Workouts & Training

Downloadable fitbeautie training programs are in the works! I’m busy with my writing and am no longer offering 1:1 training in a gym atmosphere but I do still prepare and provide custom training and nutrition plans and programs. Contact me here for more info. Otherwise here are some of  my favorite go-to pre designed workouts. They are all awesome, free and all very different! Enjoy 🙂

Layne Norton is one of the most influential people in the bodybuilding and nutrition world. He is a bodybuilder, power-lifter and scientist with a PhD in nutrition is changing the industry with his research. He is also one of the most genuine and caring individuals and I’m proud to work with him. This is his most recent free training plan. It’s for strength and is a power and hypertrophy trainer and is pretty amazing. Check out PH3 here.


The Glute Guy, Brett Contras is awesome. He wrote a few really good books on building glutes and has an awesome website with tons of info. These booty building programs are so good and it’s really worth reading his actual book they came from called Strong Curves.

This is an awesome HITT and plyo style program by Ashley Conrad that you can do at home or at the gym. It has full video to follow along.

Jamie Eason has a great program called LiveFit you can find it online here

You can easily start with phase one as a beginner and go through the program. It includes videos of the exercises and a pretty good meal plan.  Once you are comfortable with it, it is designed to go back to phase two (build) and three (cut) as you like.

Jamie also has a great at home plan for days you can’t get to the gym. You need a couple dumb bells and a stability ball. Its broken up into 2 days. Day 1  & Day 2 .

I also really enjoy Kris Gethin’s DTP program. This one is tough! Great for building strength and size.

This is a great tough one to do with a partner Dorian Yates Blood & Guts Program. The workouts are quick and killer.

Make sure you also spend time on recovery! Here’s a great info-graphic on foam rolling

Foam Rolling Infographic


Happy training!