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Full Body Metabolic Workout You Can Do Anywhere

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This post is in response to the request for my favorite full-body “at-home” workout.

There are so many styles of training and in most cases the 3 most important factors are :

  1. Enjoyment – Finding a training style that you enjoy is most important. This helps keep you doing it even when you might not feel like it.
  2. Results – The next most important factor is finding a training style that give you the results you want (whatever your desires may be) with your health is the forefront. For example if you have an injury you will want to adapt your training style to accommodate or if you find a particular movement aggravates something you’ll want to modify. Don’t continue doing something if it hurts you!
  3. Maintainable¬†– The third most important factor is finding a type of training that fits into your life (time, location. ease and convenience). This is important and goes hand in hand with number one because for you to achieve anything you must be consistent. Without consistency and commitment you won’t see improvement.

Remember this, what ever you do to get in shape you will need to keep doing to stay in that same shape. That means find a nutrition and fitness strategy that is maintainable and sustainable for you long term.

A training style that works really well for those who are time crunched an/or those on the go is metabolic training. One of my certifications is in this style of training, specifically RBT (Rest Based Training) or Metabolic Physique Conditioning and the concept uses a combination of metabolic conditioning combined with the rules of progressive overload I wrote about in this article.

Metabolic workouts are built in a way that maximizes your training time while delivering a high intensity workout. By combining conditioning and HIIT style training with physique style bodybuilding workouts you get the benefit of not just aerobic improvement but also physique improvement delivered in a short amount of time.

Essentially you get the muscle building and metabolism boosting benefits of weight training with the fat burning effects of cardiovascular conditioning. It’s basically a look good, feel good and function better type training.

Most movements are made up of compound exercises using weights and performed with very little rest in between exercises. This combination can help maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after your workout.

A new study shows that specific timed rests between sets seem to have no effect on fat burning abilities. This is interesting in that following your own bodies ability to regulate your need for rest can be just as effective as following a timer. Tune into your body and rest when you need to and push hard when you can.

This is an example of a Metabolic Workout that you can do anywhere. To set up you will need either a set of dumbbells or a resistance band. You can actually do this workout with any weight¬†as long as you can perform the movement with proper form. If you choose lighter weight you will likely be able to execute more reps and if you choose heavier weights you may do less. It doesn’t matter much as long as you feel a good burn in the muscle and you are forced to take a rest. If you have access to equipment like medicine balls, barbells or kettlebells ¬†you can use those too. You need a little bit of floor space although no much. If I’m training at GoodLife Fitness I often like to use the fitness studio but any little spot will do.

You will perform each combined movement for 45 seconds consecutively. Go as hard as you can and rest when you need to. Do not pace yourself. The idea is to push hard and rest until you can push hard again. Do each movement for 45 seconds and move on to the next. Rest when you need to and get back at it when you can go hard. Do the entire 6 exercises 4 times.

  1. Up downs
  2. Squat/ Shoulder press
  3. Romanian deadlift/Upright row
  4. Burpee/Bent over Row
  5. Pause squat/Bicep curl
  6. Tricep push up/Squat Thrust
  7. Knees up

You can incorporate this training into your current training by just doing half (10 minutes) after your current workout, substitute it for your current HIIT cardio or you could do solely this 3-4 times a week. There are so many ways to use this type of training and again it is about finding what works best for you in terms of goals and execution.

Try it and let me know what you think!