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40 Weeks Pregnant

Officially my DUE DATE!

Today is this baby’s EDD! EDD is estimated due date, they say due dates are estimated because that’s just it….it’s an estimate. February 25th was determined by ultrasound based on size of baby at the time. The earlier you have your first dating ultrasound the more accurate that date is but the still say give or take a few dates. I’ve had a few different estimated due dates depending on when we calculate from. If we calculated based on my last menstrual period it was the 22nd, conception date it was the 23 and ultrasound the 25th. Medically speaking the doctors just go by the ultrasound date once they have it so they can track growth consistently when doing the next ultrasounds.

Once I did my research and realized all this I stopped really focusing on an actual due date like it was an end date. My midwife always suggested that I think of baby coming more like the 40th- 41st week rather that a specific date to get fixated on and I think that’s pretty good advice.

I was originally convinced that she would come around 41 weeks + 3 days because that was the average for first time pregnancies so I had March 3rd in my mind. Then I had several friends have babies as much as 4 weeks early and then I started seeing the OBGyn because of baby being breech and we started some early planning on trying to get the baby out sooner than later and I began to rethink thing and thought she might come early! Now I’m back to thinking it could just happen any time. Hahaha. I guess this is the first lesson babies give us…we can’t precisely plan around them!

40 weeks!

All that said though I do feel that things are happening this week! Earlier this week I was feeling  a lot of cramping, nausea, Braxton Hicks contractions like crazy, pelvic pressure and fatigue. I wasn’t feeling great in general (kind of blah like flu-ish) but I also have a sort of restless feeling like I need to get stuff done and really hungry. The baby was also moving a lot! I also noticed increased vaginal fluid and spotting although I thought that was from the attempt at the sweep on Friday. At one point this week contractions changed from Braxton Hick to more obvious contractions although nothing consistent yet.

At one point this week I thought, gah! This week could be it! My hubby was predicting the 23rd…which is actually the date I originally calculated based on our conception date but it’s come and gone now so we just wait and see. Ultimately babies do what they want!

As the week went on things changed even more. I had an ultrasound Tuesday and saw my midwife on Thursday. She assessed my cervix and confirmed it was 1cm dilated (so all that cramping did something!) and she was able to do the membrane sweep (not as painful as I expected although not enjoyable).

She also suggested we increase the natural (proven) activities to induce labour. I started nipple stimulation using my breast pump and acupuncture. Sex is on that list too although meh…not exactly feeling it, although we will probably try. I have to say I was interested in it more than I have been in the last week or two. All that pressure down there maybe ;P

There are several other non-proven methods like eating pineapple, and spicy food and taking evening primrose oil etc. I’ll probably do those too because why not.

I drink red raspberry leaf tea anyway to help with uterine toning so let’s hope it’s strong and can do it’s job well!

Friday I had another ultrasound to confirm baby’s growth and status and I also saw the Obstetrician (the specialist from the breech team at the Civic Hospital who is amazing by the way – Dr. Gaudet).  Essentially this is her suggested plan based on how I’m presenting at this time: Let me go another week like they would all first time (head down baby) healthy moms and see if I can get into labour on my own. She suggested another membrane sweep early next week with my midwife and then another on Friday at our hospital follow up appointment (if I make it to then). She also suggested I continue with the natural labour inducing activities this week. The idea being that I’m in spontaneous, natural labour this week or Monday the 6th at the latest.  If not then we schedule a C-section for the week of the 6th because they won’t fully induce a breech baby.

So that’s it! That’s the plan. Gotta get this baby moving this week! I’m hoping for tomorrow or Friday next week when Dr. Gaudet is working. Hahah!


  • Sleeping better earlier this week, the last two night not so much
  • Hungry – increase in hunger
  • Heartburn – it’s back – ugh
  • Contractions have changed and more frequent
  • Lower abdominal pain like gas cramps
  • Cramps in general – pelvic and calves
  • BP is borderline high (I have to monitor it daily)
  • Spotting
  • Pelvic pressure
  • Hernia is more pronounced (but not severe)
  • Upper back pain, shoulder pain – sore overall
  • Fatigue – sleeping more during the day – naps and going to bed early
  • Nesting in full force around the house


This girl has made gains! She gained another pound in the last two weeks, which is pretty normal at this stage and puts her at approx 7bls 13 oz putting her right in the 56th percentile, meaning totally average in size. She’s got a big round belly, chubby cheeks and lots of hair. Amazing what you can see in these ultrasounds! Her hands and feet are still up by her head and seems that she’s quite cozy in there. Her heart rat is good, her fluid levels are good and she’s settled into my pelvis pretty well although maybe not fully engaged just yet.

