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Meal Prep April 10th 2016


I was feeling inspired in my kitchen today. I feel like I haven’t had a good meal prep day in a couple weeks with all the traveling and stuff going on. Creating recipes is relaxing for me and I also love the time alone. I wonder sometimes how I’m going to do this when a Garcia Jr. comes along because I know I will it’s just a matter of how and when. Anyway I don’t need to really worry about that just yet.  I won’t fill up this meal prep post with that though, I’ll post an update on our TTC journey soon.

I spent this morning with my doggies and one of my sisters and her puppy. We had a play date and it was great. Those little flurries really need socializing time to be better behaved dogs plus bring off that energy is key so it worked out perfectly. Missy (our adopted rescue) is doing so much better with her issues and she’s finally able to play with other dogs, hip hip hooray! Still a work in progress but soon much improvement.

My Sweet Missy girl
My Sweet Missy girl

Anyway on to meal prep….

So as I mentioned last week I’ve had mega salmon cravings, not sure why but they are still going strong. In most cased I listen to those cues and eat what I crave. It’s kind of intuitive eating of sorts but I also track it so I know the macros (calories)  I’m taking in. If I don’t for a while I often find myself slowly starting to take in higher fat than carbs and because my current goals are specific trying to increase both I need to keep on top of it. My macros are the same as last week so I’m still working with that and my goal is to continue to increase.

I posted a bit about that in this Insta post yesterday. I took photos for my own coach and was reflecting on the reverse dieting process. It’s really just as challenging as dieting down (cutting, deficit on a diet etc) but the great part is the increased in food. Any and all food. A better, faster and healthier metabolism means eating in a surplus for periods of time which also usually/most often means having higher body fat. Ideally you do this and get to a point where you maintain but if you are someone who is competing or dieting and dropping weight often then you will need to reverse.

Current Curves. Week 26 reverse dieting. Mid cycle and feeling pretty bloated and crumply all week. Still took progress shots as they help for comparisons later
Current Curves. Week 26 reverse dieting. Mid cycle and feeling pretty bloated and crumply all week. Still took progress shots as they help for comparisons later

I know there are still naysayers about flexible dieting, especially in the bodybuilding world, but that’s mostly because they haven’t tried it. If you ask them they usually have a problem with bingeing and restricting which is one of the things (among many!) flexible dieting really resolves.

Ok I digress….what I made today for the week ahead:

I made a really delicious breakfast hash. I got ham and turkey bacon (which I sort of spent a fortune on because I look for no fillers, no added nitrates or hormones etc. mostly for food sensitivity reasons) and I wanted the protein high so I used a lot . I almost used lean sausages too but I ended up making those last night and eating them for dinner and then breakfast this morning. I added onion, celery, swiss chard and white sweet potatoes (potatoes would work too if you can tolerate them well). So yum!

Macros: 29.6P/38.7C/6F

Breakfast Hash with ham, bacon and potatoes!
Breakfast Hash with ham, bacon and potatoes!

I decided to roast the haul of farm vegetables I got this week along with a chicken. I figure I won’t be roasting much soon enough with grill season starting so might as well enjoy it all now…I love roasted veggies!

I used broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, white beets, sweet potatoes (white) and EVOO. I seasoned them with my version of Za’atar spice without the sesame seeds, plus sea salt of course.

I’ll have these with either trout, salmon or chicken depending on the day.

Roasted Chicken
Roasted Chicken

Macros for this with the Trout: 40gP/35C/13F plus 8 fibre!

Btw, fibre is very important! Aim for at least 20g a day depending on your size.

Ok so while the oven was on for the veg I cooked the fish and roasted the chicken. I’ve been really using whole chickens more and more. They are so easy to cook, more economical, great for bone broth later and my hubby loves the dark meat (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating it just note a little higher fat content. I like my higher fats reserved for coconut milk ice cream 😉 )

Coconut milk ice cream treat!
Coconut milk ice cream treat!

The other thing I did was prep some salad stuff. I spiralized a few carrots for a carrot salad slaw I love and I also have lots of pre washed fresh salad goods for the huge salads we have every day.

I made a really quick spaghetti meat sauce for my hubby. I usually give him gnocchi if it’s for lunch because they cook in 6 minutes and the reheat well unlike noodles. He loves this meal, so typical haha.

Now for the fun things. I’m going to go without chocolate this week ( I know! :O) and see how I feel. Chocolate is something that can cause food reactions and I’m curious if it has anything to do with my brain fog and skin flare ups. I had cut it out before and reintroduced with no problem but then I had that false up a couple weeks ago which can set you back with gut healing a bit. Anyway I figured I’d test it out so I made a few non chocolate AIP safe sweet treat substitutes.

I made this grain free and egg free banana bread with added unsweetened carob chips. It looks like it will be good, haven’t tried it yet. (Ok update, tried it. It really solidifies once cold and is more like a brownie texture. It has good taste and it held together well but a little too oily/heavy for me for a cake/bread/loaf type thing. This kind of baking is tough without eggs etc. but I think I could tweak it a bit and make it work but all in all it’s worth a try as it is )

Banana bread - AIP
Banana bread – AIP

I also made a version of this key lime pie with my own tweaks and it’s so delicious. I’ve made this a few times and it’s really good. Rich and creamy. I try to always link to the recipes I use, give credit where credit is due in all that you do peeps, it’s only fair. As a member of Food Bloggers of Canada this is actually even part of our Code of Ethics!

Not just for food though…this common curtesy is part of life.



Key Lime Avocado Tart - AIP
Key Lime Avocado Tart – AIP

The other baked good I made is for my hubby and it’s another batch of the lemon poppyseed protein muffins I posted about earlier this week. He loves these and actually so did I when I was eating eggs, whey and grain. Hopefully again one day soon enough.

Lemon Poppyseed Protein Muffins.
Lemon Poppyseed Protein Muffins.

So other than all that I’ve got lots of fresh fruit including pineapple, apples, bananas, kiwis and strawberries plus my smoothies and salads. I made my chimichurri one night last week when we had steak so I have leftover of that for this week’s beef. That about sums it all up.

Happy prepping (and eating) beauties!

Meal Prep!
Meal Prep!

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