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How To Remove Competition Colour and Spray Tan

Hello beauties!

Many of you have just competed and have some fading spray tan to deal with. If you used Pro Tan or many coats of Jan Tana you will likely be a little blotchy to say the least.

Here are my tips for removal of the tan and re-hydrating your body:

  1. Use an oil based sugar scrub everyday for about 5 days until it’s all gone – The sugar helps exfoliate and the oil helps remove the stain as well as moisturizes the skin (recipe below)
  2. Moisturize with coconut oil or a natural body butter daily for 5 days – You skin will be dry from the alcohol in the tan as well as from playing with your water intake for the show
  3. You may also want to follow up with a light spray tan or self tanner to even out the rest or if you have an event (your skin needs to be oil free though!)
  4. Have a look at this updated more recent post too

How to make your own Sugar Scrub:
1Part sugar
2Parts Oil (Olive or Almond works great)
5 drops of essential oil of your choice* optional
Mix together and store in an air tight jar ( preferably glass)

Be careful not to slip in the shower when you use it!




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