35 Weeks Pregnant – Breech baby!

This week’s events were rather unexpected. We found out this baby is breech and not head down like initially thought.

I wasn’t feeling well at the beginning of the week. Nausea, sore and swollen. Not sleeping, feeling suffocated and I also noticed some new groin pain. Overall just not feeling great. Then at my midwifery visit on Wednesday she felt the baby and sensed that her head was where we thought her bum was. It had really got bigger this last week so it was quite noticeable.

She sent me for an urgent ultrasound to confirm baby’s position, her weight as well as her amniotic fluid levels and her general health in there. She’s 5lbs and is sitting head and feet up with her bum down which is called frank breech.

Size wise she’s like this canary melon according to my app. We got to see her so well in the ultrasound though. Really crazy! Little feet and hands up by her face, and she was smiling and yawning.

35 weeks pregnant

One of the things about being breech is that not many doctors and midwives deliver breech babies anymore. The doctors just opt for a c section.  There is movement to bring back breech birth but essentially the schools stopped teaching it and it’s become rare. There is a breach delivery team at the civic hospital who will deliver breech babies if you meet the criteria which includes being full term and going into labour on your own (not induced).

Basically at this point my options are:

  1. Do nothing and see what happens.
    If she stays breech and I don’t go into labour on my own I would have a C-section. I could also just opt for the C-section and book it.
  2. Try and flip her with various methods including a medical one called ECV. If she flips we continue on as is. If she doesn’t we decide next steps which are basically C section or try have a vaginal breech birth assuming we meet all the criteria.

I’ve decided to try to flip her so I’m waiting on a consult to meet with that breech team and try for an ECV. Apparently it has a 50% success rate. Depending on what happens I’ll go from there. In the meantime I’m doing all of the alternative methods of turning her including acupuncture, spinning babies postures and homeopathy. I’ll likely try the chiro Webster method as well. I posted on Instagram and got lots of advice too. I’ll try it all 🙂

In addition to the news about baby being breech my groin pain has also gotten more painful and it looks to be related to something called Symphysis Pubic Dysfuncton (SPD). Pretty painful and really uncomfortable. Ugh. Not ideal. I have an osteopath appointment coming up and I’m hoping that will help.


  • The snoring is so bad! I seriously make really loud Chewbacca noises all night. My husband has given me a nickname that translates from Spanish to ‘little chewwie’.
  • Nasal congestion/swollen nasal passages
  • Feeling suffocated
  • Can’t lie on my back at all. I get really light-headed and suffocated
  • Groin pain, not walking well
  • Edema – hands, feet legs and face mostly
  • Peeing like crazy

Food Cravings/Aversions 

Not much of anything  either way this week.


Appetite was up this week. I noticed more hunger but I don’t have a lot of room in there to eat and heart burn, reflux comes on easily. I’m basically eating intuitively and doing my best to get my protein, fats and carbs in according to what feels good. I’m definitely not over eating.


Not great this week. One training session and one yoga sesh. Bah


Most of it I mentioned already but essentially I’m really not feeling comfortable. It’s so hard to sleep or get comfortable in general. My body is heavy and lots of aches and pains. I’m congested and having a hard time breathing.

I forgot to weight myself this week so I have no idea where I’m at. I’ll have to do it before my next midwifery appointment at the end of next week so I’ll no more then. I typically do it Saturday mornings before I eat anything and after I go to the bathroom. Same as I suggest with my clients.

I have felt baby move lots this week which is nice. Her movements are bigger though and sometimes shocking. With her head and feet up I get more of a movement like adjustment rather than limbs kicking. I didn’t realize that until now but that explains why I don’t see thing poking out, just big round shapes.


Overall I’m ok. The breech thing is a bit annoying but not the end of the world. It’s frustrating in that it changes my plans of labouring at home and even of having a midwife help me birth her. I would really like to avoid c section surgery so I’ll do what I can to make that happen. If it happens such it life but it won;t be from my lack of trying!

I also feel tired of feeling uncomfortable but I’m staying focused on knowing she needs a little more time to bake. I do have days where I really could be done with pregnancy but it’s not that often. I’m hanging in!

I’m actually also feeling pretty anxious about not being ready yet. I just feel like time is racing by and I haven’t had a chance to get my to-do list done yet. I think that happens to a lot of us and I know it doesn’t really matter if it gets done but it’s still weighing on me.

This month is a really busy one for me which I knew would be and I’m looking forward to winding down a bit over the next few weeks. Hopefully I get a week or two before she comes to rest. We shall see!

This is the ultrasound photo compared to Juan’s (hilarious) baby photo. Twin’s right!?

Juan and Baby! Twinning!


Appointments galore right now! I have something almost everyday right now, it’s bit nuts.


I interrupted my Hypnobithing and sleeping cycles to read about breech babies. It’s actually pretty fascinating!

Lastly I have my shower today and I’m so excited to see everyone! 🙂