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Meal Prep April 24th 2016

This past week was emotional and pet centric. If you follow my facebook and IG you’ll know I had to put my sweet 18 year old kitty, Sasha, down. She had been declining for the past 6 months but Monday she took a turn and was in bad shape. The vet encouraged me to choose this path as it was best for her. I agreed but so hard to do. She’s been with me since I was 18 years old and through a heck of a lot of life changes.

I keep seeing her all over the house, sleeping in her favourite spots, and it’s so sad when I realize she’s not there. Tough! 🙁

Sasha. Just a baby and then 18 years old. That's 89 kitty years!
Sasha. Just a baby and then 18 years old. That’s 89 kitty years!

The day after that Penelope mildly hurt herself while playing and although not bad it still really scared us. Dachshunds are prone to back issues so it’s worrisome and I’ll have to take her to the vet.

On a more happy note though Missy’s one year Gotcha day anniversary is today. We adopted her a whole year ago, can’t believe it! I posted a bit about her in this IG post if you are interested. She’s a sweet and spicy little thing.

Missy's Gotcha day! 1 year already :)
Missy’s Gotcha day! 1 year already 🙂

So on to food! Pets and food, what’s better?! 😉

I’m still following a modified Paleo approach specific for autoimmune issues so that makes food choice somewhat narrow. You’ve been seeing mostly the same ingredients over and over for a few months now and as much as I’d like to switch is up and include more variety I just can’t do it yet. I need to stick to this way of eating while still navigating and repairing my gut heath. In general I’m feeling so much better but still not 100%.

The great thing about IIFYM is that you can eat however you want and still track your macro intake according to your goals. As you know my goals are to maximize metabolism and fertility and improve overall digestion and nutrient uptake. Working with Layne Norton through this reverse dieting has been really great and I’m learning a lot that I can share with you. The last time I really spent time bringing my calories up was 2008! That’s too long ago and overdue.

I mentioned in another post about being up in weight but that’s part of the process. I also see more muscle on my frame from all the work I’ve put in so that fun. It will be pretty exciting to see what I’ve built when it’s time to lean down a bit. I’m not looking at adding a lot more muscle but some areas still need improvement. I’ve also been continuing to work on closing my diastastis and my core is slowly getting better. I also actually have some ab definition (and fat lol) even though I’m the heaviest I’ve been. Interesting!


This morning's faint ab situation weighing in at my heaviest - Intresting!
This morning’s faint ab situation weighing in at my heaviest @124.2lbs- Intresting!

Ok ok I digress, back to to food. For meal prep this week I used the oven and pretty much did all of it in one shot.

Protein wise I roasted a package of sausages and a few chicken breasts seasoned with herbamere. I’ve also got a whole chicken, a package of ground chicken, shrimp and halibut for easy dinners. I had made a batch of my Apple Sage Breakfast sausages for breakfast so I have those too.

Carbs will come from mostly vegetables ( starch and leafy), fruit, tiger nuts and some honey and maple syrup.

I made a sweet potato hash using sweet potato chopped and with the skin on (do this if they are really fresh) , garlic, sea salt, evoo and cilantro. Roast it all until soft. So good. Each serving of that is about 36g carbs and 4g fat.

Sweet potato with garlic and cilantro
Sweet potato with garlic and cilantro

I also made a white potato hash version  with red fingerling potatoes, red pepper, garlic, onions and evoo.


While that was all in the oven I also roasted green beans and broccoli. Basically whatever I had left from my Wednesday farm delivery.

A few other random things, I made this yummy Artichoke and Garlic “Hummus”, great with chicken or as a spread. I have a batch of my coconut yogurt fermenting. I also made another batch of the cookies I was telling you about last week plus an AIP banana loaf and another batch of my lemon protein muffins.


Otherwise, as you know, I pretty much have a salad and smoothie daily, great way to get your veggies and micronutrients in, so I have stuff ready for those. I make sure to have pre-washed leafy greens as well frozen fruit on hand to make prepping those really quick and painless.

Typical salad
Typical salad

That’s about it. I took just under 3 hours including clean up and I’ve got most of what I need ready for the week. Having protein ready to go is especially important for staying on track but I also find having enough high fibre carbohydrates available too really important. Having access to a full meal quickly when you are hungry is probably my biggest tip in avoiding over eating. All those nibbles and extra bites while scrounging around in the kitchen add up but don;t necessarily fill you up. Much better to sit down and have a meal. Feeling satiated is a big part of managing hunger cues and hormones and eating a full balanced meal does that.

Happy prepping beauty!

Meal Prep
Meal Prep