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8 weeks Pregnant

Woohoo 8 weeks today!

Every week that goes by is a little celebration. Today marks 8 weeks and my app tells me the babe is the size of a nice juicy raspberry. Little hands and feet have developed and the taste buds are developing this week (among a million other changes) . So amazing.

This past week started out really rough. I had some pretty bad headaches and nausea and the food aversions are still going strong. So hard to eat, even just the thought of food makes me gag most of the time.

I did have a few good days this week though where the nausea was minimal and no headache so and was able to get a workout in and even made a few dinners like this soup that was great. I noticed I started feeling pretty fatigued this week too. Not much going on these days at my house just lots of naps and going to bed early.

I’m seeing lots of changes in my body, I have a little belly which I’m sure is mostly hormonal bloat because it’s pretty early for a real baby belly but it’s definitely there. I hadn’t gained and actually I lost .6 of a pound at last weeks check in with Layne but I’m sure that will change soon. My body composition already has, I’m much softer all over and rounder at the hips and stomach. Watery too like, like almost cellulite where there wasn’t before. Hormones do crazy things! My pants feel tight and I don’t like anything tight around my tummy. My boobs are pretty sore still too. Not as excruciating but sensitive. I’m also nothing a few cramps. Milder than at the beginning but there.

We are on holidays next week which is amazing and I’m looking forward to napping and relaxing at the cottage we rented. When we get back we will be in our 10th week and lots of appointments books. I’m excited for those and hearing baby’s heartbeat for the first time!

So much to look forward to in the coming weeks!

8 weeks preggie
8 weeks preggie

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