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41 Weeks Pregnant

Anytime now!

This week was interesting. Lots of moments where I thought “this might be it” and then nothing. I’m not overly stressed about being past my due date, I actually expected it but the thing is because of the breech scenario I’m under a more careful watch not to go “overdue”. Kind of annoying and because of that there is some pressure to get the birth going.

I’ve been doing all the things I can to naturally initiate labour and Friday I had a really aggressive stretch and sweep which isn’t exactly totally “natural” because it’s manual but it’s not considered inducing either. Essentially it;s the stretching of your cervix and sweeping of the membrane around the bag of waters. It’s done by a gloved finger and it hurt like a mofo! The other two I had done by my midwife did not feel like this at all and the two prior to that were more just check by the resident doctor but I wasn’t open enough to actually sweet. My doctor yesterday said she was able to open my cervix from 1cm to 3cm. She said she was aggressive with it and will do the same on Tuesday if I’m still pregnant by then. Wow.

These are all things I really didn’t expect I’d be doing but I guess this is just the way birth stories unfold. Each decision is made based on the information available and situation at the time. Each unique.

41 weeks pregnant – no more feet!


  • Cramps
  • Restless legs
  • Lots of Braxton hicks and some real contractions
  • Some days lots of energy some days exhausted
  • Tender breasts
  • Still snoring!
  • Sleeping ok – up to pee often but otherwise not too bad most nights
  • Peeing all the time. Like every 30 min (also more frequent BMs too)
  • Heat burn – often
  • Not consistent but borderline high BP
  • Baby dropped – Doctor confirmed her bum is really low and I can feel it now – oh so much pressure.
  • Sciatic pain on my right side glute and leg  (from baby dropping)
  • Nausea

Food Aversions/Cravings 

Back to craving pineapple. I’m also still gravitating toward bread as my carbs. Bread and fruit mostly is what I want mostly. Heavy foods are really not appealing to me right now.


Still the same but not tracking every day. I wrote an Instagram post about it here.


I worked out most days this week and that felt great. Nothing major but a lot of stretching, upper body and booty work. The glute work really helps with lower back and hip pain. The doctor wants me doing a lot of walking between now and Tuesday so I’ll be doing that too.

I’ve also been bouncing on the ball to get this baby engaged. She’s quite low in my pelvic already so the doctor was happy with that.


I think my weight gain is at 35lbs now, lots of it is water retention as I can see the swelling. I’m so curious to see how my body reacts after birth. I’m not overly worried about getting in shape but I am looking forward to it!

Look at that belly!

I was doing ok in general this past week but I was really uncomfortable after yesterday’s appointment. Lots of cramping and feeling nauseous. I woke up last night with consistent waves of contractions and cramps coming about every 10 minutes. They since backed off a bit although I have lots of cramps and contractions are still there. I also have lots of other symptoms like a headache, nausea, baby moving feels really intense and sciatica. Basically I’m pretty sure I’m actually in early labour and I suspect things may pick up again tonight or sometime very soon. Hoping so!

Once contractions are 5 minutes a part, 1 minute long and have been so for an hour we call the midwife. For now I’m just chatting with Tania, my doula and my fam. Trying to rest and manage the symptoms I do have.

Fingers crossed this is it and there’s a little babe here within the next few hours or days!

I’m not announcing this on social media (at this point anyway) but if you are reading this now know. Heheh. 😛

This picture is from the bath last night – see her head all on one side?

See her head all bulging on the right?


I’m a little tired of thinking and taking about pregnancy. I’d like to move on now. Hahah. I feel like I’ve been so off topic and not sharing much about training and nutrition with you, my life is so all about pregnancy right now. I’ll be back at it soon though.

Other than that I feel a bit anxious. I’d rather not be induced or have my waters broken, I’d rather not have surgery, I’d rather have a natural birth and I’d rather have it with my midwife and doctor by my side (could be other midwives or doctors), but none of this is really that predictable. In the end it won’t really matter either because most important thing is a healthy baby and mama. It’s all still on my mind though.


I read my hypnobithing book this week and lot of inspiring and empowering breech birth stories. I also did some reading on c section recovery just in case it goes that way.


Packed my hospital bag and a snack bag. If I end up back at the hospital not in labour for my appointment on Tuesday I’ll be bringing it with me. The doctor told me to expect to stay at that point.

So here we go, I suspect this is our last pregnancy update. Thank you for following along in this incredible journey! I’ll keep you posted. xoxo

41 weeks