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How Train Smarter, Not Longer & Burn More Fat

Most of the time we think we need to spend more time in the gym and eat less (diet) to see results but that’s not necessarily true. One of my personal training certifications is around creating the metabolic effect. The hormonal impact and after burn from efforts that carries on past your workout and keeps your fat burning capacity up for another 24-48 hours

Making the most of your training time when at the gym is important. Get your heart rate up and get that metabolic effect.

When you workout look for your body’s signs of an effective session;

  • Breathless – You should not be able to or want to talk
  • Burning – Feel it in your muscles
  • Heaviness – Feel the heaviness of the weight or resistance
  • Heat – Get sweaty!
  • Need Rest – Push until you can’t, rest until you can.

Have you heard of the law of diminishing returns? It goes for exercise too. Sometime less is more and the amount is dependant on your goals, fitness level, hormonal state and body type. Essentially there is a point where you are just spinning your wheels (appropriate metaphor here, no? ūüėČ ) and this is one reason why you keep this type of high intensity workout short and sweet. 10-20 minutes is all you need. You can read this post where I talk about heart rate monitoring. It’s just an option but really interesting to do and compare to a slower paced, less intense type training sesh.

We all see people exercising for hours, these are extremes and in general aren’t sustainable. Instead try this, get a solid workout done and get out. Think 30 min-60min total time.

Here is an example of a quick workout you can do at home or any gym like Goodlife Fitness. Grab a couple dumbbells or resistance bands (or just bodyweight if beginner) and complete 3-4 rounds with high intensity. The exercises are done back to back so for example squat once and press, squat and press x12 then move to the next combination. Rest as you need to and push hard when you can. Ready? Go!

20 Min Metabolic Chain
5 min warm up 5 min
Squat/Press x 12 rep
Burpee/Squat jump x 12 rep
Row/tricep ext x 12 rep
Reverse Lunge/ Bicep Curl    x 12 rep
5 min cool down 5 min

Try this 3-4x a week and let me know what you think! If you are training for something like a physique show you can even sub this in instead of your intervals or steady state cardio you might be doing.


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