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Progress, Goals & My Current Shape

I wrote this post originally on Instagram this morning and then went for a run. I often get inspired to write while training – maybe all that blood flow – and I started to expand on it in my head. Here I am back from hill sprints with the extended version of the full post.… Continue reading Progress, Goals & My Current Shape

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Progress Not Perfection

So as you know I was invited to shoot with the famed Paul Buceta a couple of weeks ago.  It was a pretty big deal for me and coming off of being sick it was amazing motivation to get back into the intensity of training I love. If you want to read a recap all… Continue reading Progress Not Perfection

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Balance: Lost & Found

Balance in life in something I cherish. It allows me freedom to be present and enjoy the moment. It helps me stay focused on my priorities and committed to my goals but with flexibility in my methods. There is peace that come with that balance and with that peace comes long term success and sustainable,… Continue reading Balance: Lost & Found

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Meal Prep March 22nd 2015

This past week was a bit rough. It was my lovely lady time of the month plus I caught a nasty cold that was going around our office ( or seasonal allergies (?) OR it could be a reaction to food intro meaning dairy is back out for a while! ).  It was tough because… Continue reading Meal Prep March 22nd 2015

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My Parasite Story – Part 1

Here we are, Dec 31 2014, closing out the year. As I reflect back on this year and think of all the struggles I’m so grateful for my dedication to my health and for everything I’ve learned along the way. Sometimes we need to really push for answers. You know your body best, don’t forget… Continue reading My Parasite Story – Part 1

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What I Made Sunday Sept 7th {Meal Prep}

Hi beauties!! I had such a great week away at the cottage with my family. We read, swam, cooked, made fires, napped, played games, ate, drank and laughed. Such a nice summer vacation leaving me relaxed and recharged. My sister and I did the meal preparation all week and we ate really well. Lots of… Continue reading What I Made Sunday Sept 7th {Meal Prep}

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Healthy Choices of 2013

2013 was an interesting year for me. My family went through some very stressful experiences. I dealt with an injury, stress, pain and loss and I had some very insightful personal moments along the way.  All of those experiences led me to some decisions to look at my health even more closely. At the beginning… Continue reading Healthy Choices of 2013

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Trying Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) for a shoulder injury!

So I’ve been dealing with the shoulder/neck pain injury since February and although the acute pain of having my rib and clavicle out-of-place has been alleviated by my chiropractor I’m still suffering from chronic nagging pain every day. I’m also experiencing sharp, shooting pains that seem related to stressful situations. Plus I feel that my… Continue reading Trying Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) for a shoulder injury!