Favorite Stuff

Once in a while I come across a product or service I love. For that to happen my senses need to be stimulated and my expectations met. My background in marketing coupled with my education in nutrition and skincare plus my deep routed passion for all things health and fitness often make it tough for products to really wow me. What can I say, I’m picky. Something I will declare my love for usually has to meet and exceed a few criteria. I have to love the product itself, the quality, the company’s philosophy, the service, the experience of the product, the overall look and feel.

I’ve complied a list of some amazing products I love. Some of the links are affiliate links and my pledge to you is that I only share what I truly recommend.

  • Obsessed with Essential Oils! I use them for cleaning, cooking, skin care and more. My favorites are Lemon, Melaluca (teatree) & Lavender. You can contact me for any orders here
  • Paula’s Choice is my absolute favorite skin care line. Fragrance free, no animal testing, well priced and products that actually work.  I have been using it for over 10 years and recommending it just as long. There are lots of products depending on your skin type and specific issues and I recommend it to almost everyone. If you follow this link you can save $10 off your first order + free shipping!
  • This skin care line is also fantastic especially if you are looking for Canadian and organic! Skin Essence Organics is all natural, organic and gluten free and made with essential oils. It’s also free of parabens and allergens. Great for sensitive skin. This link will get you 10% off
  • My favorite Whey Protein Isolate is Genuine Health Proteins+ (in Vanilla) . Low/no carb, fat, sugar and artificial sweetener free, all natural whey protein. HERE Or click  here to order online and get free shipping.
  • Vital Proteins is an amazing Collagen protein supplement. Great for hair, nails, skin and allergy free protein.
  • My favorite training shoes are Vibrams Five fingers.  HERE
  • Omega 3 is crucial for great skin, hair, nails and heart health. Genuine Health sources are wild sustainable and low mercury. This one has D3 included
  • Quest Bars are one of the only protein bars I’ve found without a load of tummy upsetting, and unnecessary ingredients. The nutrition profile of these is awesome and they taste great too. Best a little warm 🙂
  • This Swell water bottle is amazing for hot or cold! It’s stainless so no worry about plastic.