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Meal Prep April 19th 2015

How was you weekend?! Mine was great 🙂

I spent Saturday coaching several fitbeauties whom are each so very unique and very inspiring in their own way.  Something that came up was being nice to yourself. We are so hard on ourselves and so often speak to ourselves in such a mean and negative way. If you stood back and spoke to you as if you were someone else what would you say? “You look amazing? That thing you did was incredible, so inspire me”  etc etc etc?” If if were your friend you’ d being saying that so why not say it to yourself? Right?

Ok I digress…anyway, Sunday I spent with some sweet and adoptable dachshunds with Canadian Dachshund Rescue…we are getting another and just in the middle of the adoption process. Oh what fun. I’ll fill you in once things are all sorted out 🙂

I also had an amazing fascial therapy massage to work on some of the areas in my abdomen that have really suffered with the parasite I had last year. My psoas and basically entire abdominal wall are is full of scar tissue and the muscles are extremely tight  and causing me issues with training (and life!). It’s pretty fascinating but also really frustrating! Where is that balance and core strength not to mention flat six pack belly I used to know.

Then I did some meal prep….some really yummy meal prep!

I made one of my all time favourite salads. It’s this Mango Avocado Black Rice Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing by Ambitious Kitchen. It’s amazing! Since I follow flexible dieting it’s totally something I can have in my contest prep/fat loss/photoshoot type ‘diet’ or just regular life which is pretty much the same for me. It’s sooooo delicious and I especially like in in the warmer weather and when mangos and avocado are in season.

I made my beanless chilli. So good and a great lower carb meal. Protein wise  I also made chicken breasts that I marinated in lemon juice, fresh garlic and oregano (my favourite way especially if using the grill). BBQ chicken thighs, Chipotle seasoned fish for  these fish tacos and Jamie Eason’s Italian turkey burgers and turkey bacon and hardboiled eggs. How yum is all of that?

I made a batch of sugar free muffins using this recipe from The Sweet Beet as a guideline, but subbed that new 1:1 gluten free flour I was telling you about and added chopped up 100% dark choice chunks (instead of chocolate chips). I’ve been working on a similar recipe of my own but thought I’d use hers today, it’s great one!.  I also made a batch of my raspberry oat bars because my hubster loves them.

Add salads and smoothies and we are good to go!

Happy prepping!