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37 Weeks Pregnant 

This week marks a full term baby! Basically she’s fully cooked and can come any time now. It’s actually considered early full term because full term is 39 weeks (or 40 weeks depending on some). Most babies come between 37-42 weeks. Really hard for planning! Hahah

She’s apparently the size of a winter melon, who knows what that is. I couldn’t find one for my photo this week. Here’s a different belly shot by my hubby instead 😛

look at that belly!

This week was another pretty intense one for us in terms of appointments and information.

We had a 2nd ECV attempt on Tuesday which wasn’t successful. The doctor feels that the placenta has grown in a way that is blocking the baby from turning head down.

While I was being monitored after the procedure my blood pressure was way up so then there were concerns about that. I was sent off to do blood work and urine testing at the lab at the hospital so the doctor could review with us at our consultation that afternoon. Thankfully everything was ok and it’s most likely my BP was high because of the poking and prodding going on.

The consultation with the breech specialist went well. Dr. Gaudet works with a team of 5 at the Civic Hospital who specialize in breech babies and breech birth so that’s pretty great. She gave us lots of information, choices and outlined the plan for us.

Essentially at this point we are under the care of both Dr Gaudet/Civic team and the Ottawa Valley Midwives. It’s called shared care. I’ll see them both for ongoing care. Mainly Dr.Gaudet at the civic hospital for very specific appointments and the midwives for the usual weekly check ups.

Definitely more than what I planned for in terms hospital visits/potential interventions etc but I’m happy to have this care based on what our needs are now. I will attend all the appointments I need to because Baby’s health is most important!

There are really specific criteria for breech babies so there are protocols to follow. This coming week I’ll have another growth scan ultrasound to make sure baby meets the weight criteria for breech delivery and they will also do a stretch and sweep to try to get labour going sooner than later.

Because of all the appointments  and because it’s more likely for this baby to come sooner than later I decided to start my official maternity leave as of now.

Bye Bye!

I’ll still work with my fitbeauties nutrition and wellness coaching clients but I won’t be going into the office everyday for my other work.

That’s pretty exciting! Also a bit strange.

So other than all that here is the rest of my update:


  • The snoring this is out of control. I’m not even kidding.
  • Up every 45min or so to pee. Even at night
  • Swollen and puffy all over
  • Tired
  • Waddling for sure lol
  • Less patience than usual

Food aversions/ cravings

This is pretty steady now. I did have a craving for green apples which is weird because I always prefer red ones. Green ones all week this week. I really like the tart flavour of things these days.


I’d say my appetite has increased a bit but at the same time I can’t eat as much as usual. I’m also not that interested in food, like nothing sounds that appealing.

This week I tracked a little more just to check in and make sure my intuitive earring is still meeting nutritional targets and I’m doing pretty good.

I’m not really trying to do much with macros at the moment so intuitive eating is working. I just want to make sure I’m not under eating too much as I want to keep my reverse dieting gains and just calorie intake up as much as possible. It’s important for breast feeding  as well as over metabolism.


Totally nothing to speak of this week. Oh well.


I forgot to weigh myself this morning, I’ll do it tomorrow but last week I was 32lbs up and I suspect it’s about the same. This baby should gain another pound or so at least though. Better for both of us if she’s not too tiny but at this point that’s up her so we will see.

I also forgot to take photos this week! I wasn’t feeling all that well so I suppose that was part of it. Reminder to self – take photos!

37 weeks pregnant!


I’d say I’m surprisingly ok. The beginning of this week was pretty intense and draining. It was a lot of information, testing, worry and decision making but all in all I think everything is laid out and clear and we have a good plan.

My original birth plan was never really a concrete one. It was a cloudy vision of how things would go. I had been working on setting up decisions like which hospital and at what point to go there if at all but I always felt somewhat detached from it because I felt that it was something so hard to plan. That basically so much could change at any point and go another way that I wanted to stay flexible.

I think that helped me through this transition because it’s still that way. Anything can happen and we need to stay open and flexible but now knowing that we will be heading to the high risk unit at the civic when the time comes helps solidify that step. I may deliver this babe or I may end up with a c section, same risks as any head down baby but I almost feel more settled with having the plan in place regardless of how it unfolds.

I’m also feeling pretty done with pregnancy. I have a few things to do at home to “prepare” for baby and also a few things mentally to prepare for labour so another 2 weeks would be ok with me but all in all I’m at the point in pregnancy where it’s just uncomfortable to exist. Haha. I think this is nature’s way of preparing us for what’s ahead. Make it hard now so whine’s hard later we aren’t  so surprised. ;P


Like I mentioned I’ve had a lot of a appointments the last few weeks. I have more coming up too. At least something everyday.

We are also still hoping she turns on her own so whatever I can do to facilitate that I am. I’m trying so trying chiropractic work and my own Spinning babies postures at home. I’m glad to be off work so I can have more time for those during the day.


I’m now back to reading my baby sleep pattern book I talked about a few weeks ago and starting my hypnobirthing book. My focus now will be on preparing for the work of birth itself. Crazy!


We pretty well have everything we need! Thank you to everyone who gave us hand-me-downs and for all the gifts. So amazing.

I can’t believe we will meet our baby so very soon!!

Last date night?