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38 Weeks Pregnant

Home stretch over here! I can’t believe it really, this baby’s arrival is so soon! (could be a couple weeks but still so soon!)

This week was a pretty good week overall. It really made a difference to be off work. Even though I had a really busy week with appointments and things to do everyday it was more relaxed. Just not having to get up go into the office everyday was part of that. I’m slow moving in the morning right now! I also had lots of visits with friends and family this week which was fun!

I saw both the midwife and the OBGYN this week for follow-up appointments and it looks like that will be the norm going forward until the babe arrives. I see the midwives for ongoing regular care and the OB at the hospital in the high risk unit for ultrasounds and monitoring of the baby’s presentation as well as any other complications around her being breech that could crop up. It’s a lot of care!

Funny how it just unfolds, I really didn’t expect any ultrasounds after 20 weeks but because she’s breech I’m now having one at least every other week. Not exactly ideal but at the same time it means I get to see her more often and we have so much specialized care we know she’s ok in there. That’s really reassuring.

According to the ultrasound she’s still sitting in a frank breech position with her hands and feet up my her face. Bum down. She’s gained over a pound in the last two weeks, she’s getting lot of nutrients through the umbilical cord and has a good amount of fluid in there. She’s happy and not looks like she’s going anywhere at the moment.

Size comparison according to my apps are things like rhubarb, pumpkin or watermelons. Apparently pumpkin and watermelon size the next few weeks actually so if you see pumpkins anywhere let me know. Not exactly the season for either roof those and it’s ruining my photo planing! Hahah.

38 weeks pregnant

In terms of symptoms I forgot to list a bunch last week that have been cropping up so this list probably covers the last two weeks.


  • Congested – really phlegmy. Got worse the week for 3 days – I think related to something I ate though
  • Snoring like crazy – so loud!!
  • Skin tags, freckles and dislocations all over – more and more very week!
  • More frequent good hair days than bad – this is new for me – haha
  • Water retention all over – mostly feet and hands
  • Double chin – My face is so round and pregnant looking!
  • Blonde side burn hairs – like wolverine. These came back!
  • Whisker on my chin seems to be gone – phew
  • Cervical fluid (discharge) – abundant, strong and sweet smelling – sorry TMI but gotta documents this stuff. I asked about this at one of my appointments and apparently it’s totally normal and some women have so much they think their water has broken – oh joy
  • Belly button isn’t pulling so much but I can see where there is weakness around it. This is basically diastase recti.  Hopefully not too much of a recovery needed after!
  • Heartburn, reflux – not severe but fairly often, also very common
  • Sleeping is an issue – peeing, snoring, getting comfortable, dreams etc
  • Peeing like crazy – gotta go every 45 min or so at least
  • Nausea – This has been back for a few weeks now. Mostly in the morning
  • Blood pressure fluctuations
38 weeks pregnant

Food Aversions/Cravings 

Really not much going on here with food. Basically I’m ok with everything now, no aversions. Craving wise I’d say things like sparkling water, ice water and cold juicy fruit like grapefruit are up there on the list. Also peanut butter on toast every morning is my go to. That’s about it though. Nothing out of the ordinary for me or really strong.


Nutrition overall is good. I’m still intuitively eating for the most part and I check in with tracking my macros a few times a week to see where I’m at. I’m more frequently under eating overall these days, I just don’t have much of an appetite. I also don’t feel all that inspired in the kitchen at the moment.


If you count all the walking I did getting to appointments that’s pretty good but otherwise this week was another NIL week when it comes to exercise. Just moving around is a lot of work at the moment. As much as I wanted to get a few workouts in I’m not feeling any guilt around not getting them in. I may attempt one today but I’m feeling pretty sore from yesterday’s adventures. ** update – got a workout in today! Woo hoo.

Strangely I noticed my hamstrings the other day. I’ve lost a lot of glute muscle but hamstrings seem to be holding on which is not typical for me. I wonder if that has to do with carrying the weight of the belly around, going up stairs etc – it’s all interesting.

I have a less busy week next week so I plan on training a bit, even just yoga and stretching for birth preparation.

I’m so curious to see how training is going to go after baby is born!


This baby made serious gains this past two weeks! According to the ultrasound (which apparently have a 10% error rate) she is now 6lbs 9 oz. This is up from 5lbs 1oz two weeks ago. That’s some good growth. Typically at this point babies put on 1/2lb a week so we are doing well. I feel her often these days, she’s moving a lot and I can tell she’s bigger.

I’ve put on another 1lbs this week which makes sense and is expected. That puts me at 34lbs since my last period. So far no stretch marks other than the one on my breast but who knows what will happen over the next few weeks.

Something annoying that has come up is that my blood pressure reading is much higher in the hospital than at the midwives office. Every time I go to the hospital they worry I have pre eclampsia and send me for emergency blood work. It has been coming back fine which is good and my bp readings otherwise are good so hopefully it’s nothing.

My iron and platelets are back up to good levels so that’s good at least!

The other thing we checked this week was my cervix. The doctor wants to do a membrane sweep weekly going forward to try to get labour started (again because of the breech criteria). To do this your cervix needs to be open, mine wasn’t yet this week so we couldn’t do it. I spotted after the attempt though. Apparently cramping os normal too when it does get done. My cervix is softening but not open yet so now I’m waiting on Friday for the next attempt.

In the meantime I’ll be starting some other natural ways to get things moving. Acupuncture, nipple stimulation, sex and sweeps are really the only things that have some evidence behind them in terms of working.

I don’t really want to rush baby because she’s still baking in there but I also want to do my best to go into spontaneous labour and not go over the 41-42 week mark which will result in automatic C-section in my case.

38 weeks pregnant


I’m feeling a lot of things at the moment. Really protective of this person I’m growing, I think often about keeping her safe. I worry about her little legs and hips because of her position in the womb and I worry about getting her earthed safely. I’m also feeling anxious over the huge shift in life about to happen. The lack of sleep and lack of time to do anything but caring for a little babe. How will I handle it? How will we handle it as a couple?

At the same time I’m feeling excited about meeting this tiny person and getting to know her. I’m so curious about her and who she is. What does she look like and who will she be? I’m looking forward to all the new baby snuggles and time lost in baby land. I’m also excited for my hubby, I know he’s going to fall in love and be such a great daddy.

So many thoughts and emotions. It’s all really intense!


Finished up the No Cry Sleep solutions for Newborns – this book is awesome!

I’m now focused on reading about birth and breathing techniques. Birth prep in effect! 😛


We got a white noise machine based on the recommendations in the sleep book. We’ve been using it for us and it is amazing! Much better than a fan in the room even. This is the one I researched and decided on. It was given to us at work from my colleagues as a baby shower gift – so nice – thank  you!

Sound machine

The nursery is done which is fun even if she won’t be in there all that much a first. It’s part of my nesting and feels great to have all things washed and put away just waiting for her. I’ll get better photos but here’s a look!


The baby room was a big one on my list just because it feels good to have it all done. We also got our taxes done so that’a relief. Next up is deep cleaning the house and few other things to organize plus I want to pre prepare a few more meals.

My hospital bag is half packed but I’ll fix that this week. Car seat has been installed for a while now but I need to clear out the stuff in my car that came home from my office! I expect I’ll sit in the back seat with baby on the way home from the hospital and the dog seat is there so I’ll have to move that too.

A few things to do but overall starting to feel more ready though.

Oh one other random thing on my to do list – this week I also waxed my legs. I do my own and wow not something I’d recommend at 9.5 months preggers. What a sight! hahah!

Anyway, I think that’s it for this week’s update!