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34 Weeks Pregnant

So this is considered 8.5 months pregnant. Wowza.

This week was a bit rough in terms of being tired, especially at the beginning of the week. I just had so much on the go, overbooked with things to do and I’m not sleeping well at all.

I find it really takes about 3-4 days for me to recover from an “I overdid it” situation like last weekend. The tiredness is in my body like feeling physically drained.

Other than that though I’m feeling ok!

Baby is much bigger, I can feel her so much more this week.I can feel her bum and back and feet really well. She spent most of Friday in an uncomfortable position. Really pushing outing on my belly and into my ribs. She’s running out of room in there! According to my app she’s about 5lbs and 18 or so inches. Like as long as celery lol. That seems crazy! That’s why babies ares so squishy, how else would it all fit?


  • Nasal congestion
  • Snoring –  soooo loud!!
  • Emotional
  • Tired
  • Feeling physically tired – heavy legs
  • Feeling awkward, stiff moving around
  • Harder to breathe – feeling a little suffocated

Food Cravings and Aversions

So I can pretty well say my food aversion are gone. Thank goodness because they were brutal. My cravings have increased though which I find interesting. I’ve been craving pineapple and wanting it every day. I wrote an Instagram post about my thoughts on that here.

Also lots of really cold ice water or cold sparkling water!


My appetite is on the low end this week. I’m more thirsty than anything. Still eating as much as I can comfortable though.


Training was ok this week but nothing to boast about hahah. I trained once, one good walk and one yoga class so far. Not nearly as much as I’d like but I was so tired! I have to respect my body and not push it, especially with such a busy weekend this weekend too.


I saw my naturopath this week and she suggested I restart my B6 for water retention. I was taking it before for hormonal support. She also suggested I try Tissue Salts for the congestion and snoring (from swelling) which are a homeopathic remedy.

I’m also still taking calcium,magnesium, heme iron, high dose prenatal multi, DHA (omega3), probiotics and D3 oh and spiralling like I mentioned last week.

Sunday last week and Sunday this week we attended/ are attending a course called Bringing Baby Home. It’s put on by the OCEA, which is the same group we took the birth prep course with. So far it’s been great. They cover infant CPR, current recommendations around skin to skin time, sleeping, feeding, swaddling, baby wearing, diapering etc as well as car seat installation and inspection (apparently 90% of car seats are installed incorrectly).

I’ve been reading a lot so I did know much of it but there was still some info I learned and it was especially great for my hubby. He really has no experience with babies (other than photo shoots hahah). I would say that the birth course was especially great and this one is good but not as necessary although unless you’ve been reading about all this stuff you probably wouldn’t know it so maybe it could be considered essential. All personal I guess.


Like I mentioned, I’m physically tired. My legs feel heavy, my hips are sore. My belly is in the way. I’m clumsy and slow. I’d say at this point things are getting harder. It’s just harder to move a round and get comfortable. It’s not terrible but it’s not the same as feeling limber and in shape that’s for sure. Hahah. I posted about that too on my Instagram here.

I’m started feeling pressure on my diaphragm like it’s hard to breath. It doesn’t help that my sinuses feel swollen and congested too so some days I feel a bit suffocated. I can’t comfortable lie on my back much at all now.

I didn’t gain any weight this week which is sort of abnormal at this point but also not really considering my appetite is low. Baby should be gaining rapidly now so as long as her measurements (fundal height) keep going up we should be good. I do think my belly grew this week and a few of my friends noticed it really dropped and is outward more. I woke up feeling it changed this morning too. I’ll check with the midwife next week anyway. They always measure.



Ok shit is getting real. Technically this baby is considered full term at 37 weeks – that’s three weeks away! That’s too soon! I’m not ready! Now ideally full term is 40 weeks and first time moms more commonly go closer to 41 or 42 weeks but we never know and can’t predict. EEeeek! 6 weeks sounds better for me mentally, I just don’t feel ready yet.

In my yoga class I set an intention to let that stress go and just be here in the moment. If she comes early she comes early, so be it. I’m trying to stick with that and not get to worked up about it but it is on my mind.

The other thing on our minds is this baby’s name! We can’t decide between two names and keep going back and forth thinking we’ve got it only to change our minds again. I think we’ve decided that we want to meet her first and then we will know. I’m such a planner so this is hard for me! Haha.


This book is awesome! I’ll try all the suggestions when baby is here and let you know how it goes. Basically it talks about a baby’s sleep needs and rhythms as well as how to set up a new born for good sleep going forward. Really helpful info and easy to read. Of all the books I’ve read so far I’d say this is top pick. Let’s hope I have a sleeping babe!


This week I saw the naturopath and the chiro, next week massage therapist and midwife.They have all been a really great team to work with during this time of crazy changes in my body.

Also, Monday night we attended a home birth info session at our midwives’ office. It was a great way to really see what the midwives are capable of and how much they really offer. Our next step is to visit the hospital and have a tour. We also need to preregister. You want to preregister so you don;t have to do it when arriving on labour!

Ultimately (if all keeps going well with baby and pregnancy) we can choose to give birth at home or in hospital at any point. Sometimes there isn’t a choice based on your personal situation but the knowledge of knowing your options (in any scenario) is amazing. I think a lot of people just assume things about home births vs hospital births and really don’t have the full information on both to compare. Like anything, the research and information is out there and it’s up to you to do the work before making you decisions based on what is best for you. Don’t just assume things because people tell you. The other point here is that we need to be flexible in our choices because things can always change and new decisions need to be made in the moment.

At this point in my pregnancy I can say that I’m really happy with my choice of working with midwives.


I bought a few things for closet organization for the baby’s room. Bins etc. Still some work to do in there though. I also have to pack my hospital bag!

We also plan to install the car seat this tonight say what?! Holy crap.