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Bench Canada Clothing Review 2.0

Bench originated in the UK and has now really expanded in North America. You can shop online or in their brick and mortar stores. In Ottawa we have one at St. Laurent Shopping Centre and an outlet at the Tanger outlets in Kanata.  This month I placed the order online at It arrived really quickly! 2 days and it was on my doorstep, that I love.

As you know I’m a brand ambassador for Bench Canada.  I wrote a post last month and here’s my take on my latest goods.

I really liked the Baddah G  leggings I got last time so I went for another pair but a different version called Baddah Leggins in Jet Black Marl. These have a slightly lower waist (but still fairly high which I like) and are made in a material less like the silky spandex of the ‘G’s’  and more like the gym pants you are used to. They are really soft and stretchy but tighter fitting that the ‘G’ model and totally sweat-able.  Again regular crotch (no gusset) which I actually thought would bother me but it doesn’t at all  {Secret: I never, ever wear underwear to the gym, so uncomfortable!}. I want my leggings to be so comfortable that panty-less works, they can’t be see through and absolutely no camel toe allowed. I also don’t want any zippers or other thingies that dig in anywhere or leave lines. The Baddahs pass that test with flying colours! I actually really, really love these. They are probably my current favorite leggings from anywhere! I got these in x-small and they fit my 4f 11″, 114lb curvy frame really well. A little extra length in the leg but I’m used to that and like them a little bunched anyway. They are super soft and  flattering. I’ve worn them for training, traveling and have washed them a few times. All in all great.

Wearing the Badah leggings at the hotel gym
Wearing the Badah leggings at the hotel gym

Next item was this zip up called the Sporty Sandstone Fleece in Smoked Peal. It reminds me of the old school warm polyester up suits they were uber cool in the 90s and I mean that in the best possible way. The material is kind of retro, slick on the outside, plush on the inside. It’s warm and really cozy, comfy and cute as hell. After a getting pretty hot at one of our posing camps wearing this top I’d have to say it’s not really meant for sweating in  but the wetness did dry up with no smell or stain so that’s good.  I bought a size small in the gorgeous dove grey colour, and it gave me a slightly roomier fit.  I’d say by the way it fits it’s probably made a bit on the smaller side.


Bench zip

The last item I picked out was this bright mustard yellow zip up hoodie called the Anzwell II Zip Thru in Sulphur. It’s the same thin, light terry cloth material as the sweater I got and loved last month. I loved the long length and colour but unfortunate when it arrived it had a defect. The snap in the pocked was broken. I followed the instructions on the packing slip and emailed Bench Canada. The responded right a way with a return packing slip and I shipped my order back for free. A few days later I received a credit notification by email indicating they received it.

Bench Canada often offers great promotions and if you sign up by email they will email you with them.  My order arrived with a really cute free bag called the Placid B Holdall. I love the size, shape and colour of this bag! It’s my new gym bag and totally works for all my crap I bring to get ready  in the morning. Seeing it’s price point value of $99 (if it wasn’t a free promo gift) I would have liked to see it made with more durable zippers and material as I don’t suspect it will last long with all the use I’m putting it through.

Bag Bench

bench bag

All in all I’m happy to report that although I was initially disappointed in the craftsmanship of the last hoodie and the bag, the service process to return the hoodie went well, the bag is holding up and everything else is great.

Bench outfit
The whole outfit!


Stay tuned for the next one!