GoodLife’s Virtual Fitness – What & Why

GoodLife Fitness has something new called Virtual Fitness. The idea is that you can use the aerobics and cycle rooms in off times but still follow a class virtually.

In several locations there are video screens set up behind the platform where an instructor usually stands. You basically choose your class using a ouch screen monitor, hit play and follow along. Kind of like the old school workout videos we used to do while sporting our leotards, leg warmers and LA Gears. Haha….dating myself here? ūüėČ

In some cases there are set times where the class plays virtually. For example 3pm Yoga at Hazeldean. This is a set class but the instructor is via the virtual class but you can also go anytime and do a class as you like as long at the room is free and the equipment isn’t already being used.

A couple nice things about it include the fact that usually it’s a really small class, often you are the only one especially if you are starting it up yourself on off hours. It’s kind of like doing it at home but with the real gym atmosphere and access to equipment. It’s also nice for those of us who don’t like the pressure of arrive for specific class times. Or if you train late nights when classes are done or holidays when there are reduced schedules. You get there when you get there but you still have class access if that’s your preference.

Also, if you are, maybe a little  intimidated by joining a big class this might be a low key way for you to try it out.

If you are someone who thrives on full class energy this probably isn’t for you. It’s also probably not for you if you want help with setting up your equipment, for example cycling. Sometimes you might want advice from the instructor about your bike seat and handle height or maybe injury modification. Not great in that instance.

For me personally I love to lift so you’ll mostly find me in the weight area but I do like yoga and the cycling option is a great class if you need a push during cardio but can’t get to a class on time. There’s also a great stretch class that’s only 30 min if you want guided stretching.

Let me know if you try it out and share your experience below!

This is a sponsored post and all thoughts are my own as always!