7 weeks Pregnant

Tomorrow marks 7 weeks pregnant. Made it to 7 weeks! Woot Woot! Baby is the size of a blueberry

baby is the size of a blueberry
baby is the size of a blueberry

I’m feeling really rough though. Morning sickness, actually make that all day sickness, kicked in hard on Saturday. I was feeling pretty good last Thursday at 6 weeks, had an amazing workout on Friday and then boom Saturday I was nauseous as all hell. Nausea, headaches and mega food aversions have been most of my week this week. The morning is the worst and I seem to get a few minute break around 2pm then it comes back for most of the day again. I’m having a lot of trouble eating. I really just don’t want to eat all, nothing is appealing, in fact everything makes me want to vomit for the most part but then I’ll have a moment usually around 11am and 2pm where I can actually think of food and I try to get something  in.

My nutrition is a bit sporadic although I’m really trying hard to hit my macros. I know I need the nutrients but also I actually feel better when I eat it’s just hard to do, especially protein. Blah. That’s weird too because I love protein but it’s also really common. There is some thought that we naturally avoid the foods that could potentially spoil more easily. Our body crave carbs when we are pregggers, luckily I’ve reverse dieted up to 210 grams so I’m not worried about over eating hahah. Depending on your current calories in take you don’t need to add in extra calories until the 2nd trimester and even then it’s only 300 cals above maintenance.

Meal wise I’ve been pretty good with really tart smoothies. I’ve also been sipping on coconut water which is actually perfect because of its ability to balance electrolytes and high potassium content. I can usually get in a big salad with some chicken later in the day. The chicken isn’t going over well but if I cut it up really small and hide it in the salad or on pizza it seems to be ok. Otherwise sausages seems to be working, maybe they don’t look like meat. I’ve also had a bit of steak and am craving my fave fish tacos from Aperitivo. Actually the only thing I’ve had any cravings for are those tacos and fruit. Lots of cold fruit all the time. Thanks goodness it’s summer. So many options. Plums, nectarines, pineapple, mango, kiwi and all kinds of berries are my go to. I also made a granola that I seem to tolerate with coconut milk.

Honestly the food aversions combined with my current food intolerances and allergies are a bit tricky to navigate and take some work so when I hit my macros even within 10 grams I’m pretty proud right now. Ha!

In addition to chicken turning me off I’m also completely turned of by chocolate (that’s weird!) and sugar in general. I definitely don’t want my coconut ice cream these days….I suspect that won’t last long though. haha. Also , it’s a bit weird. I can’t have it in the morning but around 10am with a fermented protein Bar seems to work well. I just have a short dark form Starbucks and can’t usually finish it but it’s enough to keep the caffeine withdrawals headaches at bay.

I’m currently using a few natural remedies to manage the nausea

  1. Ginger everything – chews, crystallized, tea and fresh ginger, as well as ginger capsules. I take 1g of dried ginger (2 capsules) 3 times a day with food. They seem to help (I don’t exceed 5 grams a day)
  2. B6 – I take B6 in addition to my prenatal vitamin that has high B complex. The dose for B6 is 25mg 3 a day
  3. Acupressure band – Sea bands
  4. Peppermint essential olis – a caplet in my mouth as needed. I’m also smelling the oil directly from the bottle
  5. Sparkling water and really ice cold water
  6. Lemons or anything tart

My training this past week went to shit, I’ve just not been up to it. I try to walk every day even if it’s just to get a coffee but that about it. My plan is to train my entire pregnancy assuming I can so I’m not giving up on it but I am respecting my body and if I’m not feeling well I’m not going to push it. Especially now during this fragile 1st trimester.

The other thing I’ve been dealing with is a bit of an unhappy tummy but I think that’s related to eating something that may not have agreed with me at the wedding last weekend combined with my nutrition being off a bit. I’m eating a few things I hadn’t been like some nuts and seeds in an effort to get more variety fr the little growing bub. I’ll keep an eye on that and may have to go back to strict AIP, we shall see..

My body is changing, my boobs are bigger, I’m softer all over and I have a little belly ( in addition to feeling bloated) that I just can’t suck in. I think my hips have also widened a little. My skin is acting up with breakouts on my face chest, shoulders and backs combined with dryness all over. My nails are crazy hard and growing fast and I hope my hair gets that memo too 😉 . That’s all pretty crazy and it’s a bit of work to keep in all camouflaged since I haven’t fully announced it.

Wild and crazy ride! 🙂

Sleepy face and 7 weeks pregnant
Sleepy face and 7 weeks pregnant