I found a full size watermelon so here go! This is what I’ve got in there. 😛

40 weeks! pregnant!

Food Aversions/Cravings:

I’m still on a carb kick, basically I want mostly meals with bread like sandwiches etc. I’m not too into much sweet but I do have a weird craving for sour candies. That is weird for me so I would definitely say pregnancy induced. lol

Cora’s now has Gluten Free toast!


I’m doing my best to make sure I get enough protein and then I’m pretty much eating carbs and fat as intuitively as I like. I’m eating about 3-4 meals a day and very loosely tracking. Some days not tracking at all and I’m ok with that. I’m eating lots of fruit and trying to keep my veggie in take high.

The heartburn is a bit annoying and some things make it worse so I have to watch that. I also can’t overeat or eat too late or it triggers it.

Almond milk latte


This week was heavy with appointments so I exercised less than last week. I chose naps over workouts a few days this week. I plan on training today and tomorrow though because I can feel my body really craving it. Still nothing heavy or over taxing but just some light weights and movement. I also want to start walking again daily and am hoping the weather cooperates!


My belly feels different. It’s harder with the bigger bay and contractions and I can feel my uterus pushing down on her more often. There was a distinct moment when I felt the contractions change. It’s hard to explain but they became lower and more like gas pains then belly tightening. I especially feel contractions after acupuncture and breast pumping but pretty much all the time now.

My back, upper and lower back and shoulders are feeling sore this week. I’m also feeling my hips shifting and sore. My feet are sore too. I think it’s just overall body fatigue from carrying an extra 35lbs around!

My breasts are sore and have changed too. The feel and look so different it’s crazy! I also notice my hernia really protruding around my belly button. It’s doesn’t hurt anymore though and doesn’t seem to be too severe. We will see post baby.

The other thing I did this week was my nails and toes! Haha. I had this thought on Thursday night that I might end up having to stay at the hospital after my Friday appointment and I realized my toe nails were not up to scruff! I debated a real pedicure but I then thought when will I have time to change that polish once baby arrives and just decided to do my own little clean up. I’m surprised I could reach to be honest, it wasn’t comfortable but I did it. Removed the old polish, cut, filed, cuticle work and my toes are looking fine. I did the same with my fingernails because I don’t want long nails or nail polish when baby arrives. Random but just thought I’d include it in here!


I’m feeling much more ready this week. The house is clean, stuff is organized. My to-do list is pretty much done and I’m feeling ok.

I’ve got the task of birth on my mind and then the idea of bringing that little person home is pretty intense and intimidating.

I also did a lot around the house this week. Meal prep, cleaning, organizing. Nesting!

Oh and we had a burger date last night after a really long day. We figured better go just incase we won’t have burgers for a while. Ha! Actually I have to say my hubby is the sweetest. He’s really excited and also nervous. He says some pretty cute things about being a dad without knowing. He made a comment about having to be better at celebrating birthdays because he sucks at them and she will remember. It was a tiny comment but really cute. It’s funny what we worry about!

He’s going to be great though, I know.



I’m reading my hypnobirthing book and trying to focus on relaxation techniques to use through contractions (surges).


I had lots of appointments this week and the same next week. At this point I’m seeing:

  • Midwife ongoing weekly care
  • OBGYn/breech team ongoing weekly care
  • Ultrasound 2x this week, 1 next week (this is increased because of the breech scenario)
  • Chiropractor – to help with alignment for birth (or baby flipping last minute if she decides to do that)
  • Acupuncture to start contractions/labour


I don’t think I have anything to add to this week! Og actually I keep forgetting to mention, I’ve put down a waterproof mat between my sheets and the mattress just in case my water breaks. I probably did that about 3 weeks ago.

I will say I’m at the point where people are making comments on my belly which is kind of funny. A little boy at the hospital said “look at her tummy!” yesterday and the cashier at the grocery store said “oh, my mother nature” when I turned around to pay for my purchase. The sales people at home depot all wanted to know when I was due and a woman in the parking lot yelled “do you have twins in there?” from mer car window. Haha. I’m not bothering to take any offence 😛

I also have had some really nice comments like,”you have that beautiful pregnant glow” and  “Did you workout throughout your pregnancy? You look like you are in shape.” I think that one is my favourite. I’m looking forward to training hard again!

So that’s it! This could be the last week update or I could have one more. Pretty crazy!