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33 Weeks Pregnant

I got sick again!! I got another cold, can’t believe it. I went years without getting sick and since being pregnant this is my second cold. It’s the worst, especially without decongestant drugs.

Most of my family got it just after Christmas, my hubby too. His man cold was intense and just as he was feeling better bam, I got it. I’m doing the same as last time with what I’m taking to help get through it quickly. It’s on its way out now and actually not nearly as bad as the last one thank goodness but still annoying!

Other than the cold I’ve also felt very heavy a lot of this past week. Mostly in my legs and hips but basically it’s not comfortable to stand or walk for long periods.I get really sore.

This baby’s movements have also really changed. She’s so much bigger and harder now I can really feel her bones now. When she moves it’s like my whole stomach is rearranging. Pretty crazy. She’s not super active or at least not very rough I don’t think but her movements are big. Kind of like shifting/adjusting. My midwife says I don’t see them as really sharp like seeing a hand or foot because I have a lot of abdominal muscle and it acts like a sling. Baby often stops when I put my hands on her or talk to her. That’s pretty wild.

I have more colostrum than last week (if i go looking for it), it’s a darker yellow instead of whitish and my boobs are pretty sore.

I’ve also noticed my face really changing. I feel swollen and not the same. It’s worse with the cold though so maybe it will get better but I have heard of pregnancy face. lol

I’m hot all the time and I’m also swollen. I had to take off my rings.

Ok so that all seems like a lot of complaining and it kind of is. Part of me really feels like I’d like to be done with this pregnancy but at the same time I knowing it’s better for her to be in there longer. I also know this baby is much easier to care for inside than she will be outside so I’m sucking it up and carrying on.

In terms of this little babe, she’s probably just over 4lbs and somewhere around 17 inches. Winter squash like maybe? She’s adding fat and her bones are hardening. Her brain function in increasing which is one reason they turn head down (better blood flow) and she practicing things like sucking and breathing (amniotic fluid not air). Pretty crazy eh?!

33 weeks


Swollen (water retention)
Feeling big!
Tire easily
Sore – hips, legs, feet
Not sleeping well
Waddling (yup – it’s not a nice walk)
Peeing like crazy
Snoring like mad

Food Aversions/cravings

Food aversions are pretty much gone. Thank goodness. No real cravings either.


I notice my appetite is a little better this week, even with the cold. I’m following the same plan as before – aiming for macros and eating intuitively. Eating 3-4 times a day. Eye balling portions rather than weighing them and focusing on a variety of whole foods. Protein is back up pretty consistently.

I’ve made a point to include coconut water in my smoothies to help with the dehydration I feel. I’m also trying to get more greens in there so I’m back to adding spinach and kale etc.


My training was pretty light this week. I was really sore from all the work we did in the house over the weekend plus the cold so I didn’t train until Wednesday but by then I was really feeling the need for it. I almost always feel better after a workout. Yoga still feels great too.

yoga heaven


Like I mentioned above, I’m feeling heavy AF and I’m noticing this belly is officially in the way. It’s uncomfortable to bend over, like my organs are squished and I have something huge and hard digging into to my diaphragm or something. So weird!

I saw my midwife yesterday and she’s really happy with how everything is progressing. Baby is head down and right on target with her growth. She could feel her bum, her back, a hand and her jaw. That was fun. Her heart rate is good too.

I mentioned that I’ve noticed some cramping lately and so told me to keep an eye on it getting more consistent or intense but as it is not to worry about it. Likely it’s my cervix slowly getting ready for the big day.

My weight gain is good and she says it’s all baby so she’s happy with how it’s going. I’m at +28lbs so there is more than “all baby” hahah but it’s as it should be. My blood pressure is on the low side 100/50 but steady so she’s not concerned. She suggested I add a Spirulina supplement along with my iron for my hemoglobin so I started that up again.


I can honestly say I’m not feeling my most attractive at the moment. I’m pretty tired most of the time and tired of feeling heavy if that makes sense. I love the feeling of being in great shape. I love feeling agile, flexible and feeling really light when you jump out of bed. There’s no jumping going on right now. Ha!

I’m totally in nesting mode. I’m feeling the need to organize and prepare our space for this baby and for us. I feel like a rabbit making a nest or something.

We’ve been working hard setting up the house but I still feel like there is a lot to do.



I’m still reading the sleep and breast feeding books from the last few weeks. Both a are great. I finished the Ina May’s Guide to birth and returned it to my midwife’s library. It was great too.

We have a course to attend tomorrow and next Sunday called “Bringing Baby Home” and it covers things like infant CPR, installing the car seat and how to swaddle, bath, change etc. I’ve heard good things about it and I’m hoping it’s worthwhile (especially for daddies 😉 ).

We also have an info session on home birth options on Monday night. I’ll share more about they both go next week.


I received a few beautiful gifts including these adorable shoes.

My friend gave me a collection of a few things she loved most when having her babies. Swaddles, sleep sack, Boba wrap and zippered jammies. So sweet.

Nursery is coming together too! So exciting 🙂