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32 Weeks Pregnant ( 8 months!!)

Holy crap this is what 8 months pregnant looks like (for me). This week has been one that I’ve noticed a lot of changes happening. Swelling, cramps, Braxton hicks, pelvic pain (PGP), peeing like crazy and this belly dropped more and grew a lot this past week.

8 months pregnant

Baby seems to be fine in there. She’s about the size of a honeydew melon and about 16 inches long. Her digestive system is  now developed and she’s basically ready for the world if she had to come early. At this point her bones are starting to harden up and she’s gaining fat but otherwise she’s pretty well cooked.

8 months pregnant

She still moves pretty consistently but I don’t find her super active. My midwife says to expect her to slow down as she has less space to move and she is sleeping a lot at this point. Her movements have changed too, less jerky and more kind of rolling, adjusting. I am to pay attention to her movements though because a baby who stops moving or really slows down can be in distress. Basically if I notice I haven’t felt her I am to sit quietly and tune in. I should feel her moving at least 6 times within 2 hours. I do this often in the evenings. I feel her throughout the day but I like to sit quietly and really tune into her movements later in the day.

She is head down and that has starting really putting pressure on my pelvis and bladder. I can feel the pressure plus I have to pee all the time. The other night she was really active down low and it felt really uncomfortable. Like she was dancing on my crotch lol.


  • Thirsty
  • Slow (walking, moving etc)
  • Belly feels heavy
  • Cramps
  • Braxton hicks
  • Sore breasts
  • Darker (even darker) nipples
  • Increased libido
  • Swollen lady parts
  • Swollen hands and feet (that seemed temporary- gone now)
  • Nesting feelings ( I want to organize everything)

Food Aversions/Cravings 

My food aversions seem mostly gone now and I had a great Christmas with all our yummy traditional foods. I’m still not craving much except maybe fruit and lots of cold water.


Nutrition in general I the same as the last few weeks except for a few days over Christmas where I ate things I might not normally have and had less veggies and water than usual. I felt pretty swollen and lots of water retention but that seems gone now. I wonder if maybe related to some food intolerances.

I didn’t meal prep this week because I was off my usual work schedule so meals were at home and made as I wanted them. I also didn’t do much in the way of tracking this week. I’m still intuitively eating and it seems to be working well for me at this point.

If I need to check in periodically on my calorie intake over the next few weeks or with breastfeeding I will but otherwise I may just keep this going this way the rest of my pregnancy. I love that kind of freedom and flexibility that comes with understanding food and nutrition in general.

Christmas Eve
lentil soup + sweet potato crackers and cashew cream cheese


At this point pre natal yoga and stretching feel best then next is some weight lifting and body weight exercises. High volume but very light weight. Walking is also good. In general I’d say I’m working out to keep feeling good because at this point it feels better to move than not but I’m definitely  not out there crushing it. Hahah.


Weight gain is a solid 26 pounds. Feels like a lot on my body but totally appropriate for me and this babe.  I’m not that concerned with weight anyway. I really feel like I’ve managed well and my body is doing as it should. I am keeping track of it though. The last few weeks have been solid growth weeks girth wise too 😛 I’ll measure the belly next week for fun.

I’ve spent a lot of time, effort, money and energy on self care these past few months. Massages, yoga classes, spa treatments, supplements, quiet time reading etc. I really feel like it’s so important during this time.

I’m definitely feeling braxton hicks contractions daily and they are getting stronger. Most of the other physical things I’ve mentioned already. Basically I’m feeling pregnant AF at this point.

New nightie


I’m feeling a little anxious about finances and anxious about having the time and energy to get all the things done I want before baby comes. I’m feeling a little scared about what’s ahead in the land of mommy hood- excited too. I think scared might not be the right word but it’s something like that.

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by my January calendar, I have way too much going on. It’s going to be a crazy month and I think that will mean it is going to fly by! This baby will be here before we know it!

I’m also trying to really enjoy these moments. I don’t know if I will be pregnant again and I want to cherish the time that I am. Connect with my baby while she’s inside me and just be with her in the moment.



I’m reading the books I mentioned last week – great stuff!


I washed all the baby clothes I have (mostly second-hand items – thank you friends!) and started organizing the closet.

Baby’s first laundry!


We got some stuff at IKEA to help manage the closet space and I have a dresser to work with too. We set that up New Year’s Eve, what a party! Hahah.

non alcoholic champagne 😉

I got a beautiful sheep skin for her. They have some great health benefits to them for babies, look it up. Her sleeping spaces are going to be so cozy.

I also got smaller nipple shields for my pump and some store and save bags as I plan to freeze some milk and build a little stash if I can. I spent some time trying the breast pump I bought months ago. I think I got it all figured out and fit of the nipple shields is important apparently 😉

Another week down and this month is going to be really busy so I think it will fly by. I’m feeling excited!