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39 Weeks Pregnant

This week was overall pretty good. Aside from rough, sleepless nights I’m feeling pretty good.

I’m having an annoying issue with my blood pressure in that every visit to the hospital it’s high and they get  concerned but everywhere else it’s on the lower normal level. That is fairly common (white coat syndrome) but annoying because I end up having to go for extra blood work every week plus it’s a bit stressful. Anyway rather safe than sorry.

I will write more about what I’ve noticed being followed by both care providers but at this point I’m seeing the midwife once a week and the high risk unit breech team once a week. They check baby and me to se how things are progressing, any changes and any concerns. So far every thing is great (although she’s still breech but oh well – we will keep checking this right up until go time). My cervix check yesterday showed that it’s softened considerable this week so they should be able to do a membrane sweep next week. If they can the odds are 25% that labour would start within 2 days! That would be right on schedule for this bambino’s due date which is Feb 25th.

I’ve started some things to get labour going on my own like nipple stimulation and next week I’ll start acupuncture and a few other things. I can’t believe it’s time for all this!! Holy cow, I’m going to have a baby!!

Speaking of baby, I’ll have another growth scan next week but I know she’s grown, I can feel her so much in there. Lots of movement! Bones and everything. She’s about the size of a watermelon and fully baked at this point. She’s just gearing up to make her way out.

39 weeks


  • congested – so congested all the time
  • snoring – ridiculously loud in any position
  • leg cramps – Crazy calf cramp  woke me up one night!
  • heart burn
  • water retention – not as bad now that I’m not at work but feet/ankles, hands and face are the worst.
  • Appetite is off – hungry but nothing is easy appealing
  • Nausea – all day, worse in the morning
  • Vivid dreams about baby
  • Still lots of cervical fluid
  • Boobs are looking very ready to feed someone!

Food cravings/aversions

I’m on a total carb kick this week. All I really want to eat are grain type bread like carbs. I have no desire for protein (although I’m making it happen) and I really just want to eat toast and peanut butter most often.

So strange! It’s almost like my first trimester food aversion came back again. Coffee is meh, chocolate and any sweet is meh, maybe ice cream but I don’t care too much. I have no desire to do any cooking especially meat except maybe for dinner.


So everything being said above I’m still aiming for solid balanced meals. I just have to work a little harder at them.

Smoothies with protein powder and collagen peptides as well as high protein (lentil based) pasta have been helping keep my protein up. I’m still aiming for 120g a day at least.

I wonder if my body is craving carbs in anticipation of the marathon of birth…. interesting right?


Being off work has been really great because it’s given me that extra time to train (and rest). I have enough energy to workout every day and it feels really good to do so. Nothing heavy or too intense but I’m definitely getting a good burn and sweat happening.

A solid workout does so much for me in terms of my overall energy, mood, posture, aches and pains etc etc etc.


My belly is really outward these days. I think it’s because she’s in a position that put her right out in front of me. Being frank breech puts her whole body folded in half and right there out front with her head and feet right above my belly button.

My body in general actually feels pretty good as long as I don’t over do it. Not too much standing or walking and I feel good. I have some pelvic pain but not too bad. Same with hip pain. As long as I rest enough and keep stretching, moving etc, I feel good.

Water retention and swelling comes and goes. Some days it’s worse than others. I haven’t worn my wedding ring in weeks and I can’t really get shoes on. Thank goodness for my huge winter boots lol. I’m also really tired of my double chin. I could keep the swollen lips though. Ha!


I’m freaking out a little. I think what freaks me out most is that my life is about to change dramatically forever. I’m also slightly freaked out about birth itself. Not totally freaked out but it is something unknown and uncontrollable and a big deal so yeah a little freaked out.

I saw my midwife yesterday and she was really reassuring about it all so that was helpful. My doula friend also pointed out that I have such a good support team and know my body well so those are also really great tools for this task ahead. Still crazy though!


I’m still reading my Hypnobirthing book, trying to resolve some of the freaked out feelings. Going to breath that baby out! 😛


All in all I think we are ready to go! The only bigger thing we don’t have that I wanted is a monitor but at the same time I’m not sure I’ll need it right away since she will be with me or close to me all the time. I’m just going to wait and get it when I see how our routine is first.

Everything else like clothes, blankets etc is washed and ready and set up so that’s good.

The organic cloth diaper service (Ottawa Cloth Diaper Service) came and set up my stash for me this week. Basically we freshly washed cloth diapers and wipes delivered and the dirties picked up of the next 10 weeks. Pretty great.

Hospital bag is packed – I didn’t do much for this actually – I can post what I did pack if it’s helpful.I’m hoping to not be in the hospital very long!

Some organizing left to do around the house and that’s basically it.

My hubby took some last photos of me which was fun. Even though I don’t feel my most beautiful I still think pregnancy is beautiful and this moment for me is something I want to capture. Our bodies are really amazing!

I wrote about that a bit in this Instagram Post. I’ve been posting more often on Insta stories too but they only stay up 24hours. I posted baby’s movements on there the other day, crazy! She was really active all night that night.

Photos by Juan Garcia of Avenida Garcia Photography
Dress from Sew Trendy Accessories 

9.5 months pregnant
9.5 months pregnant
9.5 months pregnant
9.5 months pregnant

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