Chia seeds – my new obsession

I’ve been experimenting with chia seeds for a while now (yes I’m talking about the same chia seeds you used to grow the “hair” on your Chia Pet).

These tiny seeds are come from the mint family and they have such a great nutrient profile. Choc full of omega 3 and great sources calcium, potassium,  iron, magnesium amino acids and even protein. Chia seeds are also high in insoluble fiber and essential amino acids.

Anyway these little things are good for you!

Something I’ve been doing is using chia gel in place of oil in my baking. Try this Chocolate Cinnamon Protein Loaf.

Chia Gel:
For every 1 tablespoon of chia seeds mix to 1/2 cup of water in a small container. Shake and let sit for at least two hours shaking about every 30 min. You can then use this mixture to replace oil or butter in a recipe.

I’ve also been using chia seeds mixed in my yogurt. If you let it sit for 30 min or so in the fridge it really thickens it up nicely, almost pudding like.

Some other idea are you can add them to salads, replace poppy seeds or sesame seeds in recipes. Make jam or jelly by adding to pureed fruit, make pudding (I have a recipe to post soon), thicken shakes, use as an egg substitute.

Because they absorb so much  water (and expand 7 times their size), if you use them dry make sure you drink plenty of water just like you would with other fibers.

Love these little super seeds!