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Baby Garcia – Girl or Boy? + Giveaway for Pinkblush Maternity!

We found out what we are having this week! A Girl! Baby Garcia is a girl!






So fun! We are both very happy and really would have been happy either way. Juan thought it was going to be a boy so he was pretty surprised and I had originally thought a girl but because he was so adamant it was a boy I just settled on the idea that I really just didn’t know.

Well it’s confirmed, we’ve got a baby girl growing in there!

16 weeks pregnant
16 weeks pregnant

I knew a few hours before Juan because I got the genetic test results back while he was working. The results were a healthy baby girl! I didn’t want to tell him over the phone so I waited until he was home and gave him a gift bag with the results and a cute little girly onesie. I got it on video and it’s adorable but I think we will keep that private just for us and baby.

first clothing purchase! Owl-ita ;)
first clothing purchase! Owl-ita 😉

I think I probably would have preferred to find out together just for the fun of it so if there is a next time we will keep  the results sealed until we are together. Neither one of us is all that good at patiently waiting for things though so who knows. Hahah.

We have the name pretty well picked but we aren’t sharing it just yet. We actually had a list of names for our baby (babies) before we got pregnant….just the way we roll, so it wasn’t that hard for us to choose. It’s so real now though!

When I first found out I was so totally exited, I’ve always wanted a girl. Then the next day I started stressing about how much responsibly is a head of me. I was thinking of all the things I need to teach her and guide her on and protect her from. I think things got really real all of a sudden. Holy moly!

We are both really excited and feel connected with her already. It’s all pretty wild!

16 weeks pregnant
16 weeks pregnant

The dress I’m wearing is from PinkBlush Maternity and I love it! It’s so pretty, really stretchy and I suspect will easily be worn through the my entire pregnancy and great for post pregnancy and nursing too. They have a great selection of clothing which is so nice so see because most maternity clothes I’ve seen are blah! What’s with all the stripes and weird fabrics and unflattering fit?  I’m really like a lot of the Pinkblush options though. Super cute.

The lovely ladies at Pinkblush are offering one lucky fitbeautie a gift card worth $75! I’ll do a random draw next weekend and let you know the winner. Just enter below. Good luck! 🙂

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