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All About The New Landsdowne GoodLife

As a Brand Ambassador for GoodLife Fitness I was invited to the unveiling of the new GoodLife location yesterday – it’s so pretty!

It’s in the new TD complex with the entrance being close to Bank street and across from Whole Foods.

It’s really large and the layout is basically a long rectangle. Cardio machines and ab work area at one end, circuit machine weights (Fit Fix), then free weights and Hammer Strength machines, squat racks, Personal Training area and stretching area. At the far end there’s a hot yoga studio, cycle studio, group fitness studio. All really well done.

The equipment is new and great quality and the quantity is also good. It’s so nice to see 4 squat racks! Lot’s of free wights – I didn’t check to see how heavy then went up to for you heavy lifters but I suspect pretty standard. There’s a long mirror running the entire rack too with is a great way to lay them out. It means lots of room for benches. There are also lots of cable options and then the rope pulley machine that is sometimes hard to come by but oh so good! There are a ton of cardio machines all equipped with their own TV set up. I’m sure those of you fitbeauties reading this will want to know about the stairmill situation 😉  and  there are 5.  I’d like to see more because we know how they fill up but that’s still solid count. There are also lots and lots of elliptical, rowing machines, and treadmills. Nice and open too so it should great air flow.


The Hydro Massage are I was mentioning in my last post isn’t at all hot tubs it’s more like a massage bed that used water trapped under a waterproof layer to massage your whole body. I’ve actually had this done before and it’s pretty nice. This area is in with the chiropractic, massage and tanning services. It’s called Health Centre and I bet it will expand to include some other great things. It’s next to JUMP! child minding (which I forgot to peak into- sorry mammas, I’m not quite there yet in my priorities 😉 )

The change rooms are really nice. Well thought out, nice flooring, good sized lockers, full length mirrors and benches. Ironing area too. I recently went to a really nice  non-GL gym that hadn’t thought of these details and it’s funny but the size of the lockers is really important especially when you train in the morning (or afterwork) and have to bring a change of clothes and toiletries to shower with etc. Anyway not an issue here. The shower are is nice too and there’s a glass enclosed sauna. It’s a nice spot. Pretty nicely upgraded from some of the older locations.

Visually, they’ve done some fun things with colour blocking, design and lettering but keeping things unisex. It’s all well labelled in terms of wayfinding so easy to find stuff.


All in al the gym looks like it will be a nice place to train. I grew up 7 blocks from there and then had a great apartment 2 streets away for several years and would have loved to have that spot to train then. Oh well, an excuse to head to the Glebe, my parents are still there anyway!

It opens today and is open 24hours during the week and 7-7 I think on weekends. Let me know if you go, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

This article was sponsored by GoodLife Fitness. All thoughts are my own.