this week for lunch worked well (from my meal prep) and diners were simple like roast chicken, salads and sweet potato fries or the beef stew I made on Sunday. We had shawarma one night too. I love a good chicken shawarma plate!

Beef Stew
Beef Stew

Breakfast is still a bit weird, I hardly have an appetite in the morning which is so unlike me. I’m mainly having GF toast and peanut butter with a small smoothie or coconut yogurt, collagen peptides and fruit, nuts and seeds. Pretty small servings though otherwise it doesn’t sit well.


I’m still keeping up whatever I can. Moving always feels better. I trained full body 2x times this week so far plus yoga and an alignment class. No cardio this week though. It’s been to cold for outside and lunchtime cardio has taken a back seat lately.


30 weeks pregnant - training/workout
30 weeks pregnant – training/workout


I felt pretty good this week. Not much discomfort other than the pulling around my belly button from the diastasis. The KT Tape is really helping though. It feels much better to have it on.

KT Tape for Hernia/diastasis
KT Tape for Hernia/diastasis

I’ve noticed a bit of a dark line show up along my belly (it’s called linea nigra) which is pretty common. I noticed it a few weeks back and forgot to mention it because I was waiting to see if it got darker but it hasn’t. It’s really light but I see it. It usually gets darker on darker skinned women.

I’m still hot all the time, even at -30 degrees I’m not cold! I’ve never felt like this before, I’m usually shivering.

Weight gain is still steady and I’m at a total of about 23lbs now – give or take a few depending on the day.

Aside from the trucker type snoring and sleeping issues, all in all this was a pretty good week physically. Hooray!

I did have a moment last Sunday where I felt a bit invaded. Kind of imposed on in a way and feeling the desire for my body to be my own again. Maybe that’s more mental…


Mentally I have had a few moments where I’ve felt like I’m ready to not be pregnant. That was the first time I’ve felt like that. I think I was feeling tired and heavy and just all over uncomfortable. Having a human inside you is really rather bizarre! It’s not that I don;t like being pregnant, I’m grateful and in awe about the magic of it but it’s a hell of a lot of work and it’s pretty heavy! My physio said that for every 10lbs of extra body weight we gain that’s equivalent to 50lbs of wight on our joints. That explains a lot! My feet get sore.

I’m also finding myself thinking of birth often and trying to gear up for that adventure. My plan is to try for a natural birth as best I can but if I feel that I need an epidural for the best outcome then I’m not opposed to it. Mainly the reason for avoiding the epidural is to avoid some of the risks associated with it (and a lot of the interventions that happen in a hospital setting especially with OBGYNs). I’m not a martyr though so let’s see how it all goes.

Reading and Appointments 

This week was chiro and massage, both helped easy some discomfort in my hips, sacrum and upper back. I also finished up my last alignment classes with my physio. We mainly focused on pelvic floor health and specifically carrying the car seat while still protecting the pelvic floor muscles.

I’ve watched 2 out of 3 of my breast feeding videos and I’m still reading Ina May’s guide to childbirth. Any suggestions for my next read? I plan on reading about baby sleep patterns in more detail and probably more about birth and strategies to manage the pain. We talked about this in our birth class and I need to do some practicing. Like training for a marathon 😉

No word on my glucose test (usually no news is good news in this case ) but I’ll find out the results of that and my iron levels on Tuesday when I see my midwife.


I’m currently looking at custom cushions for my rocking chair but can happily say I didn’t buy any baby gear this week! I did buy a dress for my maternity shoot though….I got it online at and I’m hoping it’s fabulous! I have a look in mind…stay tuned 🙂

To do

Top of my to do list this week includes, organize my own spaces at home – closet and spice cabinet mainly. I also plan on making a few more freezer meals this weekend.

Next up will be a trip to IKEA (ugh) for baby room closet set up.

Oh and here’s the link to my DIY belly butter stretch mark cream recipe!

That’s a wrap for this week!