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36 Weeks (9 months!!) Pregnant + ECV Procedure

Wow that was a bit of a wild week!

We found out last week that this little bub is breech and since then I’ve been doing everything I can to get her to turn head down. Ultimately being head down is safer for baby (and me) and just all around a better position for her to be in at this point.

breech baby

I spent a lot of time this week and last researching breech babies, breech deliveries vs breech c sections as well as all the ways to turn baby including Spinning Babies postures, acupuncture, chiropractic techniques and the ECV procedure. The ECV doesn’t have a great success rate for first pregnancies because the uterus is so tight but they still thing it’s worth trying.

Post acupuncture
Spinning Babies Inversion

We decided to go ahead and attempt the ECV (External Cephalic Version) and the hospital gave us an appointment for Friday (yesterday). I spent the week leading up to yesterday trying all the other ways of turning baby. Nothing worked in the moment but it’s advised to do them anyway to help with the ECV so we went ahead yesterday for the procedure.

The version was pretty intense and although it didn’t actually work we got so close. The doctor was able to get her up and out of my pelvis and the turned halfway so she was sideways but she just wouldn’t flip. She tried two really good tries and that was all they do. She was really optimistic about how much success she had though, especially since it’s my first pregnancy. She said the baby moved more than most and that she’d like to try a third time on Tuesday.

It was pretty uncomfortable during the procedure but tolerable and afterward we stayed for monitoring and baby was fine. I’m pretty sore this morning though, especially through my lower abs. There was lots of digging going on in there. My doctor had to be a bit more aggressive with me than the one in this video.

My main focus is to make sure this baby is healthy and fine so I want to do what’s best for her. The recommendation was to try again because it is ultimately better if we can get her head down. Because it went well and she seemed to handle it well we decided to try again so we will go back on Tuesday.

Here’s a video (not of me) showing how it’s done by a very gentle doctor (on a 2nd time mom) and below that a totally unflattering photo of me below during monitoring just after the procedure. Ha!


Post ECV

So other than all that craziness here’s the rest of my update:


So according to the ultrasound she’s 5lbs 1 ounce this week which puts her in the 15th percentile of average meaning most babies are 85% bigger than her at this point. I suppose that’s to be expected with her little parents lol. Everything is measuring normal with her heart rate. She’s not super active although she moves often just small movements. The doctors say that may be because of her position. Oh the ultrasound also confirmed that she has hair! Hehehe

I see the midwives again next week for our usual check up as well as see the high risk OBGYN so I’ll know more then.

My pregnancy app is full of melons these last and next few weeks…baby just steadily grows at this point but her systems are pretty much all intact and ready to go.

36 weeks pregnant


  • Still snoring like Chewbacca. I actually think it’s even sleep apnea-ish
  • Swollen AF – especially my feet and ankles
  • Feeling really big all over
  • Pregnancy face – swollen and round – not feeling my loveliest ;P
  • Skin tags cropping up all over the place
  • Skin discolorations, like freckles all over – especially my face
  • Dark marks on both breasts – I think they may be stretch marks but not sure
  • Not sleeping well at all
  • Congested
  • Gaging on phlegm especially in the morning
  • Tired and sore all around
  • Colostrum is in

Food Aversions/Cravings 

I bought green apples instead of red apples for the first time ever. I usually don;t like green apples but for some reason they called to me. I’ve noticed I’ve been wanting less sweet and more tart last in general. I actually bought a sour key candy the other day for the first time in like 30 years hahaha. Ewww!

That’s about it though, no more food aversions! Phew!


I’ve really just been intuitively eating and it’s working well for me. I’m making sure to get protein, fat and carbs at each meal, focusing on nourishing whole food and I’m respecting my appetite. I’m also not restricting myself. Totally simple.


Training this week was non-existent. I had one yoga session and that was it. In addition to feeling really tired and sore I also just had too many appointments to make it a priority.

That is really unlike me in general but at this point in my pregnancy I often feel like having an epsom salt bath is better than a workout if I need to choose. I know I’ll get back to training consistently when the time comes.


I’ve officially gained 32lbs so far this pregnancy. It’s so strange to see the scale at that number and I definitely feel the added weight on my frame. It’s uncomfortable!

In amongst that weight gain there is lots of water retention. I’m so swollen and that’s pretty uncomfortable too. I feel it all over, even in my face. My palate and my lips are swollen. It’s all pretty crazy.

My hips, groin and sacrum are pretty sore and my legs are heavy and tired.

Other than all that I’m doing ok!

9 months pregnant


Mentally I’m feeling ok. I was pretty stressed this week around the ECV. It was worrying me because one of the risks is pre term labour meaning instead of turning that baby she could have decided she would just come instead. I worked pretty hard this week trying to get a bunch of things done before she arrived just incase.

I’m relieved we had no complications and she’s still inside all cozy and warm for now. I have a few more things to organize before her arrival that will help me feel more relaxed when all done.

All that said part of me is ready for her in that I’m feeling pretty done with being pregnant. I’m looking forward to being more comfortable even though I know it will come with a whole new crazy life with baby. Soon enough!


Pretty much reading everything on breech babies, breech birth etc. My other books are sitting on my night table for the moment. I’ll get back to tenths week though.


I had a wonderful baby shower last Saturday! I got to see my friends and family and it was awesome. We were given so many great baby books and items we needed and I’m so grateful.

Thank you Carolyn!


Baby Shower Diaper Cake

I was also surprised with the gift of cloth diaper service which I’m excited about! If you’ve been reading these updates you’ll know I was on the fence about cloth diapers. I really wanted to try them first but wasn’t committed enough to invest in a full setup. A cloth diaper service is an awesome way to try it out without much work on your part. I get to have everything I need delivered, picked up and washed weekly for 10 weeks. That way I can try cloth and disposable and see what we like best plus I don’t even have to wash the cloth. Amazing. Most cities have these and I’ll let you know my experience with it!

Thank you everyone! 🙂

9 months pregnant