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31 Weeks Pregnant

31 weeks and feeling good! This week was another pretty good one, as my midwife says ‘just coasting’ along.

Baby is the size of a Pineapple (or large movie popcorn or Hunter rain boot according to a few other apps hahah). Her five senses are now in working order and her brain is developing rapidly.

31 weeks pregnant

I’ve noticed her moments have really changed from quick jabs to a slower feeling of my entire abdominal insides moving. Such a crazy sensation. She’s also had hiccups a few times this week which is funny.

She’s sitting a bit lower now too, one of my friends noticed before I did and when I went to the midwife this week she confirmed she’s now head down. Hopefully she stays that way!

head down!


  • Calf cramps
  • Lower appetite
  • Snoring
  • Congestion
  • Belly button discomfort – Still much better with the tape though!
  • Can’t see my hooha any longer
  • Still growing random whiskers (ugh)
  • Small skin tags come and go
  • Small amount of colostrum in my breasts (!!)
  • Braxton hicks a few times a day

Food aversions/cravings 

I think my aversion are gone! Well at least reduced and mostly gone. I’m having animal protein no problem and a little tiny coffee every morning.

Still no cravings! I think this is mostly because I don’t restrict my food choices but who knows really.


I really didn’t count my macros this week. It was more intuitive eating than anything but I do follow a sort of imaginary template with food choices. Basically I always try to make sure I include a protein source, carbohydrate and a fat source mostly from whole foods. What that means is I eat a well-balanced meal each time I eat and that’s currently about 3-4 times a day. I’m also aware of my portion sizes and what they look like at 120g protein, 254g Carbs and 93 g fat. It takes some practice but it’s really nothing crazy. Just a bit of a learning curve for some but that’s what I coach my clients on 😉


I’m still trucking along with what feels good. No heavy lifting at the moment, the most is probably a 15lb dumbbell for my goblet squats. This is what is feeling best, the heavy weights were just too uncomfortable on my diastats (ab separation).

I’m working upper body most often along with glutes. I’m looking forward getting back to heavier training, maybe even back at Goodlife Fitness with my new little babe, but I won’t rush that at all!

Pre-natal yoga is probably my favorite thing currently, it just feels really good during and after.


Baby is growing well and so am I . Haha. Right on track apparently but carrying around an extra 25 or so pounds feels like a lot!

My belly button is at the point where it is really uncomfortable without the KT Tape. That will just be staying on for the most part. I posted about this over that last few weeks.

My hips/pelvis seem to be doing well. Some days they feel sort of out of place/sore and other days they are fine. I have exercises I do for this and the yoga and chiro help. I also really find the yoga and stretching help.

I noticed some twingy muscle pain in my pelvis area this week and I think that’s because baby has made her way down there. She’s sitting lower and like I said, is head down.

I also notice my breasts are feeling sore again and I seem to have some colostrum when I was practicing my hand express technique! I’m happy to see it and hope all goes well in the breast feeding department.

At this point I’d say the most annoying thing is my serious trucker snoring, it’s out of control. My hubby is a really deep sleeper thank goodness but if I fall asleep before him it’s problem. It’s also a problem for me because I wake MYSELF up all night! I suppose if that’s my biggest complaint then I’m really doing well.

Oh one other thing… I had laser hair removal for my underarms and lady parts ( yes all gone) years ago. This means I rarely think about shaving or waxing that area but I do have a few scraglers that I clean up from time to time. This week I noticed there were a few and I went to shave them and realized I can’t see that area at all! No joke, I cannot see my vagina! I don’t know when that happened but I couldn’t even move around my belly to get at it. Nope. Not gonna happen.

I can still see me feet though….for a little while 😉

31 weeks pregnant


I’m doing pretty well! I got a lot done last weekend so I’m feeling better about my to do list. I’m also reading lots and feeling empowered when it comes to birth and  breast feeding. I love knowledge and for me the best way to feel confident is by learning and understanding. I want to go into these wild upcoming challenges knowing as much as I can before hand. Obviously there will be a million things I don;t know but at least I’m not oblivious.


I saw my midwife (Saiya) this week and she was really happy with everything. She said I was the type of pregancy they like to see which is kind of a nice reassuring comment. Everything so far has been very normal and healthy which is great news.

My blood sugar glucose test came back with flying colours – woohoo. I’m pretty sure my strategy was helpful. My iron is still on the low side so I’ll up my supplementing a bit. I suspected it would be because I wasn’t eating a lot of animal protein and I had cut back on my prenantal and iron (and other supplements) the last few weeks before the test because I was dealing with the refulx and heart burn. That is under control for the moment so I’ll focus on the iron again. My BP is also low and has been the whole pregnancy – still normal range though apparently.

Saiya checked my fundal height and we are on track. She also checked baby’s position and she is facing my back with her bum at about my belly button and her back to my right, head down. This is pretty good! If she would move over the left before she delivers that would be ideal.


I picked up a breast feeding book from the midwives office. The videos I watched were awesome and this is a little more in depth. I recommend Dr. Jack Newman’s books on breast feeding. His advice is extremely pro breast feeding so it could be offensive to some but really good info.

I ordered this sleep coaching book from amazon:

No Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns 

So far I have to say I love the advice in it! Easy read too.


I got the dress I ordered that I told you about last week. It’s not exactly as I thought but I think it will work. I love the material. Unfortunately I had to pay duty on it which annoys me, I’m a total online shopper and try to avoid that. I would have shipped it to the UPS store at the boarder and picked it up had I known. Oh well.

I also got my Solly Wrap in the mail! I’ve got a few carriers to work with now, hopefully baby likes them! 🙂

That’s about it to share. I hardly took any photos this week, not sure what happened- it was a busy one ( oh and my phone battery was dead too often, something is wrong with it!). I feel like a lot happened but also not really.

Next week I’m 8 months pregnant!!  That’s a big milestone and I feel like I’m getting close now 🙂

See you next week with a bigger belly! Haha.