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Fitness Model & Bikini Model Stage Make up

As I begin my own preparations for this year’s competition season my thoughts turn to ‘my look’. Putting together an overall great look is a combination of details and besides bringing a rockin’ body to the stage we need to remember our face! Make up for the stage is so important . Just as a great tan application and shine product shows of your hard earned physique, makeup defines your features and enhances your beauty.

I’m not talking regular daytime make up here. I’m not even talking wedding day or photoshoot make up. Stage make up is a beast all on it’s own. You want your face to match your crazy, darker than chocolate, tan and your eyes to stand out and catch the attention of the judges. You want to look beautiful and healthy while keeping it ‘natural’. I say natural but keep in mind ‘natural from across the room’ natural. That’s more than what you are used to I’m sure.

In a recent presentation for the SAF (Serious About Fitness) Camp I gave these 5 tips:

  • TIP #1 – Apply the Right Amount of Make Up
    Stage makeup is heavy! It’s meant to look natural from the other side of the room.
  • TIP #2 – Make Sure Your Foundation Matches Your Tan
    You will be very dark and your skin colour should be uniform. Use a foundation shade several shades darker than your natural colour.
  • TIP #3 – Don’t Forget Your Brows
    Eyebrows frame your face so make sure to fill them in with a colour one shade darker than your hair.
  • TIP #4 – Consider Falsies
    It’s important that judges see your eyes while you are on stage and eyelashes can really make your eyes stand out. Beware of false lashes that are too dense and remember to wear waterproof mascara. ( If you win you might cry and who wants to be that girl with black makeup running down her face!)
  • TIP #5 – Select the Right Colours
    The colours of eye shadow, blush and lipstick that look great on you normally are likely not bright enough when you are competition colour.  Dark colours receded so best avoid too much dark shadow.

I hope you find this helpful! If you are interested in learning more about how best to apply your own make up, I offer one on one make up lessons. You will leave prepared to apply your own fabulous makeup for any competition or photoshoot. Contact me to book your session. It’s lots of fun!

You can contact me as well to do you make up the day of your show if you’d rather not worry about it.

Good luck to everyone preparing for that stage!